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Ya it's still an infraction.
You'll want to delete the asterisks or you will get an infraction.
Nice! So we won't be seeing you around for awhile? My wife owns a '97 Sportster 883. Yes I do get to ride it. No, when we both ride it, I do not ride the back like a...
Instructions is in the OP.
Unless they're all busy breaking records.I think I"m having more fun with the WD than I did with the Monk last season.
Dude you just made me realize I haven't seen the unicorns and teddy bears yet. Only the treasure and bloodshard goblins.
I see that it says shoots as poison now.TBH it's better than nothing. I'm just trying to improve but it's been time consuming.
What about the multiple shots one? I don't remember it giving an element in its description? I'll check again when I get home but I don't remember it saying anything.
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