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Actually, looking on eBay, looks like I can get two 7950s for the price of the 290. I'll poke around online and see what the crossfire performance is like for it.Thanks everyone,-Rob
Worth the extra $50 over the 7950, you think?Thanks,-Rob
Sounds like 7950 is the winner. Looking in the $300 range, should I expect a fairly decent performance boost if I went with the R9 280x over the 7950? Or would the 7950 be the better "bang for the buck"? Thanks, -Rob
Hey Everyone, I'm currently sporting a GTX 480 video card. I'm really fed up with nVidia's handling of their graphics drivers. I'm running several-month-old drivers because there's an issue with Planetside 2 that causes the whole system to halt while playing it and they've YET to resolve it. So, I'm thinking of going back to Radeons (had dual 4870s before the GTX 480, and was happy with their performance). At minimum, what ATI card would you suggest for similar...
Count me in.
Link: Similar performance to 250GB Samsung EVO. I think it has a bit better random write, actually. Use coupon code KOD118006 for extra $10 off the normal $139.99 price. -Rob
How on Earth did I miss this deal... sunova. Green with envy, guys. Super green.
Unfortunately, it looks like it's gone up $10 since OP. Now $150 after MiR.
Yeah, that's quite tempting, actually. Been looking at making a tiny gaming PC for when I visit friends, and I don't want to drop the extra $$$ on a laptop -- a non-upgradable laptop, at that.
Seems useless to me (not the deal, the drive). Why not just get one of those tiny 1TB mSATA drives for about 1/2 that and put it into an equally tiny USB 3.0 enclosure for a little more. Difference in size would be negligible, and you'd have infinitely faster write speeds.
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