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Corsair lost it's way a long time ago. The Obsidian Series cases, RAM, coolers and PSU were great. It's when they got into keyboards, headsets and other gaming stuff is when it spilled over to their core products. Every business has to make money, but when you attempt to cover everything possible, things start to share the same designs i.e. RGBs or case layout. I would keep the gaming and traditional component product lines totally separate.I used to have at least 4...
Thanks for the info
If I was on a military base or in some remote part of the world where good tech is hard to come by, I would get it.
lol wow
When buying panels this large, never go cheap. Panel variation and uniformity issues are magnified.
I'm thinking about getting this board to convert my large case into a workstation, and build a mATX for gaming. But, I can't see myself paying $500+ knowing that PCI-E 4.0 is coming next year. The bandwidth of the next WS board is going to be through the roof.
Just got it in. Weighs a bit but excellent quality. After 30 minutes of playing Forza Apex, went back to desktop and the breaker tripped, PC and internet remained on. Also for the first time I can check inbound and outbound wattage. Thanks again OP.
They can sell it through the Windows 10 Store. That should be enough of a walled garden to put their mind at ease.
Great to hear! Made in the USA means a lot. I'm coming up with a product idea and I aim to keep production in the US, no matter the production costs. It's more about making the impossible, possible and then others will follow. I see ten years from now you guys will replace many of the top US importers of consumer cases. I'm building a gaming mATX PC soon and it will be a Caselabs case.
Dear EA, Now that Xbox and Playstation games are making their way to the PC, bring Madden to PC next year and I'll forget everything you've done to PC gaming. We can start over fresh. Ok? Signed, WorldExclusive
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