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Good news to offset the snow storm.
Yea but you know just as well as I do some crazy person on here will have 8 pascal Titans.Candidate Numero Uno right here.
Sounds like your motherboard is dead to me.
WTB 3,000 Watt Platinum PSU. Geez, talk about an electricity bill.
I would try unplugging the CMOS battery for 30 mins or so to let it reset and trying again. Testing the card in another rig would rule out the possibility of the card being at fault.
List your complete system specs so we can help.
Finish Him?! Stilllogicz performs "FATALITY!" on his bank account.
Before all of this Titan X stuff, I was planning on getting a 980 G1 Gaming card. The real question is... when the heck is this Titan X gonna launch?? Kinda sucks running this old GTX 260 I have as a backup (maybe I should sell this too? 30 bucks on ebay? )
Well I've sold all my graphics cards.. including the one in my rig. Guess you can say I'm ready? For.... anything....
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