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This isn't that far from the truth tbh, as most of us know. (or I hope at least)
All hail AMD!
Make sure your TV/Monitor is plugged into the video card and not the iGPU. Your power supply may be on the fritz.
This x 100.
holy smokes the i7 goes up against the 8 core 16 thread? hahaha that's not even fair!
Again perspective people, 2500k released in january of TWO THOUSAND ELEVEN.Its not impressive, but its better late than never for AMD.[/quote]i7 6700k or better IPC + 6 cores + 12 threads for a similar price = impressive
your 2500k @4.5GHz = 1700 single thread Ryzen @3.7GHz = 1888 single thread 800MHz less but an 11% higher score. What's meh about that?[/quote] Yea that's actually impressive lol
For a comparison, my old i5 did better than I thought it would.
That's exactly how I feel with my 3570k.
If real..
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