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I would have to agree. I've only read a few chapters of "The Last Wish" From The Witcher novels.
The only issues I've had so far was forcing cortana not to start like I usually would do, but when I did it this time the start menu stopped working..So, I just re-enabled it and it's fixed.
Agreed. I'm hoping for a slightly cheaper looking GoTs with less focus on King's Landing and more towards The Wall and beyond + Winterfell.
You probably just have crappy speakers/headphones. I can tell the difference between 128 and 160, and I think the reason is because I've had these speakers for like 8 years and they're decent speakers. + this sound card, that I've had for 10+ years.
I literally just told you to turn that junk off... lol Can anyone explain how could one mouse be faster at DPI X than another at the same DPI? With the same exact settings in the control panel, mouse acceleration off, etc.
Always make sure your polling rate is maxed out, unless you're having problems. It sounds like you have mouse acceleration on. It should look like this, your mouse settings in the control panel.Also make sure the mouse's proper drivers are installed and mess around with them to see if there is mouse acceleration on in there as well.
Have you tried turning your DPI down to 800-1000? Made sure mouse acceleration was off etc?Check out this guide then post back after testing / configuring your mouse properly.
Who cares if it's a year later if it's competitive? AMD's GPU department has what 1/5th+ of Nvidia's budget?
Try disabling "shadow cache" It gives me stuttering, even with a SSD. power management mode settings: "prefer maximum performance" in Nvidia's panel.
Suicide for Windows
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