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Has anyone done any benchmark/reviews on this card yet? I can't seem to find any on the net. Maybe someone can do some 1440p benchmarks who have the card, that would be awesome!
Not sure if this question was for me, I play on a 46" plasma right now with a lightning 7970 oc'd to 1215 MHZ. 1080p and ultra, 60 fps solid on every game.
Thanks for the all the info! I've pretty much been doing that and I'm pretty sure 2 overclocked 780's will fit the bill for the foreseeable future.
Spent hours researching, ended scrapping the overlord monitor plan and instead purchased a QNIX QX2710.
Here is the particular monitor I had in mind: Unfortunately, according to the lightboost research I have done, this monitor is not compatible to use said feature. Nor are there any 1440p monitors that are, I'd have to settle for 1080p @ 120hz for lightboost. Here's the biggest thing though, I've been on the fence about it as well, 1080p @ 120hz with lightboost...
1440p @ 120hz is the monitor capability, it's the one from overlord. If I understand correctly a 120hz monitor is capable of displaying up to 120 FPS without screen tear. So technically, if I'm gaming @ 1440p but can only achieve, let's say 100-110 FPS, it would still much more fluent than 60 fps. Is my notion correct?
While it would be ideal to hit 120 fps I understand that a ridiculous amount of money would have to spent. Honestly, if it can even maintain above 100 fps that would be awesome considering I've only ever played on 60hz monitors. The increase alone should be worthwhile. I'm waiting on the 780 classy to be released to see the price, although I assume it would cost in the 700-750 dollar range.
I had my sights set on getting two 780's to SLI (possibly even the classifieds when they come out) but I noticed today that the 680 classifieds are priced much lower now. Obviously the 780's would be the best bet but from an economical standpoint, would two 680 classy's (OC'd of course) be able to run current games on max settings, 1440p and anywhere close to 120hz? [edit] Just found out the 770 classy's are out. Same price point as the 680 classy (roughly), guess the...
Does anyone out there have any experience with this situation?
Hello everyone. I've done alot of googling to try to fix this problem but just haven't been able to solve it yet. I'm using a 7970 Lightning and what I'm trying to achieve is 2 profiles that will manage the 2D clocks (which is set to the default 1070Mhz) and the 3D clocks (my overclock settings). I've disabled ULPS and in the afterburner config: UnofficialOverclockingEULA = I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI...
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