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It's hard to create a successful company these days without people with nothing to do try to tear it down. At least before computers, it was "easier" to identify who the enemy was and to personally go after them.
There's always a leak from the other camp that something better is coming and we should wait. I don't believe it until I can add it to my cart.
Never paid full price for a BF game, even on a pre-order.Are people that impatient not to wait for the discounted rates?
Agreed. Buying games at release is a waste of money. There's hundreds of games in many of our Steam accounts that we can finish before buying a new game. But, everybody wants the game that everyone is playing. To me, multiplayer games aren't fun anymore. Great singleplayer experiences like Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, GTA etc. are more enjoyable overall than dealing with developer and community frustrations in multiplayer. Devs tack on MP so that they can keep the franchise...
i saw this in a Will Smith movie....
Thankfully I only see this as a game, and not a platform to battle against the MS machine. Turn on, play for an hour or two, and turn off. Real life remains unaffected.
I rather Acer go than Toshiba
Nvidia Titan owners had it much worse.
I could be at the corner store for all I care. It's free, I'm downloading it.It's not like they have EA and Activison signed to exclusive deals. They are only releasing XBOX games on PC through the store. Not a chance in hell will you see XBOX games elsewhere.
Like in the Demolition Man movie?
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