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Having tried a black widow for a while i have to say the Filco is just superior in every way. It's less vulgar looking and built ten times better.
Assassins creed 1 Yes play the 1st to get the story down, try to talk to Lucy and do all of the niglys in the animus room too if you can.Batman Arkham asylum is a must play, people say its better than Arkham City anyways.Borderlands 1 i have no opinion on.Crysis same as AC1 go for the story and the graphics are better than 2.
Do you have an android or iOS phone?
It's ok i can work the colour out, I'll have this up later.
Ok excellent i can extrapolate from those images and the dimensions you provided. Now what style colours etc do you want?
How is the newest version? I had an older one and the status bar in tablet mode was pants. I'm now just using the stock firmware with trinity 96 and the 160 DPI trick to get tablet mode up.
That i can but i will need a better reference picture for it if you want it to look the closest possible to the original.
In please
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