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I'm seeing 2.1GHz numbers already at the [H] Face melting performance.
They don't need to cut it. NV only needs to do it disable the deep learning and compute features.Cutting the card would be cutting their sales, because 980Ti owners will definitely not upgrade until Volta if it happens.
GPUs decrease in value rapidly and are superseded by another GPU within months. Depending on the games and resolution played, the user will need to upgrade within 2 years.CPUs can be used up to 5 years before upgrading and higher core CPUs are generally purchased for work applications i.e. digital media and development.GPUs are seen as play items, while CPUs are seen as work items. Work items make money, play items lose money.That's why it's not wise to invest a large...
Do more research.Because you understand the video.
You got it right.The point here is, Volta is a better upgrade. Pascal is a refresh and people are paying premium for it.
This is why the forums are great. lol
The funny thing is, when they release the full chip Titan, they'll release Volta within six months, beating it with a $400 card.I would avoid the Pascal generation by all means. There are very few benefits for gamers.
This Async Compute is really tripping them up. Release it early before AMD releases anything high end. We could possibility see an early release of Volta next year now with true AC.I would say skip this card for Volta and HBM2. Pricing should comeback into alignment when AMD becomes competitive with Vega in DX12.I don't think so, but if you planning to go Maxwell Titan X SLI, I would just buy the new TX instead. Otherwise, get two 980Ti's on sale and skip Pascal until Volta.
There are no reviews of cards at 144Hz for a reason.Please don't use framerates not achievable above 1080p with a single card for any comparison.Framerate whores are never satisfied.
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