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I have a Late 2011 (October) Macbook Pro, is it possible to put 16gb of 1600MHz CL 9, 1.5v memory in it? Does anybody have this or have experience with it? And if so, which RAM is most compatible, is OWC the most recommended?
ok, thanks, was hoping i wouldn't have to do that, did some googling and it seems its the only way
Recently i switched over to Intel from AMD and i ran into a problem. My RAID 0 array that i had on the AMD system isn't being recognized on the new intel system. I have a ton of data on the RAID array that i cannot lose, and i need some help with how to get it working again on then new system. When i boot into windows with the HDDs that were previously in RAID 0 plugged in, it tells me i need to format the disks before i can use them and shows them as 2 separate disks. ...
so the GSKILL sniper/ripjaws would fit underneath the XIGMATEK i currently have now?
What is the best heatsink that will not block 2 of my RAM slots. I currently have the XIGMATEK Dark Knight which overlaps with my RAM slots and i can't put 4 sticks in. Price is not really a concern, although preferably not much over $80. I have a gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 socket AM3 (this is for the build in the signature) just wondering if this SSD is any good. I will be putting it in a late 2011 Macbook Pro 15" Intel 2.2GHz
Hi i was wondering what the best freeware software solution is the burn .mkv 720p files to a DVD i am currently running windows 7 x64 can this be done with imgburn? ^ that is the TV it is 1080p 60hz with 4ms response time is it a good tv for FPS gaming?
check for BIOS update, same thing happened to me before (not the same setup) and a BIOS update fixed it. underclock the RAM to assure that isn't the issue
i'm in
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