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Are you serous? Those units sold do not include digital copies sold over Origin, Steam. etc.+
Don't set it over 3, imo.
My current GTX 1060 overclocks to 4500 on the memory already. Fyi
This isn't that far from the truth tbh, as most of us know. (or I hope at least)
All hail AMD!
Make sure your TV/Monitor is plugged into the video card and not the iGPU. Your power supply may be on the fritz.
This x 100.
holy smokes the i7 goes up against the 8 core 16 thread? hahaha that's not even fair!
Again perspective people, 2500k released in january of TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN.Its not impressive, but its better late than never for AMD.[/quote]i7 6700k or better IPC + 6 cores + 12 threads for a similar price = impressive
your 2500k @4.5GHz = 1700 single thread Ryzen @3.7GHz = 1888 single thread 800MHz less but an 11% higher score. What's meh about that?[/quote] Yea that's actually impressive lol
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