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Ugh!! Just moved to a country where 3.5Mbps is considered fast.
This and the classic Sony MDR-V700.
Where else can I stop over during those Atlanta rush hour?
'Nuff said. Overclocks like a beast once its on water.
Defo looking into this. I have all my devices tied to my Gmail account.
In time for a $700 7990 (I wish)
I was in the same boat when X79 was released Nov 2011. I decided against upgrading seeing my 980x is still capable of doing most of my duties which is gaming, video encoding and basic school stuff. In order to persuade me to upgrade, I'm looking at the next 8-10 core architecture.
Seeing how well the 7970 performs, I'm sure the 7990 will not be a disappointment. 2 x 7990 will be my next upgrade for some quad crossfiring madness. I'll be upgrading my monitors to 3x 27" 2560x1440 resolution.To the OP, another fellow Indonesian. Apa kabar. Saya juga dari Indonesia. Lahir di Jakarta.
Sins of a Solar Empire - It takes days to complete a huge 5x5 with 150+ planets. Crysis 1 - This is the reason I built my very first gaming computer. FF7 - Got me hooked to RPG. God of War series - Brutal and Gorey Gran Turismo series - The best Car simulation I've played.
I am not sure about Gigabyte mobos, but in my Asus RIIIE, I was able to disable PCI lanes through the ROG controllers.
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