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What a stupid analogy. CCC is slow. It shouldn't be, I disable CCC on startup and open it up whenever I need to...CCC is the only issue I've ever had with ATI/AMD drivers. I've owned a 9600XT, x850XT, HD5770 and my current HD7870, on the Nvidia side I've owned a 6200LE, 6600GT, and a GTX 260.
I shouldn't have to own an SSD for CCC to open up quickly though...
I think Killzone touts Playstation 4's graphical power more than Uncharted 4 so far. Maybe Uncharted 4 is only using an upgraded Uncharted 1-3 engine?
Why no Xbox One or Wii U versions? Maybe they'll come out a few months after the initial release?
Super Smash Bros, Mario kart > anyone elseThere's a reason Nintendo can survive generation after generation almost exclusively on their first party games. You can be 5 or 40, and games like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, New Mario brothers will be pure enjoyment.
Sadly no.
The only issue I have with AMD drivers is CCC being insanely slow while starting up...I've owned a bunch of ATI and Nvidia cards over the years, one set of drivers is just as good as the other.
Neither Shadow Of Mordor, Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed looks better than Crysis 3. Crappy optimization confirmed? Or developers are just adapting to PS4's and Xbox One's architecture. (whicheveryouchoosetobelieve)
30fps, 1080p, similar visuals to Tomb Raider in certain areas, other areas Uncharted 4 looks superior...Overall, it's still looks like a great game. I wish Naughty Dog was PS4/PC exclusive. These games are more about story than anything else, game play still looks good enough to enjoy the story. Naughty Dog is one of those game developers where any true gamer knows you have to be an idiot to down talk them and what they've done for Sony and gamers. Some gamers don't like...
How well would a HD7870 run this game, and at one settings? If I'm going for 30fps flat (no dips please)
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