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Anyone have a map download for a birthday party for my 8-year old? I had intended to build something for her but I didn't have time.
Hey guys, need some noob help please. I only have one account because of low income and let my 2 girls play on that account. My oldest daughter would "Open to LAN" and I would change my younger daughter's displayName so that they can play with each other. The account is using a skin that my older daughter likes. The issue I had last night is when my younger daughter started playing, the skin was Steve instead of Alex for the first time. She completely freaked out. I...
I haven't played since 2014. Someone posted a video of their modded Skyrim in Facebook and I felt like starting it up again. But I was annoyed that NMM had undone all of my mods for one of its updates. I did reinstall all 100+ mods to the best of my memory, had some conflicts to debug, and got the game running. But I found a lot of mods were outdated so I updated all of them. Big mistake on my part. Some of my mods required the individual unoffical DLC patches and...
Thought this was a TC thread, my bad. I'll look into it.
I got Ark and Rocket League and haven't bothered looking at other games because I'm hooked!
2315 now.
This site says Steam as 1108 items on sale atm:
Oh ok. Thanks guys!
I'm tempted to get Ark at 40% off. It'll be my luck that it shows up in one of the flash sales at 66% off or something.
And here we go... I can't get to page probably because of heavy traffic.
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