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Lesson: Don't buy into promises.
I'm sure they put some kind of R&D into this. It's not a high school science project.
Who still plays Ubisoft games? They became dead to me over 8 years ago.
Machine learning, mobile and VR are great markets to get into, along with an established workstation and gaming community.With MS now bringing console games to PC, we will see people have consoles and PCs for gaming. That very attractive because discrete gaming should increase over time.I just think that if one falters like AMD, the other can't boost prices because a third will fill the void.Only in PCs we have two players, were many other tech sectors have 3+ competitors.
It's time for a third discrete GPU manufacture. Just another company that can put out products when AMD and Nvidia are resting. Only incompetence can allow AMD to wait this long to ship a competing high end product.
If someone is involved in an accident with their car and the airbag failed to deploy, does the driver has to take responsibility for their misbehavior, ignoring the flawed safety device?A person's behavior has nothing to do with a product not being properly designed.A car will crash and a phone will drop. If they didn't design the phone to protect against drops then do make it.My Note 7 was just fine but was recalled and refunded. I had two 6 Plus phones with touch...
Finishing a game these days is a rare talent. Leaving games unfinished lands you a new job, promotion or kickstarter stretch goal achievements.
That's more than what AMD is worth.
OK thanks. Let me know when the link is up.
That means the X part will be 12C?I'm not sure Intel is ready to do that.But if they do it under $1500, I can find a need for it.
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