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The trials and tribulations of early adopters. Tftcentral has renewed my hopes though. Fingers crossed.
I tried using the Nvidia control panel HBAO+ and turning off the ingame SSAO but my game randomly crashes. I went back to using in game SSAO and the crashing stopped. Very weird. For what it's worth I'm also using variable FPS and with everything on max on 1440p I'm averaging 80-90 FPS. Are there any other tweaks for this game?
I just purchased a bigger desk to accommodate this monitor and I'm very sad to hear the reports so far. I actually returned the freesync version due to lots of BLB but overall I loved the size and feel of it. After spending the last few weeks with my XB270HU I've grown very fond of G-Sync and don't think I could get another monitor without it. Why can't this be an easy decision
There is also a 4 stage turbine with 8.5 psi but a bit pricier. I really don't wanna invest more than $500 as this will be only a hobby thing for me and not something I do professionally although for what I invest I would like professional grade finish. Looking around I found a compressor that seems to fit nicely according to your OP Primer...
I was thinking about getting something like this: What are your thoughts neg?
The xb270hu v2 predator, does anyone have a link to buy it in the US?
Are there any Korean monitors like this?
My gut is telling me to wait for the x34. Maybe I should listen, just need to scratch the itch lol. I've read US stock will be till October which is why I am impatient. These are all the options available as of now I believe. The dell seems nice as does the Samsung. I've heard the LG suffers from lots of backlight bleed. I wouldn't mind getting Acer freesync since it's pretty much available (1-2 weeks eta) but I'm not sure how it perform with an Nvidia card.
I'm really itching to buy a new monitor and I've settled on ultrawide. I had my eyes on the predator x34 by acer but that one is a few months off. I've been looking around and there's a few curved ultrawides on the market albeit only 60hz. Which one of these would you guys recommend and why?
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