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Yeah, I intentionally don't test at the 80 Plus loads because I doubt their loading patterns have any real world validity. They already have a 10 degree temperature window (23 degrees +/- 5 degrees) in which they'll allow a certification pass, which is ridiculously lax.Instead, I try for 10%, 20%, 50%, and 100% loads you might actually see happen and score on them in both hot and cold testing to make sure the unit really earns that certification.
Might want to tell my bank account that. PSU reviewing at does NOT pay my bills. In fact, I'm looking at having to go back on welfare soon if I don't get some income going from other sources.Tried selling my storm photography this year... that didn't take off and left me in even worse financial shape than before. My Zenfolio site is paid for until November, then I probably have to shut it down for lack of ability to pay for a renewal. Cryptocurrency mining...
Not a bad plan. The PCB is marked for up to 2kW, but that won't ever happen in North America, and the Leadex design is more than adequate (not to mention smaller) at lower power levels.
Everything up to the main switchers. Still not sure what's going on with the PFC section and only the one non heatsinked 30A bridge rectifier.
Mine was right on the edge. Better from a marketing standpoint to have only a few Gold units that hit Platinum than a bunch of Platinum units that only hit Gold.
Some seriously tempting prices here... might have to give one of those 290s a home next week if I can get some cash together. And we're both in Canada, so that's even better. Meantime, free bump for you!
If you ask me, they're at Corsair's gates with a battering ram right now. Nothing touches those SF Leadex based units of theirs for sheer performance for the dollar. Nothing. As long as Superflower can keep up with demand, EVGA's going to be a threat for quite a while.Won't happen unless the UL says the 1700 is ok for North America.The big MaxRevo/Platimax units were untouchable at the 1500W zone until that gigantic Corsair arrived. They are still far better values...
Really? Works fine for me at my other job. Worked at home too before I left.
Just a teeny tiny little bit - not enough to impact the scoring.Yesterday - you'll probably have to get it right at the Corsair site for now though. Not sure if any retailers have it listed yet.
I'm actually trying to remember to be a little more lenient on the manuals lately. On one hand lots of documentation is nice but then you get Silverstone units with manuals made from whole forests of trees. But on the other end of the scale you have Antec who doesn't actually seem to worry about good documentation all that much. Gets frustrating to open a box for a premium product and all you see is "here, we made you a photocopy of a product overview."Actually, that's...
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