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What do you mean? That's just an CGI trailer or tech demo. No way that was real in-game footage on PC for W3. /sarcasmDo you think those patches were because the PC version was polished before released? They turned on features that were present in the game files that the community found. There are still more features that are turned off in the game files purposely.
Hey, them not showing a game until it's ready isn't going to stop me from enjoying my life in the days leading up to the big reveal.Besides, if they show something now, it will not be what it will look like in 2017.
Hey sir, without consoles this game wouldn't be made. It's all about the story, duh.I can't even be serious...
They showed us the PC version in 2013... ...but now it's time to make the console version.
Yes, but it would have been far less to acquire i.e. wireframes, also they wouldn't have stolen what people have already paid millions for.It's one thing to obtain assets from EA in developement, but it another thing to obtain assets from what the PC Community has paid for. I think the latter is a bigger deal.
That's what happens when a game takes too long to be released.People will get impatient and find a way to access the content earlier, either through pirating, hacks or mistakes by the devs themselves.
I highly doubt we would be missing anything if it didn't exist. PC gamers have massive backlogs of games we bought 2-3 years ago and still don't have the time to play them. Game devs think people just want the game to be released, so here ya go...a game, and here's 10 patches over two years and it's still not fixed. But it's now time to buy the next installment, and we promise, this version will be better.I'm not apart of the "just release the game" crowd.
But why does it take so much GPU to run? Why patches after launch needed to increase/correct performance?I think they didn't optimize the PC version at all, and figured patches will resolve issues over time.Patches are standard practice to give PC gamers the feeling like the dev is doing something, when it was on their To-Do List during development, but decided to do it after launch.
About 10% less performance for about 30-40% less than a Titan X. I still say the TI is the better deal.
They just got around to optimizing the PC version, .....after launch.
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