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I need to OC my chip again and lost my notes. Is the guide in the OP still relevant or is there one more up to date?
Been running my CPU at stock. Guess I'll need to break out my notes and put it back up to 4.7 again. If I can find them... Just in time for winter though.
This game isn't coming out soon enough. The wait till August 13th is already unbearable too.
Many many years ago I was pretty adamant on only getting Intel + Nvidia. At one point in my life we were having bad luck financially and I didn't upgrade my pc for several years. One day it just stopped putting up a picture. After much debugging, I had to take it to a local shop to help me figure out what's wrong. CPU was fine, Video card was fine, RAM was fine, so it must have been the motherboard. At this point the socket was obsolete like it always seems to be the...
I'm surprised no one posted this yet.
Upcoming Imperial DLC:
Ha ha, right. I meant when you do get the game. I do regret paying full price for mine but I'm making the best of it.
I was about to say, you missed the boat. But I will tell you that it is in fact better than the beta. I will also say that you do have to drop all expectations of previous elder scrolls and approach it like a new RPG.I agree. I've only been playing it solo so far which is my style in the first place.
Ya I'm so pissed at that sale. I just bought the game full price a few days ago.I hated the beta. It was a hot mess. A co-worker of mine had gotten the game about a month ago and was talking to me about it. I watched some youtube videos and then decided to get it. It is SO much better than it was during its beta. I'm still having trouble getting on board on level ups but overall the game play is better.The one thing that does bug me at the moment though is the voice...
Does anyone know of a decent "must have" type guide for the add ons? There's just so many now I'm a bit overwhelmed.
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