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Gold Model now on Newegg: Non-Limited Edition
What if my rig is worth 3k? Is it still expensive?
I've been out of the CL loop since I've bought my current case. But the S8S is what I wanted all a long. Congrats to those that got one.
Well then. Sassanou, I should close the thread after that post. Incredible! What's the series number? Added Dfalcon5 #165 090517 #177
Added schulmaster Faried112 I need a photo of your case number HiTechPixel. Thanks.
Just received my 5930K. Now I have to buy the Rampage V Extreme.
Jaikose Added! Thanks for joining the club. Not a fan of the S-Box. The Black and Gold S Frame looks good, but a White with Black Trim would look even better.
This. I was getting ready to do something cool. Then...
Thanks Torqueroll1. Black and Gold - I much rather have seen a Black with Silver Trim or White with Black TrimThis one will not be a Limited Edition case, so if you want something unique Black and Red is the way to go.2. Yes they are from the top. With the video cards in place, there's no way to route cables to the back.It's fine from the top and easier to access. You will make your build difficult to manage routing the cables any differently.3. Depending upon your...
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