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I wish there was more screenshots of people's desktops in this thread.
Unreal 4 tech in action woo
108p/60fps( 90% of the time ) On my computer...I just have to set shadows to "High" instead of "Ultra"
Can someone tell me how to properly install these drivers?
Any benchmarks with FXAA yet?
50+ fps at Ultra on my HD 7870? Nice! Nice to see some games optimized well for PC...
Crysis 3, with SMAA 2TX is playable on my HD 7870. I think I only drop shadows to high, everything else is on Very High.
There's no way to play online anymore? The game is what...3 years old?
You can't plug a computer into a TV?
Does the game have FXAA? Any benchmarks with max settings + FXAA? Are the graphics really that good?
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