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A lot have been asking that and I also wanna know.
awesome! xDEh.. watch em change their stance depending on the game/title.I think Sony's devs still go for 30FPS even if you gave their current machine a GTX 980Ti than 60 FPS but lower IQ. There's gonna be a hardware limit for a while regardless. It can be more of a design choice.Put more balls and pubic hair physics than 60 FPS lol.Drake's shirt absorbing water kinda made me lulz but was still kindof a nice detail to put in.
Maybe part of it is NA having a higher income and cheaper electronics? Instead of spending money in arcades, PC rentals/shops.. easy enough to save for a home PC/console + internet.AFAIK they seem to have better quality video sources than YT as direct downloads in some cases and also host nice images (Gamersyde).Nice. That doesn't seem to have those shadow dithering (or at least very hard to notice) compared to the gamersyde video and Sony's other E3 uploads.Weird that DF...
Yup coming to NX too.Hope someone can recreate topic and delete this one xD
Downloaded the Gsyde video and there's dithering present like in the gaf shots I linked:Here's my own screenshot from the Gysde (not YT): pronounced aliasing relative to below-very obvious dithering compared to below-ignore texture quality because compression really affects that-ignore color-ignore motion artefactsHere's the what may be a "PR" shot no...
Does compression show more dithering and aliasing? Shouldn't compression make it look "softer" than aliased? (non rhetorical questions. I am far from an expert)Your YT link: Gsyde link images then..YT has slightly less aliasing (check nathan's neck)YT has no dithered shadows (check lower right chest)Supposed YT compression... UC4 bullshots vs actual (ignore color/compression/texture qual.) Supposed actual game is more aliased and have dithered shadows (enlarge... JC3 seem to look more impressive with destruction with lots of parts and objects including folliage being affected and open world.I do remember trees hanging from mountain ledges getting hit in the 1st UC4 demo but IDK if you'd be able to put enough bullets to uproot them.I have no doubt that UC4 has it in the bag with presentation tho (animation, ragdolls, physics, setpieces.).I doubt we'll be able to lob a grenade onto most...
I think the part where the AP 1st broke in is scripted destruction (before Drake goes up the stairs).Yeah. Graphics are a huge appeal for me. One of the biggest things I like in games. Crysis 1 is still one of my favorite 3D games.You think JC3 would be better in terms of destruction physics?Is it still considered physics when a plank gets broken then generates a fixed type of two planks? Kinda hard to explain xD
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