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Looking for 23-24 inch, Glossy screen, IPS monitor with HDCP, Audio In and Out. 16:9 Any suggestions? I wish there's a U2414H Glossy screen version or the S2415H having HDCP.
Wish I had extra $ 200. They had a fire sale with a 55 inch JS7000 Sammy. 10 Bit Panel + HDR for $ 700 and was PMable to Bestbuy. Don't mind the native 60 Hz and supposed "motion judder".
Seems to say "R.G.B."Thanks. Hope yours arrives soon and if you have the time, please take a pic of the pixel arrangement.
May anyone confirm by taking a picture of the screen close up to actually know if it's an RGB panel or WRGB panel. Saw one guy just using their smartphone then zooming in.
Perhaps a new version of X1 along the Xbox Slim or what not than something like the 3DS to N3DS?
Could be a new trend for home consoles becoming more PC-like? AFAIK, Nintendo's been doing almost similar with their handhelds for at least a decade now but I wondering my Sony/MS don't do it for home consoles. (3DS [1 or 2 cores]--> N3DS) [4 cores + more RAM + more vRAM] ..I think)
Thanks.As a TV set, is there a Gamma and Black Level option without having to hack?The only thing I can compare it to (in my mind) is our 4 year old LG with Gamma that can be changed to "1.9, 2.0, 2.2" and with Black Level of "High or Low".Just to be clear, the set doesn't save picture settings once turned off, right?
Do we have any figures for the latency?
Thank you.+rep.If they get to fix this, it'd be really awesome.I'll wait for Superbowl sales otherwise.
I wish that gets fixed. Kind of a deal breaker.Above post said PC mode doesn't work?The "other sets" I'm thinking about are the 40 inch J5000 Sammy, E40-C2 Vizio, Sony KDL40 models. Those are more likely to have proper PC mode right?
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