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That's good engineering by Porsche.TT didn't engineer anything here.They basically 3D printed CL cases.
Because they use the same functions means they are twins?GTRs have been AWD turbo sixes since the R32.We are taking about taking a Porsche design, removing the Porsche emblem on the car and replacing it with the GTR symbol.Nissan engineered their own vehicle to beat the competition.
There are so many differences between those two cars.They don't look, function or drive the same at all. All of which plays a apart in the price difference.
lolAllow me give a better comparison.The original Silversone RV01 used the same motherboard orientation as the Voodoo Omen case.People said Siverstone copied that orientation, but the case itself looked very different from the Omen case.I always liked this orientation and bought the RV01, RV02 and FT02 cases.When I saw the IN WIN S-Frame case, it used the same orientation as the Omen and Silverstone cases....but looked totally different from all of those cases. I bought...
That thing will take up a lot of space. Not sure though if I will buy one just yet.
Keeping it out of the US is the best course of action for now. Bit by bit, small win after small win.
The consumer portion is a small part of their company, if it takes a hit, they can afford to do away with it.CL has made Government grade enclosures for over 40 years, and until recently in 2010, decided to bring that level of quality to the consumer market.It was never their intent to create a premium case line, it was to bring a better quality, more flexible case to the market.Consumers who think in dollars and cents have a bunch of crap laying around their house because...
Caselabs procures contracts from the US Government and other agencies to build server and workstation towers.Recently, they have been pushing back consumer orders to fulfill their ever growing contract business, which is their real bottom line.If the nonchalant attitude towards TT copying their ideas is taken up by the community, they can easily pull out of the consumer market and make more money on Government contracts.CL cryptically stated they will do it as long as the...
Thank you
You clearly have an employee mentality.Try running a business to see it be reduced to nothing, because a large manufacture decided they can copy your product instead of creating their own.No fellow businessmen will tolerate this nonsense.
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