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you use half inch thick plexi? for what?
subbed. got a link to those corner brackets youre using dwood? or did you make them? if so could you post a zoomed in pic of one? thanks!
thats awesome, wish i wouldve seen it like 4 months ago. might try to snag one sometime and see how it compares to my double 620 setup. can you post a link to where you can get it? also repped you.
the case looks awesome man! im so glad everything worked out for you. i actually just got my panels in the mail today, and am really hoping my assembly goes as smoothly as yours did. also, did you ever get that H60 bracket i sent you? i wonder if it got lost in the mail...
yes some people have. i have had this PSU for at least 2, maybe 3 years and have run my gaming rig on it all the time. the ONLY time ive had the chirping people talk about is when i am running both prime95 AND furmark at the same time. as long as you keep the power draw reasonable it should be ok. ive seen people run an i7 and a 680 on this psu with zero problems.
pump and res are visible better on like page 7? you can barely make out the pump behind the gpu in the 2 pics on this page. theyre located right between the mobo and the front rad.
i gotta say, evey time you say you might rample on, or you dont know how much detail to share, or you feel really proud of solving one of the many problems that arise, i know exactly how you feel. we have almost the exact same principles and ideas, but they manifested in very different ways. i too was aiming for small, minimal, cheap, simple to produce, etc case that didnt skimp on cooling ability and ended up with a slightly similar monocoque (or as i called it,...
yeah the default is just 92mm. 120mm is taller than a video card but he can definitely make it that size if you want, the fan will just stick out past the video card so make sure you have the room for it.
can you post some pics of your vrms with the heat sinks?
i believe theyre meant to go on the backside of the card to protect your pcb. you dont want to be spinning those nuts around and chewing up the back of the card.
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