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Yeah mostly.Most of my friends (handful only lol) are PC F2P "gamers".I'm more reclusive and tend to enjoy shallow but nice presentation from console exclusives (no MP but AAA titles).PS4 is my no 1. game [[SPOILER]] machine.
Thanks. I guess I'll just keep this one then.I see. Thanks.Mine seem to never drop below, ~4XX RPM.I guess so.It's just that I have low IQ and not a fan expert and wanted to know if mine was truly reporting RPM of the fan I just bought when some of the info/vids confused me that it may not be the case if you don't have that separate 3 Pin wire thing.
xDI'm still confused.Are you saying that my new fan (Arctic F12 PWM PST) does not have a built in RPM return or did you mean that it just doesn't have an RPM Return for the 2nd fan (just making sure ).I'm not planning to get a 2nd fan. Just replacing that one fan that broke that cam with my old H50.Sorry if I'm confusing.Anyway, took some pics of the cable with my cheap Moto G 2013:Here's where it's connected (CPU_FAN)Maybe the reason that I can tell the fan's RPM is that...
EDIT: So confused.This one has an unboxing of the Rev. 2 and has no "Daisy Chain" thingamabob:, does my PWM PST have a built in return signal?
Sorry. Double post. to this guy at 19:34 says HIS (same as the one I received w/c is the F12 PWM PST) is the Rev. 2.I'm confused.I really have a hard time understanding this.Does it mean that the one I have (same as his: NekitaNet YTer), already has an RPM return signal built in?
Nope. Was expecting the 4th image here: Fan. The sticker in the middle of the fan only says Arctic F12 PWM not Arctic F12 PWM PST. This is what I got:
Sorry, sorry, nope. I knew it. I'm always confusing people I initially wanted the one with the 4 Pin, 4 Pin and 3 Pin (Yellow Wire) and as shown at the 4th image that has actual white fans still (not black). doyll got it. I never thought of the black one. What I got was just a 4 Pin and 4 Pin (no extra dangling Yellow Wire)... the 4 Pin has a yellow wire though. I called a while ago and the rep asked to hold then said it's just the same fan but "just a newer...$ 7.99 Excluding tax and shipping.When you look at the Tab Name (browser) It says ARCTIC F12 PWM CO Case Fan for Continuous Operation.
Hmm.. Mine saysP/N: AFACO-120P0-GBA01 at the bottom. Is this a CO or an FDB? What's the difference?74 CFM/ 126 m3/h at the back.Hmm.. think my motherboard is lying/glitching? it seems it's detecting it.. also seems to be detected by Open Hardware Monitor and showing 1052 rpm.. A few hours ago I tried changing some temperature/cycle stuff in the mobo and went up to 14XX rpm according to Open Hardware Monitor. Says up to 1350 rpm only tho.
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