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Actually I'll look into both the SteelSeries H and the Astro 50. Thanks for the help guys
So it's been a while since I've needed a headset but I'm looking for a wireless gaming (w/ mic) headset. I've had the logitech g930's and a corsair vengeance wireless in the past. My problem has always been the same, the plastic that holds the ear piece to the headset band always cracks and then the ear piece just dangles. I'm looking for a durable headset with a metal band if possible, don't wanna spend in excess of a 100 bucks only to have it crack and break a few...
I'll be joining team red soon. Got 3 290's on their way to me
+Rep. Helps a ton!
@Unlox Those barb fittings you used on your water filter, what size were they? I'm buying the same filter for the same purpose.
Does anyone know?
But.. the... addiction..
You get 2 security benefits.A) A beast of a card that can continue to push games in the future as they become more taxing and use more vram (not the biggest benefit if you upgrade every generation).andB) The option of going multi monitor. Although you'll have enough vram for this, you'll still need 2-3 way SLI depending on how many extra monitors you add.
Precisely but I chalk it up to bad optimization, unfortunately I haven't heard any news about the devs fixing this. Keep in mind 30 gigs of the 50 gig install is uncompressed sound . Talk about epic fail. Anyways, I still stand by statement that 4gb minimum or bust for 1440p+ content maxed. That should last a while (a year or 2 anyways). Just my
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