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Well when it happens, the cost is going to be very high to run.But I can't see why someone that is sensitive to refresh rates would consider a 4K monitor for gaming.They're already turning down the settings, so the extra clarity from using 4K goes down a bit.From what I've seen of 4K in gaming, you don't see more of the game but the picture is a lot sharper.I thought 4K would give sort of a mini Eyefiniy width effect, but it doesn't. Still locked in the standard 16:9. ...
Nice, but too small, and still 1080p.That res is old news along with the games that takes advantage of the refresh rate, games that run on the Quake and Source engines.Modern engines with all of the DX11 features are very difficult to keep above 120Hz when going above 1080p. Either you'll spend a ton of money on GPUs or turn down the settings.Modern engines are made for todays 60Hz LCDs vs the Engines that where made during the CRT days.If your not playing Source and Quake...
Well then. I'll continue to wait.Thanks.
120Hz gaming locks people into three categories:TNLower resolutions/settingsHigh cost GPU(s)Pass
Is EVGA waiting for approval to make the 780Ti 6GB from Nvidia or is it an internal decision?If it's a Nv decision, then it most likely won't happen.
That would be a waste of money also. 295 CF has poor scaling, 10-20% increase in FPS at the most.But unfortunely for Nv, this card is $1000-1300 over priced. Anything south of 2K and I would have strongly considered it.
Not surprised.
I remember the first mod over at [H] Here we go again.
CC only. CS6 and earlier no longer receive updates.
Good deal
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