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Sounds great! Even with Team B they can sell that much.Yeah. IDK if BB would sell even close to 3m.. maybe roughly 2m (just my gut feeling). Maybe it's just a spurt sale but little to no legs. We'll see next few NPDs/Media Creates/VGC.Won't be surprised if DS3, even if by Team B, reaches 3m fast with a current gen and PC only releases.
I think so too. At the end of the day, potential sales with a DS3 release for PS4, XB1 and PC could be really alluring for devs and pubs. Question might be who's gonna be handling what; Team A (w/ Miya) or Team B (w/o Miya) for the next DaS entry?
Finished the game and those are rare if not only 2. Mostly humanoids and grotesque versions of man flesh and I wish there'd been more dinoish for variety.. Unless u consider Manus from daS a "Dino"
Dino hunter? You're more like from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Brotherhood of the Wolf xDNot sure but there seem to be mostly insane people in this game with their insane laughs. DS2 still (obviously?) sold more across 3 platforms but BB numbers might still be impressive with only 20+m install against 160+m installbase.
Up'd new pics via edit in the 1st post. New pics: it isn't Very disappointed.Still pissed I missed the $ 549 SP2 deal with Wacom Pen and Type 2 cover a few months back
Thanks for sharing. Prefer the edited one but would prefer it even more if it were slightly less dark.
What's with the colors? It looks off/lacking. Very detailed at least.
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