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I have been happily married to Firefox for 10 years. I need to renew my vows.
I hate apple's overpriced products but I have to agree with you. Apple wins the tablet department with UI, Apps, speed, and battery life. I was lucky enough to win an iPad in a contest. At least I can't say I didn't win something.I have the iPad Air and I bought it on day 1. I tried all the Android tablets at best buy, even Samsung. The UI was garbage, slow, crashed, and the app store was weak. The apple marketplace has more apps designed specifically for tablets whereas...
Worked like a charm. Cheers, mate!
Today I decided to update my AMD drivers. Sequence follows: I uninstalled the old catalyst drivers from Programs > AMD Uninstall Manager > Express Uninstall Lost Video Signal since I was plugged into the the HD6850 DVI Port Plugged the DVI into the onboard DVI (Asrock Z77 Extreme3) Video signal returned. The uninstaller prompted a restart so I clicked "yes". After the PC rebooted I have no video signal. Unable to install any drivers at this point. PC Bricked? Things...
This might be a silly question for most, but why does so much of your data need to be stored online?
The problem isn't ISPs in Canada, it's the people's ignorance of what choice they do have. I apologize to some because I speak for urban Canadians (those in rural areas experience the same harsh conditions no matter what country). The "big two" charge 57.95/mo for ADSL2+ 15/10 (80gb), and $61.99/mo for Cable 30/5 (70gb) in my region. However:I currently pay $41.99/mo for Cable 25/2 (300gb)I can also get Cable 25/2 (unlimited) for $49.95/moor Cable 35/3 (unlimited) for...
So that's what Sony's problem was?
In again
In for OCN love!
Policy is a deterrent not a preventative. Misuse will occur.
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