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FF and MSC can be burned up while you're on two bases and play aggressive. Also, opening gas first hellion banshee denys any fast third from a zerg. There's nothing all in about getting production up on 2 bases and playing aggressive. If I lose a battle with my units I'm normally sitting on 3 bases , 12 raxes, 2 factorys, a starport, and double upgrades by that point. Also, you can stop them from taking a third by attacking on NA servers because even the best NA players...
The deagle should have a scope like in CS 1.3. At least one pistol should have a
You mis comprehended by post.I would play 2 base and would deny the Protoss's/Zerg's/and even most Terrans third with a heavy emphasis on army production while on 2 bases which would lead to me winning games before any of the people that I played against got their third up.I might be on 3 bases when I win but most players play very greedy with an emphasis on getting 3 bases fast where I was playing with an emphasis of pressuring on 1/2 bases while building up a huge army...
I was playing as Terran.2 base is still viable vs Toss, on shorter maps you can force overcharge's and play aggressive even taking them on out 2 base.Vs zerg I was able to win using a heavy 2 base marine/tank push and vs terran a 1 base 1/1/1 into expand won me most tvt's.I'm sure that with good enough micro those builds alone can take up tp GM on NA, especially considering NA GM isn't considered that good on the pro scene.
Made it to top diamond without much trouble but have no intention to continue playing. I just don't get the same satisfaction out of this game that I used to before it started to die off in NA. Also, I'm pretty much convinced you can play WoL style aggressive 1-2 base style up to GM on NA server.
Looking forward to picking up Shadowrun Returns + the DLC.
I find playing SC2 to be therapeutic especially 1v1 matchmaking. It never wears me out. A few years ago I was up to about 40-50 games a day. Right now I'm at about 20-30 on a good day.
I was struggling as well until I realized that widow mines > than siege tanks for the most part.Once you start to replace siege tanks with widow mines in all matchups besides TvT your win rates will go up.Also, 2 rax on 1 base still works against protoss. It forces them to use overcharge and you can hit timing attacks just like back in WoL.Aggressive play still works really well. 1/1/1 TvT, Hellion expand into widow mine marine/medivac TvZ, and heavy aggression with MMM...
I've been playing a lot lately and steady as well. Already about hit my goal for the month though, within about 4 days I went from silver to plat and am now beating top diamonds. Next goal will be to hit GM level by end of July. T feels a lot more powerful now with widow mines, they help a ton in TvZ.
Repetitiveness can be good in some games but in D3 it's all right/left click spam and a few ability spams and that's about it.
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