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I find it ugly too but it's supposedly darth vader's console theme:Someone just pointed it out to me. Not a big SW fan.
Doesn't 10 have tablet mode? I hope the Steam Controller part is fully configurable as some sort of trackpad/trackpad on demand.If it's an ok alternative, I remember a virtual touchpad program that's free.I'll want better specs for later. I want to be able to play something like TW3, 768p, low-med, 30 FPS avg wherever I want.Well, at least 8.1 also has Steam/GoG/Origins than just Steam OS.I won't mind a 2-3 hour gaming with everything maxed out/turned on (wifi, brightness,...
Hope someone would still try for a Carrizo (or better) "Handheld PC" with Full Win 10 and 256gb if/when this bombs. $ 399 tops. Maybe 2 years from now. I also hope future eMMC or the one in such would be equivalent to an internal 7200rpm hdd.
Moses Tablet. Tablet M.
FFXV Malboro gameplay teaser?
A lot have been asking that and I also wanna know.
awesome! xDEh.. watch em change their stance depending on the game/title.I think Sony's devs still go for 30FPS even if you gave their current machine a GTX 980Ti than 60 FPS but lower IQ. There's gonna be a hardware limit for a while regardless. It can be more of a design choice.Put more balls and pubic hair physics than 60 FPS lol.Drake's shirt absorbing water kinda made me lulz but was still kindof a nice detail to put in.
Maybe part of it is NA having a higher income and cheaper electronics? Instead of spending money in arcades, PC rentals/shops.. easy enough to save for a home PC/console + internet.AFAIK they seem to have better quality video sources than YT as direct downloads in some cases and also host nice images (Gamersyde).Nice. That doesn't seem to have those shadow dithering (or at least very hard to notice) compared to the gamersyde video and Sony's other E3 uploads.Weird that DF...
Yup coming to NX too.Hope someone can recreate topic and delete this one xD
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