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Yeah that's what's in there already and so I've gotten confused and left it alone. Too many conflicting information.
As I understand, in order to activate it, you have to put:Code:[NotPlacebo].GiveFirstBornToSheson=1in skse.ini
I'm researching about the memory patch and don't understand... in this guide, what .ini file are they referring to? the enblocal.ini? Nevermind, found it.
I wish copy/paste would work. It's too much to take in. LOL
I'm so paranoid about breezehome now. I go into it EVERY time I come to whiterun now just to be sure. The only annoyance I have now is that the distance is blurry at times. Like if I'm hiding behind a rock, the people I'm trying to watch is all blurred out. I have no idea what mod is doing that and I don't remember it happening before my reinstallation. Anyone know what settings would disable that?
I figured out that "Lush Trees and Grass" was making my game look horribad. Edit: Best way to explain it is that the trees went all minecraft in the distance and the florals went all van gogh.
I tried the whole thing, looks like butt on mine. Not sure why. I think I'll go back to my previous settings and only use the multicore part of the guide.This made me realize a possibility of why things don't look good with the mods this time around... I had the .ini files set to read only and so the mods didn't change things. How do I go about fixing that? Deactivate all mods again and redo the entire thing all over again?
Got everything installed so far. Breezehome works well. But my florals outside looks like crap.
I'm in process of reinstalling my mods and following this realvision guide: I may have figured out the freeze at Valtheim Towers. I missed the part where it said "also install SMIM Compatibility patch and if using ELFX also Enhanced Lights and FX Compatibility patch" on vivid landscapes dungeons and ruins.
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