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RAM prices is the main reason why I'm waiting. I need about 32GB of DDR4 and that's too high when adding everything up.I could go back up to Z87 ATX, but I really want to keep my ITX build for the D-Frame Mini, which will be for gaming.But who knows, some thing could happen sooner than later.
The case is larger than my FT02-WRI case I had.But the weight of this case is substantial. In the box it's light, but out of the box it feels like an anvil.No build pics for a while though. Not going to build a X99 PC until late this or next year.I got the case now because it's a limited edition run. Otherwise I would have waited.
The S-Frame
Highest quality case I ever seen. It's incredible what IN WIN has created.
Early delivery today
I welcome The Matrix in 4K.
Far from wealthy. I had PC parts of excess that I could do without and sold them, which paid for the case.
Shipped. Oh Boy
Here's the case with a Rampage IV Black. how much space is left? You can fit a 2P board in there also, just like the review you posted said.
The Rampage is not a true E-ATX board. It falls under SSI-CEB which uses the standard ATX mounting. It's only slightly wider. You can always tell the width of the motherboard you can install by the depth of the motherboard tray itself, not the mounting holes.
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