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Could it be? Yes it is. my first Caselabs case! S3.
Now I would love to see a GTX 790 12GB (6GB per GPU) For ITX builds.
Maybe20nm looks like a headache.
FS: Asus Maximus VI Hero Z87 Great condition. No retail box box, but comes with all accessories. Final Price Drop: $130 Shipped - FIRM Heatware: WorldExclusive Paypal / Amazon Payments
Get off my lawn!Be sure to pick up your SS check on the way out.
Agreed. This looks useful.
Hell yeah. During my high school college days, I definitely would have made the trade for food or cheap clothes.
You can get a Lian Li or Fractal for around the same price and not have it turn your home into a Toys R Us.
Funny that their June story about Hawsell-E didn't have legs. WCCF is tabloid tech news at best.
This. But there are very few devs like CD out there.
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