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Windows 8.1 only needs more than 2gbs for extensive applications like photoshop, video editors..Use windows 8.1 on your pc, its not as bad as you think.
The GPU has different core clocks...
They have to upgrade the engine already..I think they should move on to Crytek's engine.
If the game is as optimized as Max Payne 3...I have no problems with any delay and a full $60 price tag. (It's a must play game)
Really? GTA IV ran on my e8400 @ 4.0ghz and a GTX 260 with 4GBs of ram at 40+fps, everything but draw distance maxed. Are AMD CPUs really THAT bad nowadays?
I haven't seen the game dip below 30fps yet...I think it's only certain systems that mess up. Everything MAXED out, every thing!
Really? I think the game looks fantastic, I wish it was on PC. I love Bungie's art style (long time Halo fan)
Despite the missing features: The concept of this game is to bring you backwards to The Sims 1 style of playing. From what I've played and read, it's still a great game. It's more focused on events that take place in your house and socializing. But, in my opinion The Sims 3 is better for a player like me. Going stickly for building skills, a house, a career and family.
They need to make a phone similar to the Nexus 5, perfect price to performance ratio.
Sounds like those games are poorly optimized or is limited by their API (DX, OpenGL) Isn't this the reason Mantle exist?
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