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Anyone playing Freedom Wars?
Hope there'd be a nice PS4 deal this BF or Christmas at least. Something like $ 350 for console and 1 Yr. PS+. Would be nice for someone like me who already has a PS3 and PSV while enjoying the PS+ offerings. I hope X1 sales this end of year would be amazing at least for the sake of some sort of competition.
If that happens, hope mankind don't just have to sit on earth.
Wonder why these guys can't create ultra thin bezels and just "emulate" borders or bezels via software through subtle visual cues. Maybe an expensive patent? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought of this.Would make a more futuristic looking device.
Oh so KH, PE (AT, free motion), GoW (cinematics, QTE, ceiling segments).. kinda like. Hope it does't get too delayed.
1st and foremost it's cellphone land (iOS?) now there for games.. second, handhelds reign there where even the VITA usually sells better than Wii U and PS3 for more than a year now. 3DS is way ahead.
^ Awesome! xD
Not sure if you've guys heard; new Xperias will also do Remote Play now.
Nice. Still want more eye candy exclusives before I purchase. Wonder what Sony SM's doing.
Kinda sounds sad.I thought PS4/X1 gen supposed to make multi-plat stuff easy/better for PC.
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