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DK02 is awesome, but I would swap the legs out with IKEA legs. But the main thing I don't like is don't have enough depth, so I can't rest my forearms on the desk like on the IKEA Galant.
Nice, two things thoough.CLI see a V1 and V2, you should also do a V3 (fully loaded).Too bad the buyer can never get all the options from Amazon unless they add dropdown selectors.Add Amazon Prime? lol
You right! This is not for consumers.Titan Z are for fools.
I'll travel more before I'll waste time on a console.
The case is probably user reversible because of the centered window.
The funny thing is, people want pubs to keep old servers open, but then complain that they don't have enough new servers when a game is launched. I don't play any of those games on that list. Every community on that list is dead. It's morning on a Monday, there's more important things is rage about.
Maybe, so long as this doesn't hit the consumer market at that price. Nv will create a lot of headroom for ridiculous pricing next gen.
After they sell of the Titan Z samples, for retail:They can disable DP via drivers, increase production clocks, rename it the 790 Ti and sell it for $1500.
Yeah I'll follow on Twiiter. Don't use Facebook.
I think the TH10... means a new addition to the lineup, the TH10 already has a reverse option.
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