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So I've seen some youtube vids and read some old threads about it on this site. I haven't seen any new threads in my search so I wanted to inquire, is this still a viable method of cleaning out cigarette smoke/dust on your motherboard (provided adequate time to dry of course)? I'd like to wash my sig rig motherboard before I transfer it into my new build.
This build is ever evolving in my mind as everyday I brainstorm new ideas. Do you know if those black rubber cable routing things come in white? I highly doubt they are paintable. Looking into some plastidip atm.
Can't pick one on my own, I really like both... HELP Here's a pic of the inside:
My question wasn't the most optimized way to run this, it was asking if my understanding of the calculators wiring diagram was correct. Apparently it is so I will running more leds. Thanks for your reply nonetheless, maybe I worded my OP incorrectly. I actually want to run 6-12 leds depending on fan location.
I just wanted to double check and see if I understood this correctly. I'm gonna add 4 leds (3.3v, 25ma) to some case fans I have and according to an online calculator, it told me this: My understanding of it is this: I want the leds to be powered off of a separate molex so when I adjust the fan speeds via controller, it will not affect the leds. Am I on the right track here?
I have some fans with blue leds and I want to paint the frame black and the blades white. I was wondering how the white blades will look with the blue leds, maybe someone can post pics or redirect me to a link?
I'm very interested in creating the color of the blue berry pastel but with a UV glow. I think I read somewhere in this thread that the Pastel UV White Coolant & the Deep Blue dye would be achieve this, is this correct or did read wrong? If that is correct, what would be the correct ratio/formula to achieve a blue berry pastel look with a solid UV glow?
I'm seriously contemplating adding a chiller - to my new build, I'll be leaving in the radiators and fans and stuff and the chiller will just be supplementary to the loop. Most of the info I've found says this is a plausible idea but alot of the threads I've found on here are outdated. Using the chiller this way, what do you guys think of this idea? I'm planning on setting the chiller to around 5-7 celsius to keep it...
Well after doing some more research I think I'll be getting a 420 rad, although i'm not 100% sure which one, I'd like to get a nice 60mm thick rad for maximum overclocking headroom. I don't have a problem doing some modding as I have my handy dremel and drill ready. I've decided that I wanna cool the chipset (sig rig) on my motherboard. Purely for aesthetic purposes. The only 2 options I've found are...
Sounds good Rognin, thick rad in push/pull it is. Last but prolly not least, lol. In regards to airflow in my case (switch 810 which I've failed to mention so far I think), I've seen alot of people intaking into the case with the top and bottom rads and the only exhaust being the rear fan next to the io ports. Is this really the recommended setup? Not sure about this but maybe exhausting out of the case on the top rad would be better?
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