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PC World has full specs and benches. HDMI 1.4a is also stated.
Frosbite 4 will need to come before BF5. 2017 at the earliest.
We don't want to believe it. It's disappointing if true. That's all.I'm looking for the best 4K card, and AMD seems to always outperform Nvidia for less money.
This card is dead to me now. Maybe next gen AMD. I have a 4K Samsung TV and I need HDMI 2.0. 4K TVs are superior to 4K PC monitors right now. I'll get the ASUS GTX 980Ti STRIX when it hits shelves.
That's a good thing for Windows 10
Your the main TT apologist in every thread.I have nothing to prove or show to you here.CL wouldn't have taken a stance if they were wrong. Information travels, especially when you are in the industry.Keep apologizing for a company that doesn't care about anything of the trade they do business in.When you develop something that is groundbreaking, be sure to post it online so we can take your design or business model and do it cheaper.And as your company closes, remember...
That's good engineering by Porsche.TT didn't engineer anything here.They basically 3D printed CL cases.
Because they use the same functions means they are twins?GTRs have been AWD turbo sixes since the R32.We are taking about taking a Porsche design, removing the Porsche emblem on the car and replacing it with the GTR symbol.Nissan engineered their own vehicle to beat the competition.
There are so many differences between those two cars.They don't look, function or drive the same at all. All of which plays a apart in the price difference.
lolAllow me give a better comparison.The original Silversone RV01 used the same motherboard orientation as the Voodoo Omen case.People said Siverstone copied that orientation, but the case itself looked very different from the Omen case.I always liked this orientation and bought the RV01, RV02 and FT02 cases.When I saw the IN WIN S-Frame case, it used the same orientation as the Omen and Silverstone cases....but looked totally different from all of those cases. I bought...
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