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I think when people first started posting in the folding forums about BTC's is when I first heard of it. It was quickly banned from OCN and so I figured maybe it wasn't legit. Didn't get into it till a couple years later when the folding team competition kinda fell apart because of the stats page not working right.
There's some sort of event that happens in Europe where people can play upcoming maps for a bit. I forget what it's called but all those guys have been invited to play every DLC provided they've been good as far as NDA is concerned.
Yeah selling my cards soon.Was excited about folding again for a little bit. But it quickly faded.
Ya for real. I did play some last night though. I gotta say it's like learning the game all over again. I'm struggling with remembering the controls and what not.
I've been away for quite some time. I got sucked away from Bioshock, BF4, Skyrim mods, Watch Dogs, etc. I wanted to take a break from Skyrim last night and Play GW instead. Had to download it... 2 hours later, still downloading. Had to let it download overnight.
I personally prefer UFO as well but I've seen a lot of folks use AFT too. They both have their own advantages/disadvantages.
Does dual casting a bound weapon improves its damage too or just its longevity? I started a new char because I was watching a youtuber and realized I never touched conjuration tree.
Yeah I get disappointed when a friend of mine buys a mac too.
I learned the hard way that Skyrim Redone does not have the fortify alchemy, enchant, smithing potions as well as the enchants. Which is fine with me... making things OP generally kills the game for me.
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