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Well see small pascal first then the big chip later. Next year is for the early small chip adopters. I'll wait for the cut-down Ti big chip in 2017.
ASIC Pricing = GPU DLC No longer can you pay the standard price to receive a great product. You now have to pay more to receive a better version of the same product.
Price based on ASIC? That's right up there with DLC. Lame
If you're not criticizing, then why make a comment at all?No criticism but....Your one of those type of people. Tell people don't take it the wrong way but say the wrong thing.
Why not allow people to make their own choices? No matter how stupid you think they are "in your opinion."
No job is a safe haven to provide for yourself until you decide to retire. The days of being on a job for 25+ years and pension plans are long gone. Develop an idea, incorporate yourself and sell your idea to others. Too many brilliant minds working for corporations.
That's how your wallet or opinion works.Many of us are just fine paying for what we want.You don't really want something if you're asking for a discount.
You think 16nm will be ready Q2 2016? You think Nvidia will go with 4GB HBM?It doesn't make sense for them to release anything less than a 16nm HBM2 8GB top card next year.
Nvidia will get a Pascal card out next year well before HBM2 is released.Then when supply is ramped up, release big Pascal with HBM2. Nvidia fans will pay to upgrade to it.More so than HBM2, 16nm will predict when the next cards will be released.
Nvidia can release GDDR5 in 2016 for small Pascal and HBM2 for big Pascal in 2017. AMD can use the first batch in 2016.
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