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I don't know about that. I have a great grandfather that likes his beer room temperature room and hates it cold. He drinks the cheaper beers like Coors Light, Budweiser, and his favorite Old Milwaukee or Paps Blue Ribbon. He told me after about the second beer you don't notice the taste anymore and he drinks 12-18 on a daily basis and to him they taste great so to each their own.Yuengling is not that bad either though from what I've heard, he drinks that warm as well too.I...
With Coors it is also associated with Alc Content.Coors Original aka Coors Banquet has a 1-2% higher Alc Percentage the last time that I checked.
Sounds good, I'd be more than willing to play with you.Feel free to add me, Steam username is currently "Sovern - Looking For Team".I'm located on the North East.
I remember Kirby having some difficult points on the N64 version but I think that you're right and that overall it is pretty easy.Looks like I'll be getting Mario Golf or Mario Kart 7.
Anyone here know the best way to find a team? Within the last 10 matches I've literally been top fragging with a KD:R ratio around 3 and I end up with grievers on my team, foreigners, or people that just don't play well. I'd like to find a team of players that are serious and want to play with a goal of reaching the highest level of play eventually but I don't know where to go. Back when I was playing CSS IRC was the way to go but IRC is pretty much dead now.
Mario Golf and Kirby both look like they will be good. Trying to decide between which one I wan to get though. Does anyone have any input on which game will more than likely be difficult? It's been a long time since I've played any Kirby games.
I wouldn't get any of them personally. As someone that has used an MX518 and a cheap Intelli 3.0 and now a $10 mouse the best mouse to use is the one you are used to.I'd look into the MS optical on fleebay though. You can find one for $20 with free shipping brand new and they have perfect sensors and very nice ergonomics.I've read that the MS Optical's are good for palming or claw.
I use 1.8 sensitivity at 1000dpi with a $10 Logitech M100. Nver had a problem with aiming, it's the perfect palm grim wrist aiming sensitivity for me. Anything much slower and you have to look with your arm and it becomes harder to pull off flick shots in my opinion. One of the best aimers in CSS used a very high sensitivity, he was a Swedish player that played on CoL (forgot his name) but I think it was zet.
7-10% is still very low though if we're talking two 12oz cans. Coors light isn't too far behind and that's a very light beer.I think craft beers are more of a hipster thing than anything though. There are many things out there that taste WAY better than beer if someone is only going to have 1-2 drinks. Sparkling fruit drinks come to mind.
I agree, I have never heard or seen a guy that only drinks 1-2 beers......those that say they do remind of those guys on the show COPS telling cops that they only had 1-2 drinks when they really drank a whole lot more than that.Most people drink to get drunk, after 1-2 beers you don't even notice the taste of the beer anymore so it's irrelevant.I don't even see the point in drinking 1-2 if that's all someone'd be better off just drinking something that tastes...
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