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I really hope Zen is the CPU to bring AMD back in the fold..
Could be great, probably will end up as bloatware though. I'm glad they're trying something new-ish though.
....Seriously that's it? Haven't we waited long enough? What's a viable upgrade for a HD7870 in the $200 range (which I bought in 2013)
It's the video card, I got a 9800ti from a friend (not supported in Windows 10 tho)So PCIE lanes are fine...Blind flash the video card or what guys.
Nope, I would say they're at default. 35% I would say. Just to clarify I did try the other PCI-E port with no sucess. I have a XFI Xtreme Music and PCI-E Network card..They seem to be working fine, I currently don't have another graphics card to test the PCI-E ports out. So I'm not sure if it's the video card or just the motherboard's PCIE slots. EDIT: Tried to flash with ATIFlash, adapter not found. What are my last resorts? I'm willing to test just about anything.
Yes, tried all of the above. It's a HIS ICEQ HD7870, I was moved my wi-fi card a bit while the computer was on and it shut off. Video card didn't work on boot up. Doesn't show up in device manager at all.
Fan spins, no video. On board works just fine. Don't have another GPU / PC to test the GPU / MOBO.
Whatever happened to mid range: $150-200(6600GT) $200-250(970/8800GT) Upper Mid range (980/800GTS):$300-400: High range (980t/8800GTX) $450-500. Ultra Range(TITAN/8800 Ultra)$550-600 For example.. 8800 Ultra 8800GTX 8800GTS 8800GT 8800GS 8600GTS 8600GT 8600GS 8500GT 8400GS all these cards WERE BEAST! A 8600GTS(960 would be more $100 expensive then what the 8600GTS launched for, just so you can put that into perspective!) and if I remember correctly beat every last...
How is that bad news? Now let's hope Halo finally comes home.
So DX12 is useless until the entire engine is based upon it? Kinda like how DX10 was useless in Crysis once we figured out how to put god rays in the config? Or are there actual differences, because from the games released so far..It seems like they just tacked a DX12 sticker on without doing any actual DX12 related optimization.
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