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Looks great NoDoz. What do you think about the streaming engine?
Thanks! +Rep. I did the overclock since last year and don't remember these little details. Had it running at stock for the last few months and I'm now trying to get it back to how I had it.
Quick question, any voltage greater than 1.212 will not show up in any software or OSD correct? So if my classified tool is set to 1.24v the OSD will still only show 1.212.
I flashed the original LN2 Bios, reboot, uninstalled all Nvidia drivers and then reflashed the rev 2 bios and installed new drivers. The power target goes up to 130% so I know the bios is working. Any voltage changes in the classified tool and core clock changes in Afterburner do not show up in the OSD while gaming.The OSD shows voltage @ 1.150 (or something similar, I'm at work so not 100% sure) and the core clock @ 1100 Mhz regardless of what I change. Anyone have any...
My 780 classy stopped overclocking. I installed the new Afterburner, version 4.0. Installed skynet bios version 4 and using the new classified tool. I increase the voltage in the classified tool & the clock rate in Afterburner but no increases happen anymore. Any idea why??
I'm getting a 5960x. Will I use it for mostly games? Yes. Will it be better than my 2500k? By a small margin, sure. Do I care? No. 8 cores baby! Do want! Gotta love newegg. Free steel series gaming headset with purchase. $119 shipping. Say what
This is my x99 board
Out of all the x99 boards that have been released today, I've decided to go with this one in particular. A combination of it's feature set along with looks was what sealed the deal for me. I haven't heard much talk of it on the forums here, anyone else picking one of these up?,1.html
I think he meant three 360 radiators and one 240 radiator totaling 1320mm of rad space. As you say, 2 pumps are always better for redundancy.
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