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What's the latest RAID OROM for the Z68 chipset now?
I still don't understand why DDU would cause issues. It does the same thing as your guide plus some extras that are proven not to produce any "issues".
The only USB devices plugged in are: keyboard, mouse, usb hub of my monitor, and ups. I don't think any of those can wake up the devices from being turned off.Yes, the issue is happening from an OFF state. There is no feature in my BIOS that allows a USB device to wake it up but of course that's present in the properties section of USB devices in device manager.Yes, my BIOS is setup to use AICharging which gives power to certain USB ports even in OFF state.As I probably...
Oh that's why, lol. Yes I'm using the onboard intel nic but I don't have space to use another one since my case is all cramped up with SLI.Yeah, I really am avoiding disabling wol since I'm using it. It's not also the USB wakeup since it doesn't turn on when I press any keyboard key and mouse button. Can any other USB device wake it up though?
My desktop is the only one having this problem. I only had one router since the beginning. I'm not sure why would a dd-wrt router send out magic packets to the broadcast domain at random times?
Power on alarm is disabled. I don't think it's cabling interference and I use a high quality CAT6 lan cable for all my devices if that makes a difference. It maybe a bug in the Intel NICs, not sure, but I've been reading problems with these specific NIC though not particularly to waking up the system.Thanks for staying with me on this.What do you mean I had my other router when the other devices had this problem?
Yes, already ruled that out. I double-checked that the router is not setup for automatic WOL daemon. I'm kind of at a lost right now since I need WOL functionality all together.
Well, the thing is that it's random. I only have my laptop, desktop, and media player connected to the router. No, I don't have a port forward rule for UDP port 9 because I simply access the web gui of my dd-wrt router to initiate a magic packet that would send it to the MAC of my desktop through broadcast. So the magic packet sending is really just done internally (within the LAN) and not initiated from outside.
It's not the case, I already thought about that. It doesn't turn off randomly. It is the LAN causing it and I'm sure of that. I turned off wake up from PCI and that seems to stop the issue but this is not a solution since I'm INTENTIONALLY using magic packets to turn on my computer from sleep/off state when I'm not at home to use Remote Desktop. At first, I thought there would be powercfg -lastwake logs when I wake up the computer from the OFF state but after further...
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