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When i boot from the CD, it loads windows files and then gives me an error saying something along the lines that windows cannot communicate with a system component. and under that in a description it says this may be caused by removing a device such as an external hard drive while it is in use.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bluelightning Attempt booting from your windows disk and repairing windows (NOT reinstalling windows). Also, if you have any other harddrives around, try installing windows on one of those. It wouldn't even load windows files. it got through a bit and then i got an error saying "it can't communicate? i think. with a system compononent, this may be caused by removing a device such as an external hard drive while in...
i have a western digital caviar black 640GB EDIT: I just took the battery out. Also, while looking through my motherboard manual, i found that i have post beeps when i turn the computer on. It beeps that i have a CMOS error and video card error, even though my video card works perfectly.
Thanks! I'll give it a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bunnywinkles Try Clearing the CMOS. That may fix it i'll try that. Only problem is i've been away from the computer scene ever since i've built this computer, and completely forgot how to clear the CMOS.
Oh no, the external was not in while the OS was installed. Its only that for the past week or so i had the USB port plugged in always.
Quote: Originally Posted by Faster_is_better Did you plug your external back in, the way it was then try? yes, i plugged it in the front like it was plugged in before, and nothing happened, however, it may have been in the wrong USB port. i couldn't remember which of the 4 it was plugged into. would that matter? and also, many times i had the USB plugged in, but the power for the external was not on because i used the socket for my phone...
it keeps blinking then stops. however, i just put in the windows CD and while it was loading files, i got a system error saying that it may be caused by removing a device such as an external HD while it was in use. and that it cannot communicate with the a system device. or something like that. any ideas?
Another thing that i noticed. On the PCI Devices Listing the device clas "SMBus Cntrlr" its IRQ is NA, which i don't ever recall seeing. BUT HD is 1st in the boot order, and what actually happens is the cursor at the end of the screen (indicating that the computer is looking for windows) blinks very shortly. However, if i move the hard drive lower in the boot order, the cursor blinks for a longer period of time. It seems to me that the computer does not even recognize...
There is nothing in the optical drive, the computer is posting, and in BIOS, the hard drive shows up. EDIT: I'll check the connections. A problem i might want to note is that yesterday, the speakers began changing volume from very quiet to very loud. I couldn't tell if this was a windows problem, or if it was a motherboard or speaker problem.
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