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In for 4/13.
Yeah that Legendary Edition is a sweet deal. Sucks for me. My wife bought me Skyrim when it first came out, $60. And then recently I got Dragonborn DLC, $20. Later I bought Hearthfire for $7.50. Now I'm just missing the Dawnguard. I really don't feel like spending ANOTHER $20 on it. But I really want it for the Deadly Dragons mod.
In for 4/11
I haven't mined in a couple of months now I think. What's the coin to mine now? (with 280x's)
X Brand SSD: Get ahead of the game.
In for 4/10
It doesn't look like it's kept to the $1 now?
It used to be that when BTC/USD goes down, any alts/BTC goes up to keep the alts/USD the same. But now a days with the # of alts being so overly diluted, when BTC goes down, they all go down. IMO
Yeah, 1 minute is probably my limit of patience.
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