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Policy is a deterrent not a preventative. Misuse will occur.
In This draw is going to be big
in for the only battlefield that I don't have yet
Anyone in to split AOE II HD 4-pack?
Average height for males is around 5' 9". Average female height is around 5' 4". There aren't many people who are 6' + with large hands where these large phones would be just fine. I use height because there isn't big data on hand measurements and height is a decent indicator for hand size, unless you're Popeye. Anyways, the point is the bigger the phones get the more of the market you cut out. I used to have a female boss who was 5ft tall with a Galaxy S3. She looked...
The video looks fake. The guy asks us to *trust* him because he can't do a continuous recording with his camera. Scientific experiments use objective evidence, not blind trust in someone's claim. If you don't have the equipment to run a legitimate test then don't bother at all. I wonder if HTC paid him?In the video you can see 3 instances where there's movement and/or video cuts. Furthermore, the headphone jack has bubbles coming from it, for the entirety of the video-...
But the S5 is dust/water resistant. You can use it without worry in the rain, shower, or on the beach.
Holy crap! Confirmed industry price!
Is this a flash sale to liquidate stock of drives that just aren't selling, or is this a sign that other drives will be coming down in price in the near future due to reduced material costs across the industry?
Looks pretty clunky for a handheld- nearly 600 grams.
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