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Interested to see at what point this would throttle (3D games, etc.). BTW, will this be a real 8 core device or the 4/4 hi/low power?
Ok. Thanks.
Maybe manufacturers and consumers have been eyeing complete Windows tablet OS and non full OS tablets might be redundant sooner or later?
I see. GL.I was recently looking at the SP2 since it doesn't throttle as bad as the SP3.Really bummed when I missed the $ 600 MS Refurbs with Type Cover 2 and Pen back in Nov. 2014 Oh well. Hope I can wait for SP4 releases at least everything'd be laid out on the table.. little to no chance of early regrets by having all options in front of me (get older SP2/SP3 or the new S4.. maybe see a cheap S3 bundle).
Been delayed to 2016 as far as the latest news header I've read.Love the PS4. New games rent machine!Loved BB because it's a more casualized/streamlined Souls.. until you enter the worst Defiled, Fettid, Cursed, Rotted dungeons. Wanna fight Watchdog in a lake of oil with an Undead giant? What Souls game have been that brutal?Don't dig the RNG/farming gem stuff tho.
Repped. Really like the listed as it helps in my tablet window shopping w/c I've been doing a lot lately.
Maybe the Nexus 7 2013: $ 165 16 GB Maybe the Acer Icona Tab 10 32 GB $ 249 it seems but IDK where you can buy em right now.
Anyone thinks the iPad Air 2 will have some multi-tasking in the future? The extra core and RAM seem fishy. Maybe when iPad Pro comes into market it'l get such an update?
Businessnewsdaily score-Anandtech score-EngadgetFinally, a cheap Surface you'd actually want VergeIs the third time the charm for Microsoft's tablet? LintSensible,...
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