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Hardline delay was the result of BF4 issues.
And the chant can be heard through the PC Universe.... $5 Game $5 Game $5 Game
I'm running 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 naively. No fake downsampling. We have confirmed this months ago. I spent $1000 the moment someone read the Samsung manual and it stated 4:4:4. Bought it home and confirmed it. There was only a handful of us back in March, and now 4K TVs has grown into the thousands. No imagine over the next year. AMD will not be too happy.
This thread wins the Rumor Mill. Congratulations.
Great idea!
Small studio needs funding so they announce it early. Big studio/pub has it's own money and can wait to announce it at E3. I can see why they should have waited, but game cycles take 2-3 years these days, so if they want to get PC2 out they have to start on it now. But people put their feelings into things and the reactions follow. AMD users have a good reason not to buy. I have a GTX 980 and it has ran smooth since I bought it three weeks ago.
I did make a choice without having to be asked by the browser. I chose to install Ad Block, that's my opt-out.
A lot of great packs today. Too bad I will almost never play them.
Thankfully you're retired staff. OCN is a better place because of it.
Because of HDCP 2.2 and certain clock speeds, I doubt there will be any good adapters even though companies claim it can be done.
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