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Bump..Please how to fix a HD7870.
That's actually quite impressive imo, not sure why some people are giving AMD **** for this card. It is in fact as good as a 980 in DX12. Weren't we promised a card slightly better than a 970 but slightly weaker than a 980? Knowing AMD, I know there will be drivers that hand out 5-10%.
A few people before the official reviews, not sure if the were trolls or not. How close are they in DX12?
Can someone show me a better card for $200? No? Used? So then it is a good buy? This thread has made me realize how insane some people can get...ZOMG NVIDIA > AMD, ZOMG IT CAN'T BEAT A 980TI FOR HALF THE PRICE?? JUNK!!! lol k guys. This video card is a great offering and more than worth it for the price.
Yep..That's probably it. Did he show volts/clocks/etc while running some games? I can't watch the video currently. Or did he just have charts already ready?I heard stock volts were 1.0087, but can go up to 1.3..Also did it show the fan's speeds? Anything below 60% is pretty slow for a stock blower fan like this.
I have never owned any video card that only overclocks 2%...Either 1. He's a moron and trolling 2. He's just a moron and doesn't know how to properly overclock. Why would AMD boost about their new overclocking tools when this card doesn't overclock at all..Not to mention there are MSI cards with a 1333mhz core clock...So imo he's trolling us. it may have 970/390 stock performance. (which is what I was expecting) But I was expecting 1400mhz overclock..and the 1333mhz...
delete double post Overclocks like a beast apparently, just not on reference heatsinks..
I did hours later haha, yea it's a great update. I can confirm much faster performance at higher resolutions..Currently I'm using a 550ti. 60fps in Smash Brothers Brawl all day, the NES and SNES classics are working for once now too.
No matter how these overclock...a 980/390x for $200 cannot be beat for people who still own HD7870/750Tis etc.
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