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NPD/US probably.Global doubt it.Really depends on Sony (aggressive bundling and/or prie cuts) and market's reaction.
I'm really interested to see how Scorpio's market performance would be with how it's going to be 30-50% more powerful than the Pro thus becoming home to best 3rd party performance within the generation and with Play Anywhere titles.I have no doubt Sony already has the crown with the PS4 this gen in terms of world wide reception but I wonder if MS can retake US back with the Scorpio.That being said, I prefer Sony's 1st party output and Japanese titles miles ahead of MS...
I was a bit disappointed with the iPhone 7 GPU throttling since I've known Apple to barely throttle during gaming. Then again, I am more interested in future handheld consoles with these powerful SoC's I have been eyeing.
Yeah I think there'll be DLC. The machines and environment are amazing and I am glad to finally, instantly notice better looking foliage than Crysis 3. I wish there were more bots, less human but far more difficult human encounters and probably more viable melee combat.
I wish the numpads were physical but whatever. EDIT: s2pd me. That flipping pad seem nice.
First thing I though was PS4K when people were talking about the PS4.5 from earlier articles lol. If not this PS4K, I wonder when we'll see Wide Color Gamut and HDR for games (HDMI 2.0a/2.1).. no not the current HDR techniques in games that are used for non HDR/WCG/Dolby Vision TVs. Wonder what would be more acceptable to more gamers native 4K PS4 games or 1080p with WCG/HDR/DV if only one's more likely due to storage/bandwidth restrictions?
UF6450 isn't even a "real" 4K if that matters and isn't chroma 4:4:4. Youtube samsung's pr video "What is true 4K" or go to rtings and look at the 6400 to 6800 LG line. ALso stick here if you want a good deal. IMO much better site for tv deals compared to avs or here in ocn: If you want to insist with the 6450, it's been $ 515 at several walmarts, just need to check your walmart brickseek/local walmart...
Thanks. Don't have a 4k set but appreciate the info for future reference.
Got the E32-C1. Works so far. Minor dirty screen effect. There's some image retention issues but goes away. Activates quickly and worse than my plasma from 4 years ago. It also produces 6+ line trails with your previous UFO site test. (using moving vertical line only). Is getting easy image retention also a tell tale sign of PWM?
I have a feeling it'll come back.. maybe after HDR, WCG (rec 2020) and 8K are BR/movie standards.
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