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Exactly the reason I decided to hold off buying a new i5.
For once, I cannot agree with you more. OP, now you understand why a lot of us do not buy EA/Ubisoft titles.EDIT: OP if you want a Star Wars game you can play online and have lots of fun check out Jedi Knight Academy and Star Wars Battlefront II classic.
So should I not buy that i5 8600k?
obvious typo at 3am is a obvious typo lol
I definitely welcome more 21:9 displays. (x64 Windows 10)"Test Server - i5 2500k 4.2ghz 1060 6gbBefore: 98 avg FPS, highs of 110/112After: 109 avg FPS, highs of 117"Someone's benchmark results of PUBG before and after this driver update.(
See if turning shader* cache off in Nvidia's control panel helps at all.
This could be great, and you don't need ADS for this to work...
I'm on an older build of Windows (pre Windows using 100+ processes no matter what) and this update ran fine from the start for me.
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