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I just want to play online already...I miss Halo so much! I sold my Xbox 360 about a year ago, I can't stand not being able to play Halo 4, Reach and 3 anymore.
Why not just make the cinematic mod an official update...It looks way better than this "light" update...I mean this still is a nice addition to the original but nothing compared to CM11. Seriously why not CM11 - crazy character models for Alex...
I hope the game gets leaked soon.
They need to give us a trailer already...So there's going to be single player too, correct?
Can someone please explain to me why the last few COD games run worse than Battlefield 4 for most people? Obviously graphics and scale are nothing to compare...Also why the hell are their install sizes so large as well? And they trying to say their sound work is comparable to Battlefield's? Is that a joke......
I got it to load but at start up I get an error message saying "eldorado.exe = Entry Point Not Found (red x icon) The procedure entry point ConvertInterfaceLuidTolndex could not be located in the dynamic link library C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/ondemandconnroutehelper.dll.
The game just crashes...I used the exactly method it says.""What is it?Halo Online is (or was supposed to be) an F2P, russian, PC exclusive based on the Halo 3 engine. The game files were leaked, and now we’re modding the living hell aka THE ******* **** out of it.Where can I get it?Game files:!h90yjSaL!k68rgN0MGQyuSgPJ9Q2jcGvMd1IGHSeX7RhKC0PoyEwOR if that doesn’t work, here’s a magnet link (use torrent...
How do I download the game files? The mega link is down and I don't know how to use the "magnet" urlAnd I still can't download Halo Online through 4game...With the reversed engineered.exe
Did they mention the price anywhere?
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