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if you're looking on the egg: $80 up front $60 after MIR but the seasonic focus plus $75 upfront $55 MIR. fwiw, a few years ago i measure my power consumption (sig rig: i7@4.6/1.28v:gpu1450/1.23v). my max was ~510 watts running prime and furmark but gaming was ~315 watts (which is also booting to desktop in winX). a 650 watt PSU where gaming is ~50% (315 watts) and max is just under 80% max (650*.80=520) is perfect for my OCD.
what if i told you: for some it's about the aesthetics.
given what i've seen in the last few gen of titan (X,XP,Xp) owners; a 1K PSU is enough to run SLI on any platform (115*/20**/AM4). those evga g/p/t 2/3 series are great. that leadex design by super flower got season to take notice.
you would think that how gunky those blocks were, he would use something . . . ? ? ? besidess the razor toothbrush he stated.
if there is a grill on the bottom then yeah the fan faces down (and avoid putting the case on shag carpet). but really that's pretty negligible. i was wondering more of something blocking the fan or blowing heat on the PSU.
i was a little surprised that fractal gave up the ghost and since you mention the evga fans running hard; you sure some how those PSUs aren't cooking? they getting some air flow?anything over 40c can be problematic.but really just a thought.
sorry thats not what it means.80% efficiency means it convert 80% of power drawn from the wall. ie at 600 watt load it will draw 750 watts from the wall. how long it can sustain that load depends on the quality of the components; which isn't necessarily dictated by efficiency.a good 600 watt PSU would be usually fine, those evga B series are junk.
^ you can always check the TPU database:
i know, lets see how clean those blocks get after 6 months. can't figure out if that's a pos/neg.
since it's being discussed:
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