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Just don't buy the game until everything is released or the game+DLC goes on sale for less then the initial retail price of the standalone game.The game isn't going anywhere so we can wait. Once the game industry realizes that people are not buying games day one anymore, DLC will stop.
My S-Frame always gets everyone to stop and ask, "What is that? It looks amazing."
I'll buy once this can mount in any orientation (case floor). can Live Chat CS on Origin in minutes.
Underneath all of that plastic is a riveted steel cube. Nothing game changing.The Lian Li also is just bringing back a design made popular by Cooler Master in the Stacker and HAF series.
EA needs to remake Madden 08 for PC...and do it again next year and the years after that. .
Valve doesn't make videos games anymore.
I'll pay $1000 for Pascal. Better than paying $1300 for two 980Ti's.
This will be a non-issue by Monday morning.
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