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Because of HDCP 2.2 and certain clock speeds, I doubt there will be any good adapters even though companies claim it can be done.
The GPU architecture has to support it.This is just a respin and evolution of the previous arch.
No. HDMI 2.0 is mainly for HDCP 2.2 compliance and 4K @ 60Hz.
Things have changed in 2015 with the affordability of 4K TVs that can do 4:4:4.TV makers are using HDMI 2.0 because of HDCP 2.2.TV's do not adhear to the same standards as PC monitors, so many of them do not have DisplayPorts.Samsung by far has the best large format 4K LED TV panels on the market right now and they're all HDMI 2.0.Many of us are not interested in the Panasonic and Wasabi panels because of overall quality issues.It just shows AMD were not paying attention...
I had a 290X and bought a GTX 980 for HDMI 2.0 to drive my 4K Samsung.AMD didn't have anything new for nearly two years, so of course I will go Nvidia, they have the features I need for my setup.When Fury arrives it will be dead on arrival for 4K TV users.
Limiting your purchases to connection type without first placing more weight on a monitor with high quality?An ideal AMD customer indeed.
Why do people kepp dismissing the high-end PC gamer?The Fury is a tiny fraction of all GPU sales to begin with. The tiny fraction of high-end PC gamers will buy the tiny fraction of Fury cards available.No one playing at 1080p needs a Fury, unless they are playing at 120fps+ and even then you can turn down the settings on a cheaper card if high fps is a must.A card aimed at the tiny fraction needs to be able to fulfill the needs of that tiny fraction, or they buy from the...
That moment when Steam shows you already bought the game.... I need to finish one game per month. RPGs may take a bit longer, but I can knockout a few of these FPS games in my backlog.
I'm going to take a wild guess why... The game is not finished.
oh ok
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