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Have you played the game?In MP, you rarely play as the USA. Mostly German, British and Hungarian forces. The USA is only a small part in this game so far.
CD Projekt RED, sell your soul to EA and you'll have all the money you need.
This is what I hate about controlled servers. The vanilla servers remain empty. 24/7 nonsense.I understand what people are saying about control, but many only host the most popular maps which really limits the BF experience.
Maybe expensive in your opinion, to others who are eating it up it's a negligible financial hindrance.
For travel, I'm not carrying anything Galaxy until Samsung repair the reputation. (Note 7 owner)Apple and Google Pixel for me. The V20 is like a cousin I really don't know but try to have a conversation with.
1080p TN Let's move forward please. Why is this still acceptable.
AMD really means, the first batch was rushed out to save face. Here are the real chips.
I would join the class action right after.Samsung would need to offer loaner (Note 5) or discounted replacement S7/S8 phones before they can do that.From what I see, Samsung is giving customers until 12/31 for returns to their store while carrier returns are unlimited.
The Axon 7 looks really good as well.
After this recall and the iPhone shenanigans (no headphone jack and a 32GB phone when they had a 64GB last year), why not give smaller companies a chance? ZTE, OnePlus, Huawei etc. have phones under $400. Pay cash for unlocked phones with nearly the same specs as the big brands.
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