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I am having troubled getting this to work with deadspace. I have the origin version and have set it to origin with a 90 fov and have unable the fix in game. But field of view always reads 0?
Well what worries about my purchase is i hear alot of guys saying flick shots dont seem so easy with the DA 2013 due to the smoothing thats present in the DA 2013. That is what i read.
Be nice if someone could prove smoothing was present with the mouse as i like the looks of the new DA. However i wont go near any mouse with anything like this.
I am suprised alot of people have the DA 4g with the smoothing. I was thinking about buying one until i heard about that. Why do razer always **** things. Why would you want smoothing for gaming. Is the zowie EC1 evo good? Its looks and sounds good.
It doesnt feel smooth whatsoever. Even with all the settings correct or toned down. Even at 60fps. Compared it to other games and movement is clunky. Just my experience.
For anyone who has played the alpha build. How they sorted out the clunky accelerated movement? BFBC2 and BF3 just dont feel fluid with the mouse which put me off. Has this been addressed or does it feel different on the BF4 alpha?
Will we need an 8 core cpu to be able to play the next gen games at max settings? The PS4 and xbox has an 8 core, all bet not that powerfull, but i hear the pc always needs to catch up.
Lets me honest PSN services isnt that good, So if paying for it improves the services then ok.
Surely the flaws shouldnt be as much now. Games should run smooth on good hardware, and this microstutter its about time these companys combated it now.
Can anyone tell me why the geforce titan is so much money and is slower than the 690?
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