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Woah....What, does this game look that good?
Knowing your settings would definitely help, I mean you do have a Titan X..You should be fine pretty much no matter what setting and resolution. MSAA is demanding though at higher levels, some games just don't blend well with AA. I think GTA may be one of those games.
Everyone still playing this?
I think resolution matters a lot in this game...I'm running max-no aa settings with a HD7870...(Max as in No AA / no advanced features vsync on)
I get 60fps, better graphics with a similar video card (PS4 has something a little better than a HD7850 inside it)
Looks good enough for me...I just want Battlefront already. Textures comparisons, games run great for me..I can easily get 60fps locked or if I want MSAA x2 / Reflection MSAA 2x I lock it at 30fps. Nearly everything on the highest settings...(except MSAA) / advanced settings Settings I prefer to use FPS 40-60
Does anyone know how the game runs on minimum requirements? 9800GT/HD4870 -Intel Q6600, Phenom 9850, 4GB ram? Basically a Quad Core with a GPU with 1GB VRAM and 4GBs of system memory, HD5770/GTS450 would be interesting to know the performance of as well. Wow, check this out.. HD5770 can run the game decent enough to play...+1 to Rockstar, I knew they wouldn't mess this up like GTA IV (still can't get that game to run well on my current PC...Yet it ran at 60fps on a...
That's great news, considering I have a mid range PC at best.60 - High - 1080p on my system? Perfect
Here's how to play online with other people:
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