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Negative - the receptacle on the NEX1500 is a C20, requiring a C19 connector. This would be the one:
What money? Reviewing power supplies is only one of three sources of income for me. All three combined, I make four figures a year. And I'm not talking high four figures either. Some months I have trouble just buying my asthma medication, to say nothing about paying the bills to keep reviewing stuff.You can't buy a good review from me if your product sucks. A LOT of companies have found that out the hard way... we've lost ad sponsors and many review samples just because I...
True.You'd still have to find a company willing to release something that couldn't be sold in the North American market. Some of the first 1500W units were like that, before they got efficient enough to sell over here. But they must not have sold well, because I never found many reports of people owning them.
Not at all - in fact it is the only way to power a 5-6 card mining rig with 290s. There is no single PSU on the market that could do it, and you would need two 15A-20A circuits to draw from. Just make sure the two units used are decent.
Won't happen. The UL isn't going to pass something that can't be powered from a standard 15A or 20A household circuit. Ultra had a hard enough time back in the day with that... they started dreaming of a 2kW unit and then ended up abandoning the idea for a 1600W that had a special line cable with a circuit breaker in it. That's all the UL would let them do.
One of my first power supply reviews:, I reviewed another one based on that same platform:'s what you're dealing with when you buy Coolmax. The only one I had that didn't suck was the 1350W, which was likely an overrated 1200W. I wasn't able to get to full power on that one at the time.
In my 7 years of reviewing power supplies I have seen so many of them blow sparks with WAY out of spec ripple it would give you nightmares of the "is my house going to burn down if I run this" variety.I had a Coolmax launch a capacitor out the fan grille. Still want to buy one?
How much profit do you figure on making when the rig is down for a month due to the need to RMA four fried video cards and a dead motherboard?Especially for mining, you need something decent. The EVGA 1300W is the cheapest I know of that will get the job done.Coolmax = overrated. Sometimes drastically.
And I should note here that jonnyGURU now works at Corsair, not He retired from the site specifically to avoid the conflicts of interest you're talking about. Tony Day runs things at the site now, with some help from Izzy the pug As for the review itself, I am the reviewer. My stance on the 5V jumper issue is the exact same as the last time I posted about it... it is a complete non-issue. There is not enough power available on the 5V rail of that unit to...
That sounds better Still won't put a 20A breaker on anything that might not have the purty yellow Romex, though. Or 10 gauge aluminum. Yeah, if I ever do a re-wire here, a lot of things would need changing for sure. A lot of things are more strict now than they were when this house was converted from knob and tube to what it has now. Before then, I have at least two more 20A circuits to install and one to upgrade from 15A to 20A. Going to be a headache, I'm sure, and...
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