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I already bought that exact pad
Will that delete all my tabs then? After trying safe mode or a blank profile, what then?
@MrAlex I'm not sure if I told you this problem already but when I re-open my WF browser (it is set to save all tabs upon exit), the last selected tab turns into a "new tab" without any information on it so I lose that tab. Simply put, when I exit WF while a specific tab is selected that tab will become a "new tab" when re-opening WF. How do I troubleshoot this?
A lot, not a bit Try this, open several articles in and you'll notice this memory leak.
But if the air intake temp is higher than the ambient temp, would turning the fans exhaust be overall better? At least it was in my case.
That's what I thought. Thanks for the clarification.
Gotcha. What if the difference between the two temps is around 2-3C, is that a significant difference? I have a Fluke air thermometer at my disposal that I can use to measure air intake temp
I thought so. My computer is under a desk and I think we have a hot flow recirculation happening here.
@BryanI thought you can't dislodge air bubbles without draining the kit and refilling it back (bleeding)? Or is it different with the H220X?
How would you explain the CPU getting hotter temps when my top rad is set to intake? If the hot air pockets (because of the great difference between the intake and exhaust airflow) can go out of the vents without any exhaust fans, why do I get higher CPU temps?
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