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I said the same about the GTX Titan. But that sold very well.Funny how people will pay more for a slight increase in FPS.
If you touched an S-Frame, you will immediately forget about any other case.
I'll add you V3GA. Great number, I was hoping for one under 100 also. This case is a pending heart attack to work in. After spending this kind of money, every screwdriver slip and mounting error makes me think I scratched the finish.
lolI sold half of my PC build for this case. Couldn't miss out on it.I looked at the parts and said, "I can buy them back later."
S-Frame Owners Club
My S-Frame #106
IN WIN S-Frame Owners Club E-ATX / SSI-CEB / SSI-EEB is supported, but will cover up a portion or all of the cable management lower section. Members Cheese Cake #159 Red/Black WorldExclusive #106 Red/Black V3GA #031 Red/Black Kripple #027 Red/Black xnikx #199 Red/Black Juthos #239 Red/Black unknownsolo #003 Red/Black Client Build TBA #140 Red/Black TheWraith #303 Red/Black Terroristwrist #138 Red/Black torqueroll #500...
I didn't want to open the thread because I don't have the time to maintain it. When it does open, I'll be glad to add #106 to the list. There's only 500, and you're not going to find something like this for a long time. IN WIN may come out with additional colors, but not as slick as red/black.
RAM prices is the main reason why I'm waiting. I need about 32GB of DDR4 and that's too high when adding everything up.I could go back up to Z87 ATX, but I really want to keep my ITX build for the D-Frame Mini, which will be for gaming.But who knows, some thing could happen sooner than later.
The case is larger than my FT02-WRI case I had.But the weight of this case is substantial. In the box it's light, but out of the box it feels like an anvil.No build pics for a while though. Not going to build a X99 PC until late this or next year.I got the case now because it's a limited edition run. Otherwise I would have waited.
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