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Just as I thought. I had to post here as I was pulling my hair in my thead here: does not recommend to use the local users and groups method but he won't say why. I mean he's a pro user/pro member and all that but I really don't understand why he doesn't want to answer that question.
What would be the difference between the three different methods of creating a local account in Windows 8.1? 1.) Through Windows Charms -> Change PC Settings -> Account 2.) Through Control Panel -> User Accounts 3.) Through Local Users and Groups (netplwiz) Please help. Thanks.
Yeah, I even went to installing Win7 back just to notice that it had the same problem.
It was one of the RAM modules that's causing the issue! Apparently, it has a blown capacitor, jeez.
That's fine, I totally understand Let me try reinstalling Windows 7 now and inmediately install the NVIDIA driver and see if that makes a difference. I'm fine with re-imaging over and over, I'm just worried that I'm wearing out my SSD too much
How can it be a hardware problem if it's running fine on Windows 7?How would I try it in safemode if it doesn't even allow me to sleep? And no, there are absolutely no apps open when I try to put it to sleep.I'm using just sleep (memory). I think hybrid sleep is the "shutdown" mechanism used by Windows 8.1 by default as it uses the new so-called "fast startup".Hibernate definitely works so I'm guessing it's not the hard disk or the memory. And just so you know, I'm using a...
BUMP on this.
I have the same, it is set to never go to sleep but for both on battery and plugged in. I don't have any problems with hibernates, just with sleeps.Yeah, mine is behaving a little bit differently. It successfully sleeps from a working state, so the power LED blinks. When I try to turn on the laptop, it turns on for a split second and then shuts down right away without even anything showing on the screen. When I power on the second time, it goes successfully to Windows but...
Ok. I doubt it's a corrupted Windows install as this is a fresh install and with all latest drivers on it. But I'll give sfc and disk checker a try also.I'm also not sure which app to uninstall as this is the first time that I tried putting it to sleep since I reinstalled Windows fresh last week and installed my applications.It could be but I'm using the latest drivers from Nvidia? Like I said above, I have all latest drivers. I always use station-drivers to check...
I know also about that but this is a laptop and has no setting related to PLL. And this happened only after installing Windows 8.1, so I'm really at a lost here.
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