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Wow. I will not be buying this. Looks exactly like what happened to Sim City. It's a shame EA takes video games and destroys them.
I found this a little while ago myself. I thought it was cool to see where I had been. I keep my location services on, so I know that it sends back coordinates.
I am due for a clean install. My c drive is getting filled up. I might look into doing a clean W9 install if they do it right.
Maybe W9 will be my next upgrade. I need to do a clean install on my W7 rig, it's getting cluttered
40 inch seems a little big for me, especially since that's the size of my TV and I travel. I use 3 monitors, 32 seems like the sweet spot for me. triple 28 isnt that bad either.
I think that right now Microsoft is in a rough patch. By the looks of it (and this is just my opinion on the facts presented) they saw a threat in Apple and decided to try to mimic their success. They did a big reinvention of their products/attitude in a rush when they say they were behind in mobile. The reinvention was a "We know what's best for you, we sell you things and you will like it", much like Apple is doing.The poor sales of W8 phones, Surface tablets, W8 OS, and...
This is probably one of the least informed posts I've seen on this forum in a while...has to be a troll :/The architecture of both is so different. We don't have PS3 emulation for a reason
I never said they were? Saying one company does something doesn't exempt others from doing the same. I'm not sure what you're getting at here...
I expect Apple to turn around and sue in a month. I don't believe that can be trusted in patent reform or with anything to do with patents.
I wonder how "Massive" this boost really is? I enjoy consoles because they are easy but not getting games in 1080p is ridiculous at this point. (I can just play the game on my PC, with a controller, using the TV set. It's just not as easy.) I hope this "boost" makes it easier to get to a proper resolution (not 900p or some junk like that).
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