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Well after doing a few tests It doesn't appear that my AA settings in RadeonPro were taking affect. I turned them off and turn on AA in the game to 4x and vram went up a few hundred extra. Did anyone figure out a way to get AA working through radeonpro?
Crash happened again. Bumped up core voltage to 1.256 and mem voltage to 1.625 1225 and 1500 respectively. Will keep everyone updated.
I've bumped up the core voltage to 1.25 and after 2-3 hours or so everthing appears to be fine. No crashing atleast. Temps are still maxing out in the early 60's which is great and the funny thing is, I have to actually cap the FPS because even with everything max in game and crazy RadeonPro settings, I'm still getting 80+ FPS in 1080p. Can't wait to get this thing under water!
Is it really worth it to just find the max memory clock you can run @ default voltages? I understand the higher bandwidth of the card but I find this quite surprising. I just noticed black and white checkered boxes while zooming in with a sniper rifle, I'm gonna lower the memory clock down to 1450 and report back.
So I got my r7970 a couple days ago and finally got around to fiddling with it. I was able to pass Heaven (max settings) and 3Dmark11 performance setting multiple times with the following OC: Core Voltage - 1231 Memory Voltage - 1600 (Stock) Aux Voltage - +30 Core Clock - 1225 Mem Clock - 1500 Power Limit - +20 Temps are maxing at (during gaming) : GPU - 63 Mem - 55 VRM - 57 I use RadeonPro with custom graphics settings (Max AA, AF, etc) to play Far Cry 3 and...
Let's say I have 2 rads. One at the top of the case and 1 at the bottom. The top has 6 fans exhausting and the bottom has 4 fans intaking. There are no other fans in the case. Would this be a viable setup having the bottom rad intaking air into the case? I'm trying to keep the build as quiet as possible and reduce as much dust as I can.
I did a conversion of pounds to american dollars and 350 pounds is roughly $564 dollars. Newegg has that card on sale for 464 bucks after the 5% promo code. So maybe you can get a similar deal in London?Ah I see.
Yesterday I was in the same boat as you and with help from some members here I went ahead and purchased the MSI Lightning 7970 ( Keep in mind that it doesn't have a dual link DVI port so unless your monitor has a displayport connection, you're gonna need an active displayport to dual link dvi adapter (such as...
Likewise, but after looking it up on google, I found that the lightning cards have waterblocks made for their custom PCB. So in the end, this wasn't an issue.Most companies only make blocks for reference PCB. That is the reason.Also, what displayport to dual link dvi adapters are you guys using?
Just ordered thanks guys!
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