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65 programs installed, so my control panel says...Not. One. Single. Issue. Some people just tend to cry when they aren't capable.Several of the programs listed I have installed, and they didn't get uninstalled, and aren't causing any problems or crashes. (CPUZ, After Burner, Fraps)Yep, I'm a "sheep" because I'm honestly stating I haven't had any single issue with an Operating System? And you're not a sheep, even though you're more than likely bashing something you don't...
Works fine for me. Literally not a single issue since release. Most computer related problems are caused by human error.
It amazes me how people have problems doing the simplest things..There's probably something wrong with your install of Windows or you don't have .net installed or something silly. Installed on Windows 10 x64, HD7870...Everything works fine, installed the latest Windows update along side this.
I find it interesting how none of the problems "people" have been having with Windows 10 has happened to me.
Star Wars Battlefront 3 is the perfect game...If it costed $20. Compare this vs Counter Strike GO. CSGO was released at $15 and has tons more content. Battlefront 3 - 60+50...For far less content, let's not even get into the game play aspect here. ARK: Survival Evolved is also an innovate one-of-a-kind game, PC gamers aren't as "dumb" as console gamers. (no offense)
No software was removed from my PC after the update....Has this happened to anyone personally on here? Not even CPU-Z...
You did a fresh-install of Windows? If so...Sounds like the hard is going, make sure you try the non-beta drivers too...If it works, check temps + clocks to make sure everything is in order there. Also try Fallout 4 without the mod. (where did you download the fallout mod? maybe it has some malware inside the package)
If I can run the game with 2GB at Ultra..Shouldn't a 1GB card run the game at lowest settings? If not, horrible optimization confirmed.
Not sure why the HD7870 is the min..When im running this on Ultra(god rays on low) at 50-60fps.
Can someone let me know if there's any difference in performance for Black Ops 3. Thank you.
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