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Hello guys, now that the X299 craze has started I have been looking forward to move from Z87 to X99 as my Z87X-OC died last week... I can get both of these boards for sub 200$, but it's been a tough choice so far. I have read that ASUS boards have been quite poor in regards to QC for the few last generations while AsRock has been releasing quite more reliable/better overclockers as of late. What are your thoughts on this? I plan to grab a 6850k for this setup, along with...
Did any of you ever had an Aureal Vortex2 based card? The A3D HRTF audio in games like WON Half-Life is great! Yeah, Creative played the patent troll game 16 years ago and basically that forced them. into oblivion
Totally. I got a 1070 Gaming X about 2 weeks ago and I was amazed how the card gave very similar performance to the GTX680 Tri SLI setup I had at a point 4 years ago, whilst having 4 times more RAM, consuming like 1/4 the wattage, and being extremely silent. No microstuttering either.
Totally, this really seems like a no-go then. Are there still any relatively good performing cards on the market that happen to go at least for sub 200 (used/nib) whilst still having compatibility for driving VGA signals natively?
Hiya guys. I recently upgraded to a 1070 Gaming X and I was wondering whether if there was a chance my previous card could be brought back to life. Apparently the reference 780Ti I had been using till about 1 and a half month ago passed away after giving me a few shorts at boot up. I rememer it all happening like this..It all seemed to start with me taking out the card out of my system to work it all out a little cleaner (I had a PCIe x1 IDE controller whose ribbon used...
PM sent!
Was the card already sold?
Is my write amplification too high for the usage my 1tb 850 pro has seen? I set about 25% OP(715 GB free for OS usage) back in December when I first installed 7 x64 in my drive but I'm worried I might be wearing out my drive too fast.
I have a VG248QE (780Ti; Currenly using FW 344.75 under 7 Sp1) and I cannot manage to get it working either
Hi everyone. I recently got hold of an 1tb 850 pro which I left with GPT, 10% overprovisioning and installed Win7 and my games to and optimized according to Sean's SSD guide. I started running some benchies to see if my performance was on par with what could be expected for this drive and it seems the drive performs wonderfully under Sequential and 4k Read/Writes but on QD32/64 tests scores are kind of lackluster compared to other users having the same drive. Here is a...
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