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Yep, I'm definitely waiting it out. I don't want to be that guy who bought a 1950xt right before the GTX 8800 series came out.. (2006)
Can a 550w Corsair PSU support a R9 290 + i5 3570k @ 4.6GHZ?
lmao...That what I was thinking. "There's a 2GB GTX970?"
Yea...But I'm talking about a worthy upgrade.
My HD7870 is 2GB...GTX 970 has 4GB(3.5 effective) vs R9 390 with 8GBs of ram.
So...The only worthy upgrade is R9 390 / GTX 970? Would my Corsair 550 watt power supply even support that?
What if the next gen cards suck? lol
Which card can flash to a higher model? 380 > 380x?
Why not the 380x or GTX 960?
So which one do I get... GTX 960 vs R9 380x vs R9 380.
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