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I did hours later haha, yea it's a great update. I can confirm much faster performance at higher resolutions..Currently I'm using a 550ti. 60fps in Smash Brothers Brawl all day, the NES and SNES classics are working for once now too.
No matter how these overclock...a 980/390x for $200 cannot be beat for people who still own HD7870/750Tis etc.
No before and after performance charts? Pictures to show us what exactly is being rendered more accurately?
I played DOD:Source recently..Still tons of people playing, still a great game. So this should be good, not sure why Valve isn't picking it up.
as a HD7870..I'm more proud of paying $200 for a video card that lasted me 4 years..Playing games at High Settings still.
I have a 550ti..I can literally confirm they stop optimizing after a few years...No game after 2014 is playable at lowest settings 800x640. The card is bad, but it isn't that bad. Did a HD7870 vs GTX550ti test.In optimized games Hd7870 is like 40% faster..In newer games? Hd7870 is 75%+ faster
$200 video card..What cards have released for that price in the last 5 years...hmmm, yep. This is hell of a deal. I mean even the GTX 960 is more than $200 and it barely beat my 4 year old HD7870 which I bought for $200 in 2013.
I fried my HD7870, so I'm currently using a GTX550ti...I prefer AMD's drivers, not to mention the fact that this card literally can't run any games at decent settings past 2014 due to poor optimization from Nvidia. GTX 550 ti = came out in 2011 HD7870 = 2012. Only a few months apart, and yet the HD7870 (yes it is 2x as fast but I shouldn't be going from high settings @ 60fps @ 1080p to 800x640, lowest settings with 30fps, makes no sense. Yet if I compare the cards with...
Maybe a mod should move the thread out of the PC gaming section.
In theory, this would be a little better than a 1080GTS(lol)?
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