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Oh ok, I'm watching a streamer on twitch and it got me thinking when I saw his screen fill up with yellow words.Ya, it's the first thing I did. Almost done. I just got distracted and started a monk before finishing the story with a wizard.
I haven't touched adventure mode yet. Should I do so? My season char is lvl 37 now I think. BTW is the loot drops Free-for-all?
Rodger dodger, thanks. +rep
Hello all, I've probably put in 1000's upon 1000's of hours into D2. Played many 24 hour runs even. I must've had all chars at max level and they were several different types. I lead many Baal runs and power-leveled a lot of people. Then my account got hacked and chars deleted. Tried to have the same motivation as before but only got a couple chars to max level and got more interested in FPS games instead. When D3 beta came out, I was excited about it and gave it a...
I just noticed PPC carrying the Alphacool chrome-plated brass pipes. Curious: has anyone used it, tested, or anything? Sorry if it's been mentioned but I've been out of the WC'ing loop for quite some time now.
I want to do this. My 80mm fans keeps dying for some reason.
Ya, usually I'd have to use google with item and performance-pcs to find what I'm looking for specifically.
I used to love BROWSING for what I'm looking for at FCPU. Then when I find something, I went to all the other sites and compared prices/shipping.
Yup. I've been in retail and customer service for 20 years now. The customers are literally 90% wrong. But if you want 200% of their money, then treat them like they're 100% right. Meaning if you treat them like they're right, they'll not only come back but bring others with them. The only time I get adamant that the customer is wrong is when they're trying to pull a fast one. Don't need their business.
Ya the OCN monkeys got a little riled up and started flinging poo at each other in the other thread. I bet it's quite a mess to clean up. Personally I feel that all sources (from the employee and the owner) are not telling the whole story. I don't blame them but it really persuade people to their own views.
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