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I don't think there is much of a tactic besides having a highly developed/excellent aim and DM'ing a lot.
I thought wots was better, the game was still being figured out and games were more intense.HOTS has longer games that are more drawn out and boring.
I don't think so, if it's the only one than it's probably worth that much and I have no doubt's that there are CSGO players that have deep pockets. EDIT: If I were him I would have sold the skin ASAP as well. I'd be worrying all day about the people trying to hack into my account knowing that I have said skin.
6 hours isn't that bad considering how long Eneloop's hold a charge for. If you don't push them that hard you can easily get 4-6 hours+ of shooting with a set of 4 in a Speedlite.I tend to push my flash's though and shoot at 1/2 to full power and one set will still last a whole photo session (normally 2 hours of shooting) which is really good for AA's.Now if I were shooting everyday or using say 3 or more speedlights at a time than one of those chargers would be a wise...
The guy that managed to open the case with that knife in it is lucky lol. That's a year's worth of pay for a lot of people just for a skin.
Wow what a waste of money lol.........I wouldn't even spend $1 on that skin.......skins just seem pointless to me and some are actually distracting to play with.
$50 for a battery charger seems over priced. You can buy 16 AA Eneloop's for that much and the Eneloop charger. I'd only see something like that being useful if you shoot 30-40 hours a week.I'd just suggest charging using the stock Sanyo/Eneloop charger that comes with the 4 pack. I know that 4 AA's take about 6 hours to fully charge after being fully used with that charger so in 12 hours with two Sanyo/Eneloop chargers and two outlets you can charge 16 batteries no problem.
Yea I can't use and don't use AF anymore. I gave it up as I find Manual Focus much easier and when using AF your limited to "the af box" and having to recompose. Maybe in 10 years or so an AF system will be released that is as good as the human eye but I doubt it.
The YN560II is a really good choice, I've been using the same one for almost two years. I'm looking to pair it up with 3 more YN560III's for two more stops of power though as a single YN560II doesn't cut it in some situations when shooting on location through a modifier.
A small tip for players having trouble with their aim. In my experience using a lower Resolution and using 4:3 vs wide screen = Easier to Aim and much higher accuracy + smoother mouse movement to boot. I switched from 1920*1080 to 1400*1050 and I went from bottom fragging most matches and having difficulty with my aim to practically getting a 5K:D ratio on all of my matches afterwards. Mouse movement also feels much smoother when there's less pixels to work with.
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