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Does the .exe show up at all in the Task Manager when you double click it? You might also check the event log and see if it has reported any errors
What motherboard/CPU are you looking to use?
It's really hard to say. I'd reboot the computer and see if you can repeat the error. If it does happen, make sure to jot down what errors you get. If you can't repeat the error I'd say it was just a random error.
I'm still not sure how the fact that this is a game engine means that it should inherently be easier to write parallel code for. There will always be the heaviest thread that takes a certain amount of execution time and the only thing that can speed that up is a faster clock speed. Also I disagree with what you consider "proper code". Proper code is code that does what it is supposed to do.
Writing "proper code" is not the issue. Certain processes are inherently serial and much much harder to split up into parallel threads. While more and more is being done to offload stuff into side threads, sometimes you just need a faster clocked cpu.
Windows 7 should be fine, as I imagine that Server 2008 R2 is supported. I've always used my similar system with Linux OSes so I can't say with absolute certainty. I've maxed out my system at 16 GB and I think I did it for around $100 a year ago
First off, do you have a link to the fix you used? I'm also assuming you are talking about Adobe Flash Player?
the E5450s will handle pretty much anything better than that C2D. The core count won't matter as much but the bump in clock speed and cache will help. Personally I would run any flavor of linux on the box; Linux Mint offers a nice set of features and the UI is nice. However Win 7 would work just as well. I would not bother with Server 03 for what you are using it for. The other thing that could help tremendously would be running off of an SSD. But more than anything, I'd...
I've used VLC to play over the network in the past but since using Plex I'll find it hard to use anything else. Especially now that it supports Chromecast. As CAHOP240 said, the Plex Home Theater program is very similar to XBMC and is a great dashboard for an HTPC. I should also point out that with Plex you can stream your library to any iOS, Android or PC with an internet connection, assuming you have a decent upload bandwidth
This, make sure you aren't powering the motherboard. Also the fan on your PSU will not spin unless a certain temperature has been reached, which is ok.
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