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Single GPU 4K is not going to happen anytime soon. More demanding games will be developed, and more GPU power will be needed in the future for 4K.Unless you're a CS:GO, TF2 or are playing games from 3+ years ago, don't count on a single 4K card until Volta Titan, even then an unreleased AAA game will cause it to struggle.
ADATA 16GB DDR4 2400MHz 4x4GB Part# AX4U2400W4G16-QRZ $45 Shipped Payment Method: Paypal, (Square) Cash App, and Chase Quick Pay
FS: MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2GB MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2GB - Great stop gap card for those that are looking to sell their older cards while waiting for the new stuff to come in stock, or if you just need a inexpensive card that does 4K via HDMI or Displayport. Excellent Condition All accessories included $140 Shipped with box ($135 without box) Payment Method: Paypal, (Square) Cash App, and Chase Quick Pay
BS meter at 95%
Buy one game and play it on two different platforms for the same price? Pretty good.
Watery eyes
Madden and a good version of NBA 2K for PC.I know sports is hated on PC forums, but these are the main games most of my console friends play.
Really? Do you know the clocks, efficiency, and overall optimization numbers of this new 6TFLOPS GPU?
980ti - 5.6 TFLOPSProject Scorpio - 6 TFLOPS with better (to the metal) optimization
For 1080p gaming it will be just fine.
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