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No magic for this game right? Just gun-bullet/bullet system? I wonder if it's gonna get quite a backlash from the lack of magic. Hope they understand the loss of the Souls in the title.
PS VITA OLED since 2012? I have zero burn in issues. I bet higher end OLED models would have better tech in 'em.
I see.Heh so roughly, some pubs are quite to blame. BTW sorry for not linking the source: makes me think that maybe indies could help since they're not necessarily trapped with those big publishers?Then again, there's the PC. Shouldn't we see actual "next gen mechanics" or consoles truly lead the game industry (outside moba) or are consoles simply that...
Diminishing returns in recent game design?..Some people feel it's due to the fact that we have reached a level that make it harder to notice a significant jump, while others will talk about the fact high budgets and manpower is the development has not been moving as fast as hardware growth. While hardware manufacturers have to make faster and faster products to stay in business, software developers have to sell more and more games..Wonder when we can...
IDK.. if they had better h/w, they may have still dediced the same thing by pushing more IQ/phys. + black bars over FHD FS 16:9. Always a compromise I guess (consoles/limited h/w). Not really dissin' the console here.
I guess.It's still basically "pixels" vs "image quality". They prefer IQ over 16:9 full screen. Still has more shown over the typical 900p game tho (1600 x 900 vs 1920 x 800)I don't really mind but I would still welcome an optional FHD 16:9 game with less IQ for this game, just for the lulz.
I guess it could get very annoying for people with bad backlight bleeds or poor black levels? xDAnyway, devs were undecided before; 1920x800 + 4xmsaa vs FHD FS.
Uh I still love Crysis 1 Hope BB allows me to trade it in asap (just after 3-4 days) for at least $ 33 as a GCU.I remember some person saying that sometimes, they don't allow trade-ins for very fresh titles.Hope it's just a ~$ 15 one time experience for me since I have to use some BB certificate.Have a feeling R@D isn't gonna make up those costs from the 5 year development with this title (in-house engine + TO1886).
Source: look heavily compressed though.
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