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Personally I'm a hunt and peck typer (although I have each key stored in my muscle memory so I don't need to look at the keyboard while typing.) I'd benefit more from a keyboard that has much larger keys. Sometimes when I go from one unit selection to another it takes longer and I might miss the key a couple times a match since the number keys are so small. That can and has cost me games.
I'm currently running a 5-6 year old GTX260 216 and am quite happy with the graphical power that this card has. However, I was disappointed when I bought State Of Decay (A game I'm very interested in) and found out the GTX260 does not support DX11. With that being said, I'm looking for a card within the $150 range, preferably an Nvidia card since in my opinion and experience their drivers and support are superior to AMD/ATI's. I'd like to have a card that is at least...
Wow, the graphics in that game must be out of this world than. I was looking into getting a new GPU but just so that I can play DX11 games (probably going to pick up the 750TI). From what you know would a 750ti be able to handle The Witcher 3 at 1080p even on the lowest settings?
Nice, I'll probably preorder to get into the beta then.The idea that tournaments will be built into the user face sounds really nice as well.You use a mechanical keyboard right Doom? Have you heard of any mechanical keyboards that had keys that are larger in diameter? I'm thinking about getting a mech keyboard but want something that has keys that are easier to locate (bigger).
What games are you guys playing that requires this much graphical power? I'm just curious.
I just started playing SC2 again and I forgot how much I LOVE this game. It's the perfect blend between strategy, mechanical skill, and quick on your toes thinking.I haven't been following any specific builds but you can really overwhelm the heck out of your opponent dropping mines early on followed up with general medivac drops while building up for a big push.I feel like Terran is still really strong when playing this way (aggressive early drops all over the place...
lol no way, I only made it halfway through TW1 before being bored to death. The combat/game is too easy and felt like a chore. I heard TW3 involves a lot of reading (in game stories) which sucks.
It may be impossible for us to come in contact with other intelligent species just by the way the universe was programmed or just "is".
It's a masterpiece if you like reading books and playing games that are easy lol.
The Witcher 3 is a boring game in my opinion though. The whole Witcher series sucked in my opinion.
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