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I really feel like we're talking about different things. I can see that I'm unlocking skills as I level up. My question is why train specific skills? For example, you click "kick" and train it right?
Trail the skill "sets"? No, you click a skill and train IT right?It seems I'm going to get to play with it freely anyways. I think my personal story is bugged. I received a letter from Urvan Steelbane asking me to go see him at once but I'm not getting a quest tracker for it. After much googling, I figured out he's supposed to be in Hero's Canton or whatever. Took me awhile to figure out where the entrance to there was. Finally after googling, found it, entered and...
But what is this training skills thing? Like I have 20 hero pts. Do I put them into "kick" and such? What for? They make them better? Can I reset the training pts if I decide I rather a different skills? This is where I'm overwhelmed already and need a guide. I have no idea what to put the pts towards.
I do have a lvl 80 that I haven't touched yet. I feel quite new again.
Ya played some last night. Ended up getting moved to another "map"? Too few players it said? I dunno... But is there a guide for the new specialization and such? I have leveled a warrior char to 15 now and haven't touch any of it.
I forget the name of it. It was the one OCN guild used to be on. I may have made the mistake of listening to the chat. Something about it being a riot or something because they didn't like the changes.And no, it wasn't the number of players. It was nearly empty. And everyone in chat all confirmed we were all having the same laggy issues. There was not a single person denying it and saying it's running good for them.
Right I use those tools to find compatibility problems with mods from Nexus already. What I'm saying is that I don't want to pay $10 for mod, find out it doesn't work with my current mods, and lose my $10. I consider that to be too big of a risk. It's like buying a lottery ticket to me. For example, what if you bought a mod, find out that it conflicts with another one you would really like to keep? Or maybe uninstalling the conflicting mod causes you to have to start...
Right. So I'm not going to uninstall my other 100 mods just for the convenience of 1 mod I paid for. No thanks.
I tried to play for the first time in a long while last night. Thanks to a bunch of whiners ddos'ing all the servers making it not fun for me. Losers.
The problem I have with paying for mods is that so many of them renders the game unstable or even cause glitches. It scares me to pay money knowing the risk is there.
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