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I just gained a lot of respect for Caselabs for that post. Good job. One of the very few people on this forum willing to actually be truthful about lighting options instead of trying to garner popularity by being an anti-choice hipster.
any overclocking on that cpu?
murder your AV and try again. Also what OS are you running?
That's a really nice case with lots of good cable management options built in. you should be just fine.
I feel like you probably aren't going to get a whole lot of help running the most panned game of all time. Just saying.
Any luck?
I also enjoy that they;re slightly thicker. it makes up for that slight extra slack my a900x has compaired to the a700. Before these I had to use the 3d wing rubber band trick to keep everything reasonably snug but now it is no problem. Anyway, just go real slow and keep working at it (and make sure you remove the plastic attachment ring if course). I know it seems like they wont fit on the cans but it'll get there. When its done the leather flappy bit won't quite...
That's normal. They'll stretch with enough elbow grease. I've got them on both my A900X and my A700.
Id grab this one now. black friday sales are pretty risky lately.
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