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Thought this was a TC thread, my bad. I'll look into it.
I got Ark and Rocket League and haven't bothered looking at other games because I'm hooked!
2315 now.
This site says Steam as 1108 items on sale atm:
Oh ok. Thanks guys!
I'm tempted to get Ark at 40% off. It'll be my luck that it shows up in one of the flash sales at 66% off or something.
And here we go... I can't get to page probably because of heavy traffic.
Anyone know what time they typically start?
I need to OC my chip again and lost my notes. Is the guide in the OP still relevant or is there one more up to date?
Been running my CPU at stock. Guess I'll need to break out my notes and put it back up to 4.7 again. If I can find them... Just in time for winter though.
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