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Thanks.So with the original settings, the entire CPU isn't even likely to reach 35W with normal use like light 3D gaming huh. Nice to know.
Was it this thread? don't think I asked the same question though but maybe I did ask in another. Sorry about that.Thanks for your answers there. Rep'd again.When you say the listed power is only for the CPU, this includes the built in gpu inside the chip right (like the 7100T)?
e.g. i3 7100T rated at 35W Does this mean the full load of the CPU and iGPU is at 35W max or does it mean the entire system barebones (no dGPU) would be about 35W during load?
*bites nails* Oh well. Can't wait for the cheap mobos to drop. for CL I mean
It's happening hopefully it's just for now.
Rep'd.Is there a way to get a massive power cut down with desktop builds or am I better off getting a laptop and let it run 24/7.Currently running an SP2 24/7 except during maintenance. 15 waatt cpu.
Can I safely underclock/undvolt with the cheapest mobos w/ a locked CPU? Let's say a cpu from 3.6ghz to 2.2ghz? Approximately how much power consumption would I save? 25%? Planning to replace my SP2 running almost 24/7 that seems to use about 35-45 watts total accdg. to notebookcheck. my SP2 is with an i5 4300u, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. Then I saw even recent Pentium systems consuming up to 90 watts during...
Would I need a fancy motherboard to cut the clockspeed in half if the cpu's locked?
Thanks. We don't plan on raising any other stats. No OC or anything like that for the 8100. Would we still be able to heavily downclock it to reduce electricity? Perhaps halve the clockspeeds to save maybe 25% more electricity?
Thanks.I just hope the priced would be stable even after a few months after the cheap CL mobos makes its entrance.
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