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Not really, IMO.
I'm pretty sure I didn't. They took their time, did it right, and had no competition for a long time. That said, it would score differently today due to the fact that I am now scoring against those hard to manage ribbon style ATX cables. So, maybe a half point off the functionality score and that's it.It was the P2 1200W.
The -5V rail was dropped from the ATX spec years ago. No PSU since then has one, which is why that light never comes on. I'm waiting for them to kill the -12V rail too, but so far it's still hanging around.
I wouldn't hold my breath. I can't test 230V only units this size. Even if I could, the load testers can't load that much power.
I had to rescore down to 9.5 - had the wrong price on the review due to running on way too little sleep that day. It's currently $50 more than the AX1500i.
Zippy probably makes the most expensive PSUs on earth. Seriously. These guys outpriced PC Power and Cooling back in the day. You get what you pay for though.I remember drooling over one of their 700W units for $350 back when nobody else sold units that size.Yeah, 80 Plus is another thing Zippy doesn't really concentrate on too much. They do have a few Platinums listed at both 115V and 230V, though. I'd like to see them concentrate more on efficiency, given their place in...
Delta's one of the few companies with fingers in both pies. Zippy's more of the kind of company you call when that server over there can't go down any time for any reason whatsoever. If you need something like a 3.8kW monster of a redundant PSU, they can help you with that
Yep. Zippy is the company Delta checks under the bed for before going to sleep. Well... maybe not. I think Delta's a bigger company, and at least willing to do consumer builds.The only thing I really hate about Zippy is they never return my emails asking for review samples. They have produced some units not quite at the top of the game, but for the most part they have this server power supply business locked down. About the worst I've seen from them was Teapo caps on the...'re just about the OEM to beat in the industrial market.
The Raider's not really that bad, though. It's exactly what I would expect from an OEM whose entire bread and butter is just putting out good, cheap, reliable units that don't need to be anything other than "in spec."It's only terrible if you hold it up against some of the stuff you get from the OEMs who are looking to beat Zippy at their own game as far as performance goes, make their stuff quiet, and then sell them to the public If FSP ever comes around to that way of...
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