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I think you would be crazy to upgrade from a d14 to d15, the difference isn't that notable.
In, this would be sweet in my ubuntu server! will pay for shipping
I'm pretty sure you'd need to write much more than 10GB/ day for the drive to last after 5 years, I'd say much closer to 100GB/day. The only people that complain about SSD's are people who don't have them.
Yeah it's fine. Why would they put them there if you couldn't use them...
an average UPS + generator will do the job!
if torrenting is the main cause of slowdowns, i'd suggest looking at a usenet service instead, I suggest giganews. You'll be able to download things faster with less effect on the network.
Terribly misleading title, the ban is only on the AT&T Iphone4 and AT&T Ipad 2. Both which are being phased out.
If a h100 pump fails and destroys something, it will be replaced by corsair. I doubt you could say the same with a d5 or 355.
Some of the INCLUDED dvi-HDMI adaptors that come with GPU's actually do pass through audio, give it a shot or google it.
I've had so much bad luck with the 6000 series that my next cards will be from Nvidia. To name a few of the problems, I used to own three 6970s Card number 1 died twice and needed to be RMA'd both times Card 2 started artifacting within months of buying it and needed to be RMA'd Card number 3 ran really really hot for some reason. (compared to the other two, it would always idle 10 degrees higher and be quite a bit louder) I sold all three and bought a 6990 ( At the time...
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