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DX10+DX11 were mostly boosting about graphics..This is about performance. Something we've waiting for a long time.Honestly, the first dual core came out in what..2004? We've been waiting for unified multi-core support since then.
IE hasn't been crappy for years bro...Hop off the bandwagon.
GTA V physics are better than IV? A lot of other people think other wise...I thought they over did the physics in GTA IV and that's why the game had horrible performance issues.
Wow, I don't think anyone has a right to down talk this deal.
UPDATE: Still randomly crashing after disabling Hardware acceleration in firefox. Checked temps, they're fine. So it's definitely software based crashes. (I'm looking at you BETA drivers)
I think why most people are interested in DX12 is because it takes a huge load of the CPU...There really hasn't been a huge step in CPU-based-physics since HL2...
I disabled it already, I'll comment back if it still crashes. It's not like every 10 minutes it happens, but maybe once every hour or so.
I never had this problem before...I'm also getting random freezes/lock ups. Any application, games, firefox, anything.
I keep getting random "Your video card driver has stopped responding" No overclock, not playing a game when this usually happens...Happens when I'm in firefox, watching videos, not watching videos....Buggy drivers are buggy, this is the reason I hate using BETA drivers. They always crash 10x more than certified ones.
The Witcher 2 is still really pleasing to my eyes...The Witcher 3 just has to be a bit better than that for me honestly. Skyrim's animations look HORRIBLE to me...Modding Skyrim is overrated. My 2 cents.
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