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Gigabyte Windforce 1060 3gb, Samsung memory.
Definitely not fully maxed but with mixed settings between high and ultra. I think you got it. 60fpsBy the way, how is this for my first run at overclocking my GTX 1060?
Just got the 3gb model, overclocked it already. Have yet to see it's temps rise above 44c. I'm glad I got this over the RX 470/480. Far superior card imo one is informative on this forum? guess im going with the 1060 fellas.
How far can I overclock on this card? Safe temps? Safe voltages. Will my i5 3570 @ 4.4 bottleneck performance? Will my 16gbs of DDr3. 1600mhz, 9-9-9--11 What should I upgrade next? Which games will graphically impressive me? Settings? What games cannot run at 60fps @1680x1050? No AA. Depending on if it's dipping below 60fps? Thanks for your time.
DOTA 2 does use Source 2 actually...Okay Valve release a game that actually showcases the engine's advanced graphics abilities.
Facts? The Witcher 3 > whatever game you think is better. Reviewers opinion > yours. CD Projekt RED's Witcher team > your designs.
You must be playing on easy.... Or you're just a biased Dark Souls fan *leaning towards this one, it's obvious at your blatant lie of an example*
I thought developers fixed this in like 2015.
Valve is going down hill, quote me. Linux sucks Gabe, get over it. Release HL3 and Source 2.0 already.
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