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Link: Similar performance to 250GB Samsung EVO. I think it has a bit better random write, actually. Use coupon code KOD118006 for extra $10 off the normal $139.99 price. -Rob
How on Earth did I miss this deal... sunova. Green with envy, guys. Super green.
Unfortunately, it looks like it's gone up $10 since OP. Now $150 after MiR.
Yeah, that's quite tempting, actually. Been looking at making a tiny gaming PC for when I visit friends, and I don't want to drop the extra $$$ on a laptop -- a non-upgradable laptop, at that.
Seems useless to me (not the deal, the drive). Why not just get one of those tiny 1TB mSATA drives for about 1/2 that and put it into an equally tiny USB 3.0 enclosure for a little more. Difference in size would be negligible, and you'd have infinitely faster write speeds.
Synopsis: Artem R. Oganov, professor of theoretical crystallography in the Department of Geosciences at Stony Brook University, and team have created various salt compounds that defy the octet rule, allowing for NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl, and Na3Cl compounds -- long thought impossible. Even stranger, once created, these salts are permanently stable and open up doors to a whole new host of exotic materials. Source: ...
Okay, but I'm not quoting anything. The synopsis is my own. Also, the source is linked in my synopsis already, but I'll explicitly label it as "Source" in the future if that's preferred.
Here's the original announcement of the research results: And the findings will be published in the next edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which I think is already up for viewing.
Hey Everyone, So, I have a bunch of pre-made cables at work. A handful of them have broken connectors, so I figured I'd re-crimp them. I brought in my trusty crimper and bag of RJ-45 connectors only to find out that the wiring in these cat5e cables are too thick for my RJ-45 connectors. I'm a bit baffled. They're standard Cat5/5e connectors and work with all the other cables, except for these light-blue 5e cables. I didn't think there was a difference, but maybe I...
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