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Battlefront 3: Odd problem, I think it's driver related. I start my computer - run Battlefront 3 @ Ultra -1680-1050 - 50-70fps About 15 minutes into playing the frame rate will dive into the 30s...and stay there until I restart the computer. Now, I can lower the settings to low and get 50fps again but it stutters...I think it's the drivers but it could be the game. Anyone else having similar problems with Battlefront 3?
Alright so after about a match of playing my frame rates just to 29-35...Instead of 50-70...Any idea? Maybe a memory leak?
Similar to my install size... >_>
Running the game at Ultra with 8GB + HD7870...50fps+ Random frame rate drops to 27-35 (stays around 30). Stays like that until I restart the computer. Driver issue? Memory leak?
Jedi Knight seriously needs a new game...At least Kotor fans have the MMO
Honestly, what's a worthy upgrade from a HD7870? GTX 970/ R9 290x I'm thinking is the minimum upgrades..
Most sites are saying a HD7870 has better performance...I bought this video card in 2013 for $200....This card costs what, $160? $40 more..3 years ago...*** IS GOING ON IN THE MARKET TODAY. No wonder I haven't updated my PC in years. No reason to on the CPU side, and my video card still plays the majority of games at high settings with 30fps+. (30fps is fine for single player)
Um, I'm still waiting for a New Jedi Knight so...Buzz off, let them give us that. (people STILL play JKA online to this date!)There's nothing more satisfying than force choking some noobie off a cliff into a lava pit.
What's the last game that really pushed A.I. forward the way HL2 / F.E.A.R. did back in 2004-2005?? Alien Isolation for A.I.?
Haven't had a single problem yet...Upgraded from Windows 8.1, didn't even do a clean install yet.
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