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VERY NICE. But since I already have ITX, I'm going with a full size WS board for certain Xeon compatibly.
I would probably buy that because it's similar to a HTPC and Steambox.For towers I would go higher up the product ladder.
What?It's a game to play. Nothing more.
Was going Haswell-E but plans have been pushed back until next year.By then Gemini should come to light. So I'm definitely interested in what CL has coming next year.
ThisPC gaming is immortal.
Not going to happen, these will go into workstation cards first. Next year around this time we should see these on the gaming side.
I have the explanation to this, I sent a PM.
But why does IN WIN, who also sells in the US market, have three cases with the 90 degree layout?Silverstone isn't chasing them down about it. Not saying you guys should do it because I don't see the point, but I think there's a grey area.
Take all of the MS licensed games and move them over to SteamBox. MS should just focus on software.
This.Welcome back to PC Crytek.
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