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Not sure about this. Looks dated to me.
I'm going with a more toned down build until I buy my Broadwell Macbook Pro. TBH I really don't have a need for X99 right now.Definitely going with the lower TDP GTX 970s. I think a quality 360 can cool the GPUs and CPUs.Awesome. Post the number when received.
Very Nice Kripple! What did you use to mount the res to the case? I wonder who will have the lowest number.
FS: ASUS Maximus VI Impact Great Condition. comes with accessories and I/O shield, no retail box. Price: $150 Shipped Heatware: WorldExlcusive
Read at the bottom
Anyone else? If we can get 25 members that would be great. This will be a workstation build and a few parts I'm looking to buy hasn't been released yet, so this will be a slow build unfortunately.
Worse than NSA spyware.
New Cards Incoming:
Feels good to strafe jump like a boss again.
The E5-1650v3 and E5-2630v3 are nice chips. I picked the 2630v3 because of QPI, but both are great for the price.There's a big increase in price when going up to the 2650v3, at that point I would probably stick with the more overclockable 5960X.
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