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yeah each slot has tested ok with each stick
Bumped MCH up to 1.4 and same thing. Still get a memtest crash/lock at 5%
Quote: Originally Posted by macsbeach98 have you set the ram voltage in bios they are proberly 2.1v modules and the bios will set them to 1.8v on auto Yeah I should have been a bit more clear, I have set voltage to 2.2
Update: lets call the ram chips c1 c2 c3 and c4 I have tried all combinations of chips in all slots, any order of all 4 chips freezes memtest86 at 5% completion. Any combination of 3 chips freezes it at 7%. I have set the memory to factory voltage and timings. I have tried underclocking the memory to 800mhz instead of 1066. The weird thing is that all of the combinations of 2 chips works fine except one combination. c2 + c3 in a paired slot causes an immediate...
Here is the situation. I have built a new rig using: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L mobo 8 GB OCZ Platinum DDR21066 Intel C2D E7400 Antec 500W TP PSU Right now the machine is not overclocked. I have verified in BIOS that the system is at default speed and the ram is running at 1066 (default). The system is having BSOD after BSOD. Different errors, but all relate to memory. Memtest86 will freeze the PC at 5% with all 4 sticks in however, each stick tests out fine...
I have around 175 beta keys left to give out for this. Check this thread on my forums:
If you're some kind of power gamer, I can see the wii not being fun. If I was single, or if I did nothing but game, I'd probably not have one. However, my wife (who hates video games) will play it with me and our 3 year old has a great time bowling and trying to do other things on it. It's entertaining when you have a few friends over and are bored, and wii fit is actually a pretty good fitness device for people that don't ever work out or go to the gym. If you have kids...
Heroes of Newerth is a fast paced, non-perpetual, 5v5 action pvp game. The concept derived from a game with millions of followers worldwide. I have been given 200 beta keys by S2 as a giveaway on my pc/gaming forums. See this link for details:
I run a small dedicated server (10 slot) at We also have an IRC channel where most of the guys that play hang out, #11strong on It's basically valve standard maps with a few custom maps thrown in. There are a few customs that are made by the guys that play that are p fun.
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