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You might want to go check out the April reviews over there
CS series build quality is perfectly fine. Could do with a better fan in the 550W model, though.
Again, the OP will be perfectly fine. The CX500 is not some "blows up the second you ask for 300W" gutless wonder, and the (105 degree Samxon IIRC) capacitors will not light up like roman candles if you look at them funny. Are there better choices? Yes. There's no reason to get a CX these days when the CS series is better in every way. But are they pure junk? No. Not even close. That's my own opinion with 27 years in electronics and 8 years as a PSU reviewer talking, of...
Not in this case. The CX500 will do the job.
A little late, but... Newton is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics. I'd keep it, as long as the low 12V OCP limits don't keep shutting the unit down.
Not really, IMO.
I'm pretty sure I didn't. They took their time, did it right, and had no competition for a long time. That said, it would score differently today due to the fact that I am now scoring against those hard to manage ribbon style ATX cables. So, maybe a half point off the functionality score and that's it.It was the P2 1200W.
The -5V rail was dropped from the ATX spec years ago. No PSU since then has one, which is why that light never comes on. I'm waiting for them to kill the -12V rail too, but so far it's still hanging around.
I wouldn't hold my breath. I can't test 230V only units this size. Even if I could, the load testers can't load that much power.
I had to rescore down to 9.5 - had the wrong price on the review due to running on way too little sleep that day. It's currently $50 more than the AX1500i.
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