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Quote: Originally Posted by Syrillian Wow, Chewman! This case mod has more modding per square inch than just about anything I have seen lately: Integrated screen, Clear optical drive cover, custom LED mounts, custom electrical/cabling work, windows, holes, coordinating paint! you got yer mitts on every little aspect, and your initial vision and the final outcome are very close when compared side-by-side. Very nicely done. Yeah. This is modding! So...
Quote: Originally Posted by Papang Ahhh mi amigo Oliver, have you considered that MAYBE (might be a stretch) that of the top 3, you are the one without WCing? See what I mean? I can't see any WC in Whiteout?
Quote: Originally Posted by Frenkie Whats wrong with this competition-form? Well, simply said; If you can gather a lot of friends to vote for you, you win. regardless if you made a piece of junk or or a masterpiece. This happened to other competitions too, like Enermax. The guy which attended a university won by ' popular' vote. Ive seen the emails fly by where asking for votes was quite common. We even have a word for it: Vote-farming. We had...
Quote: Originally Posted by Papang Let's show Rad and the mods that we can fix things amongst us without any banning threats. BTW, being relatively new here, have there been cases of banning because of a tiff like this? an infringement maybe. A Ban is doubtful for that though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Frenkie Up and Away, Project µ.R.G.E, The Koru and Barrel Proyect are the ones here who should be on the stand. Sorry guys, but the rest dont have a clue what a case mod is. well, thats my personal opinion. Mod on ! even I find that rude. You're entitled to your own opinion. But if you're just going to insult other people, keep it to yourself.
some vinyl. palin black is boring. although maybe not so much on a Lian-Li.
no take it to an electroplater/metalworker/anodiser. prices are reasonable imo.
just get regular alu and then anodise it... after you've cut it down to size and whatnot. it's not TOO expensive and will look much better. Even if you do source black alu when you work with it, bare alu will be shown.
sleeve the 24-pin and it'll do fine; don't need a box or a panel. But yeah, looking great!
we wouldn't want to open up pandora's box now would we?
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