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Heaven forbid a product get released that sparks interest in animal science. I guarantee you, tortuous and despicable things are performed in the name of science every day. This is not one of them. Someone spending the money on this device will most likely also take the time to learn the science involved and come away with a good deal of knowledge. I think that is a win.
So my wife and her friend are using my computer yesterday and probably just by unfortunate coincidence, it stops working when I get home. This is my sig rig I'm working on. Basically, if I hit the clear CMOS button and reset everything I can get in to BIOS. Whether or not I change any settings does not matter. I cannot get the thing to POST a second time without clearing CMOS again. Any ideas where to start?
Cost way too high for early adoption. 128gb is impractical for digital distribution. I guess I'll just have to wait for the execution.
I don't imagine the 500GB bundle will go much under $240. I don't see them putting themselves back into selling PS3s at a loss. I think it's a great value at $240 free shipping, no tax (for many).
Uncharted 3 250GB bundle $220 Need for Speed 250GB bundle $240
Been feeling the itch for a new Blu Ray player and I figure I might as well get a PS3 and play some of the better titles from its lifetime. I kind of like the red God of War PS3, but I've also been reading there is an imminent price drop. I'd like to not pay $350 and have it be $250 a week later. I don't see any way they would do that before this special edition PS3 releases and their preorders are covered. What do you guys think?
"Pre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you'll receive the lowest price. Here's how (restrictions apply) " Waiting for the end of tomorrow I guess
I think if I were Steam, I'd just charge $10 to transfer a key and call it overhead costs. This would weed out all the tedious transferring of cheap games because people are trying to save 50 cents. The more I think about it, maybe MORE PC games would sell on release if people thought they could get a good return used? I'm 100% positive developers (and Valve) would rather sell 10 $60 copies than 50 $5 copies.
I agree with people arguing this will ultimately be poor for consumers. I stopped buying new releases a couple years ago aside from some momentary lapses in judgement (Black Ops 2, Diablo 3). Nobody is holding a gun to your head making you buy $60 games. I don't see Steam being able to operate like this. If game ownership gets tossed around and people keep downloading the game, how do you justify Steam serving up the bandwidth for that? I never entered into the realm...
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