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Don't care about all that jazz man.I'm 30 now with buying power. If they can't persuade me to buy it's on them, not me as the consumer.I don't need to do anything beyond what I want to do, maybe if I was 17 I would take your opinion into consideration.
Just pulled the trigger. Couldn't wait for Monday. Bought it from Newegg's Ebay page, better return policy there. At times like this, not being married helps.
Second rate release timing and quality, receives second rate pricing.
I can't order until Monday. Silly weekend money transfer holds.
ASUS R9 290X DCUII Comes with retail box. Great condition. Price: $370.00 Shipped
Caselabs S3 PC Case High quality all aluminum case. Excellent Condition. Options: Extended Top Standard Side Window x2 2x120 top mount (not a drop in mount) 2x120 Flexbay radiator mount Power Switch USB delete Price: $200 shipped - FIRM Heatware: WorldExclusive
I use WP for the majority of my sites, but for certain clients I give them a simpler visual CMS. Certain themes are pretty complicated to navigate in the UI.I embedded a video link yesterday and it worked very well in Chrome, but in IE, Safari and Firefox is was a bit laggy or didn't work at all.
An actual hover tank would be crazy good.
I think the wind is pushing the tank across the ice, could be a leveloution feature.
Your making sense though. I do a lot of media work but not to the degree to get my money's worth out of a system like this.Most of the time I will use my gaming PC for single threaded apps or apps that take advantage of higher MHz.I'm impressed by the board.
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