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Monitors in question LG UltraWideScreen, 29' 75hz/5ms Samsung Curved, 27' 60hz/4ms Both running over a HDMI cable currently, so the LG doesn't benefit from the 75hz by much, if at all.
Did you try plugging/unplugging the power cable or switch the newer cables out? Sometimes that's the cause, something on the monitor could also just be busted. I've had both cases happen to me over the years. (the power one happening last night on my new monitor) Also, does it support display port? Any other connection besides DVI? EDIT: Watched the video..Looks like monitor may be broken, what happened to the original cable? Any of the ports look damaged? (look real...
Finally.... A move in the right direction Microsoft. Now, let task manger monitor frame rates xD
Did you turn Sli off?I was trying to replay Bishock Infinite recently and for some reason the game seemed to run like poop.I originally beat this game on a HD5770...Some games are just developed poorly.
lol never played a game with a story that's better then oh let's say...Any of the A Song Of Ice And Fire novels...Don't kid yourself.
Total War Warhammer 2 isn't even out yet? Right?
Link? I'd like to see this.
Chrome has been acting up lately, was thinking about switching back to firefox...
I'm sure it because the Xbox One is running at 30fps...They don't want to give Xbox One X users an advantage.
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