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Absolutely. Most of the time, any time power is applied to the unit, the primary side heatsinks are sitting there live at a couple hundred volts or more. Touch them with the power cord in and the switch on and you will get zapped. The main filter caps can hold a charge for a long time with the power disconnected as well.Any time I open a unit for a review, I'm always very careful to keep my fingers away from the primary side PCB traces under the board. I have had units arc...
Luck of the draw - any unit from any OEM has a chance at developing it, though some platforms seem to be worse than others.If it gets any worse, just RMA it. The RMi units are fantastic performers.
You're stuck with a decent PSU, not a crappy one. Yes, there are better units on the market, but that does not mean the RM units are junk that should be avoided at all costs. The current CWT built version of these units is actually pretty darn good for performance.If it does rated power, it's not overrated.
There is no ripple bug unless you get one of the first few on the market with the wrong PFC frequency, and even then you can't really call it much of a bug when ripple is still crazy low.
It's summer. We hit 33 today... it's coming down now, thankfully.
It's a Titanium unit... make of that what you will Actually I rather liked my G1. FSP did ok with that unit. EVGA doesn't have any real stinkers at the moment that I've seen so far... they're doing pretty good at paying attention to the market.I don't think they all are. Actually I can't say for sure any of them are because I'm not privy to that info. But those prices...Oh, I'm not running those screaming heat demons today. It's hot enough in here with just the mining rigs...
Sometimes people just don't want what everyone else is getting, and are tired of hearing the same names over and over. A lot of people have turned against Corsair for that very reason... somehow they're too successful, being recommended too often, and we can't have that now, can we?Saw that happen to almost every other big name out there. Before it was Corsair, it was PC Power and Cooling and OCZ. Before them, it was Antec. Before them, it was Enermax. It'll be EVGA...
I apologize if I've gotten the wrong impression. That's always possible, especially when it's eleventy kajillion degrees in here today.Now that is something I can agree with.
Your previous posts suggest an agenda against Corsair. I choose not to engage with that kind of thing.Heh - nobody in the industry outside the gutless wonder peddlers is that bad, I don't think. EA must have had to work hard to descend to that level.
I know. Other people seem to have no problem playing the greedy card though
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