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Just ordered thanks guys!
Here's the problem guys, my catleap monitor is 2560x1440p and only has a dual link dvi connector. The lightning doesn't support that. What can I do? I'm guessing one of these handy mini displayport to dual link dvi adapters I'm finding on google is the solution I need?
Well it looks like the MSI R7970 have custom waterblocks to fit them. If more people can chime in with their thoughts on this card, I'll order now. Actually, looking into more details about the MSI R7970. It would appear it doesn't support dual link dvi which means I couldn't use it with my 1440p monitor that's on the way. Or is there some way to get it to work with 1440p? Which of these 7970's would be my best bet for watercooling and overclocking? Guess I'm looking for one with a reference PCB and unlocked voltage.
I'd like to know this as well.
Yea, dammit. I was gonna get this card over the 2 Sapphire OC 7950 but I want a full cover block. Oh well, coulda saved some money.
No answer 6 hours later, does that mean no? BTW, i'm talking about the only 6gb Toxic out there, the 7970 version.
Title sums it up, is there a toxic 6gb waterblock out there?
I do like that 6gb toxic card but they don't make waterblocks for it since it's a custom PCB which sucks.
Thanks for the replies gents, I'll definitely be getting 2 of these.
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