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But Quake is crack.
Tmobile asked me a few questions and told me to keep it and a replacement should be here by months end.If the government holds them up, it sucks for those that turned theirs in. Obeying the recall is the responsible thing to do though.Many of the reported fires happened to people within seven days of ownership. So if you still have one and it's cool to the touch when charging or using it, you can wait for a replacement.Edit. Just received official word from Samsung:
People drive death trap cars everyday. There are recalls for airbags, brakes, fuel systems and batteries that will kill if that person has a car accident.People keep driving their cars because they have to make a living. Everyday millions of people take that risk. Let's not get started on medical drugs that kill.It's because this is a phone, people are making it out to be a huge deal because it's a product you don't need to survive. There are bigger fights to be won.
60%? Challenge accepted. Get the replacements out the door.
One of the best laws I heard of being passed in a while.
You think it's about haters and people telling other people how to experience their PC. Wrong.Corsair changed the PC market forever with the 800D. All black wires, rubber grommets for cable management, matte black paint, simple rad installation, hotswap with black PCBs, simple 5.25 latches and the list goes on. High quality stuff. I have one in my photo gallery, filled with OG Cosair components. The first crowd you attract is the crowd that supported you when everyone...
Corsair lost it's way a long time ago. The Obsidian Series cases, RAM, coolers and PSU were great. It's when they got into keyboards, headsets and other gaming stuff is when it spilled over to their core products. Every business has to make money, but when you attempt to cover everything possible, things start to share the same designs i.e. RGBs or case layout. I would keep the gaming and traditional component product lines totally separate.I used to have at least 4...
Thanks for the info
If I was on a military base or in some remote part of the world where good tech is hard to come by, I would get it.
lol wow
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