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If not in the full sequel, I'd probably be happy enough to get some fat prequel DLCs for the PS4 (Joel and his brother, Tess and FF Queen, Bill and Frank was it?). If Ellie can give birth maybe a mother-son story.. IDK.
4870 and 50 afaik had insane value out of the gate. $ 299 and 199 right? While the direct competition were more than twice as expensive but not so much better.
Have a gut feeling it will be unlocked 60 fps (and lots of dips to 40) if ND's still targetting 60 fps for this game. I'd be surprised if the title never drops below 50 with the current gameplay image quality shown (Gamersyde DL not Youtube).
..and I still feel bad missing out on that $ 200 R290 + 3 games.. from TD this recent Black Friday.
3DS or Google? Maybe a new Wii U this soon? Steam Boy that can play DA:I at the lowest settings, 720p, no less than 30 fps and 2 hours of battery life would be awesome. That'd probably be expensive tho.. If too cheap, the storage/storage speed would probably suck.
Thanks! I wish I was told so earlier. Got the PS4 version instead.Then again, my 5870 2GB + 2500K might not look and perform as well as the PS4 version.Will probably still buy DA:I for PC when it hits $ 30 or lower. Glad to know I'll be able to play it offline w/o cracks.
Thanks. Wasn't able to think about that xD
Hmm.. might as well try I guess. Thanks
So if I returned this "normally" in a brick store, I have to surrender the $ 50 Steam Card as well?
Saw PC ACU screenies.. Looks fantastic.
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