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We're still rocking our N7 2nd gen 16 GB the screen is still one of the best in terms of colors and resolution. I'd love to grab a brand new one if only it weren't for the ghost touch issues. Cannot believe screen quality haven't really gone better for the price even with the rgb tweaking apps. My moto 2nd gen's screen craps on anything in its price range in terms of color and i bought that thing for 99 bucks about 3-4 years ago. Even screens from the same model are a...
Need help with our SP2. We use the built in Reader to open PDFs and write and erase on them with the original Surface Pro 2 pen but that pen now has been lost so we don't know how to erase scribbles/annotations by pen. We currently have a Galaxy S3 Stylus that works but it has no Eraser function. Any ideas?
I feel like it's the input that's kinda limiting at this point.Seems a lot of AAA revolve around the limits of the general modern console controller layout so some feel dumbed down.IDK. My example seem mostly stem from BioWare's DA (lots of micro/tactics) to worse and worse and simpler mechanics. I didn't like MEA's weird console interface.
Without consoles we would probably have moved faster towards the future, future of gaming.. more loot based RNG gaemz!Thanks MMOs!
In a way I agree.. some devs/publishers are given confidence by consoles first even if that shouldn't make sense. Then, it bleeds onto PC.
I have a feeling the "true 4K" won't be for a lot of AAA games. 4KPR maybe aka dynamic and/or with checkeboard too to maintain stable framerates. We'll see.
what a let down. Nothing interesting in MS for me. I knew most about Scorpio. Gow looks bad Days Gone looks ok MH looks stiff. Ill wait for TGS and PSEx This is good. This year: VEGA/VOLTA here I come! ..then PS5
Totally agree.Sadly I do belong to the bottom tier though probably because my brain isn't wired enough to be cunning but yeah I know way more "top people" doing these shenanigans and brag about it during booze time/after family dinners not just "connections" too.
Is there a program or app that would allow us to watch cable online so we can drop our cable? We don't mind if channels become SD at all.
NPD/US probably.Global doubt it.Really depends on Sony (aggressive bundling and/or prie cuts) and market's reaction.
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