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Firefox user here, not once has this happened to me yet. I hope it stays that way!
CS:GO is the third one either way...CS 1.6CS:SCS:GOBut I think a new Counter Strike should be CS:2, It is using the Source Engine 2 after all.
I get drops to 200fps as well with a i5 3570k @ 4.5 and gtx 1060 3gb ocd, I thought this was normal though? Do you have multi-threading on in CS:GO? In CS:S I get a straight 300fps, all times. Fun fact.
What time does this start on the East Coast? 6pm?
Have fun streaming on Twitch with this CPU...
A modern day Intel e8400? Except multi-cored cpus actually matter nowadays...
Definitely going AMD in a year or so when this i5 is no longer good enough.
Is it fixed now that you gotten a new PSU? Or you're waiting on it in the mail or what?How were the temps?
Re-install Windows: Check Everything to stock settings, install the necessary programs to test your HDDs, Video Card, CPU and RAM. Run all said programs. If all good, check them all off. That still leaves...PSU, loose wires/maybe a screw came out and is shorting the motherboard every so often, etc. I think it's your CPU, either unstable overclock or it's overheating/or something on the motherboard is overheating. I have the same CPU, I try not to let it get above 75c. If...
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