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It was available for all of 5 minutes.
You think it's worst than the board nearly catching on fire?My Note 7 laughed at it.I've had MSI in the past, non failed, but I've had two boards from the Rampage series fail dating back to the R2E. Not paying for Rampage name again.
My RVE died last Friday, system rebooted then smoke came out of the PCB audio port area. Had to immediately shutdown the power to the office. I was hoping to keep it until the next big thing but it's a fire hazard now. Sending it in for RMA. Upon further inspection, the CPU pins nearly fried themselves and my CPU, but I was able to wipe off the burn marks and it works in my replacement board. I'll most likely move over to MSI for the remainder of the X99 life cycle.
Sounds like a plan.Smartphones have rare materials used to create the screen along with gold and other metals for the processors and pins.You will see these recycled parts in the S8 and Note 8. It's the reason why Apple is willing to do trade in deals for older models. It's easier to recycle than to mine.
I got a full refund on the phone and VR. I was able to keep the phone and two promo SD cards.
I'll probably get this now. My current RVE first gen went up in smoke. RMA and resell time.
I don't need it. TMo paid off my current N7 phone today and I still have it.Unless they don't try to update my EIP on the second switch, I'm staying with the free Note 7 replacement.I rather get a $250 discount on the S8 though.
9/10 is not 10/10One is silver metal and the other is a gold metal.Preach.
Note series is dead. I'm returning mine for a LG V20 or iPhone 7 Plus. I travel and I can't have this phone hold me up at the airport. It was a great run, destroyed by hasty decision making. Google making a Pixel phone is not good for Samsung either.
Samsung just approved the second SD card with the Note 7 replacement, using the S7 promo.
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