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Does anyone have a list of which popular programs don't work properly? Like Steam, Orgin, Firefox, Winamp, Windows Classic Player + CCCP Codec package, utorrent, fraps, also which games won't work.
Crysis 3 and Evil Within
Well I can say one thing: It sure is beautiful.
I've literally never bought a phone case for any phone I've owned....I wish they said it was necessary, because nowadays it is. I also never had phones break on me as fast and easy as my Nexus 4 and 5.I love the phone, everything about it. Besides how easy it is to break. Hands down the best phone I've used, just the build quality isn't what it should be. There had to be a reason it was so cheap, right? I knew they were too good to be true.
You must of played it years after it released then.
Nope, I'm saying Nexus's break too easily. I've had other Android phones last me years, and still work to this day.Like I said, I own both a Nexus 4 and 5. Both broke far too easily, one time from a two foot fall and another from falling off a chair....On to carpet...
The art style reminds me of Kameo on Xbox 360..Loved that game, wish rare would start making real games again.
How's the game play for this game?
*looks at broken Nesus 5* I bought two Nexus phones, and they both broke from falls from my waist...I'm only 5'8, a phone shouldn't break and be unusable from that fall. I will never buy a Nexus again, while they worked? Some of the best phones I've ever used, they just break way too easily.
I had zero problems running Dead Rising 3...Check my sig, I have a mid-range PC at best.
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