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Oh ok, that's too bad. Is NVIDIA aware of this SLI issue though?
Interesting. So with the new drivers and old modified drivers, how does one enable DSR? Is it something done manually?
That's what I thought and it would save me a big hassle of selling my 670's, disassembling the coolers from the 670's and putting them in the 970's (if I decided to push through as Arctic Cooling said they are compatible with the Gigabyte GTX 970 G1's) but then again if it's wiser to sell the 670's now because of their depreciating value I'm all for it.Lol, sorry. I support Trend Micro products and smex is one of them.Yeah, I concur. If I wait for the next generation...
Yeah, i haven't encountered any games that need more power anyway. I only game at 1080p 120Hz so I don't know if that matters. Well, wouldn't the cards lose more value in the future if I don't sell them now?
Interesting. But wouldn't two 970 SLI's be more worth it though? Or that would just cost some real money? Off topic: Hey smex, does your nick stand for scanmail for exchange? lol.
Would DSR make processing power on a GPU more demanding as I'm expecting? Is this really a good way of playing games in a 1080p monitor?
So no way to really tell unless I test it out? No info in the specs or something of the board?
How would I make sure? My cards have a UEFI-compatible firmware, yes. What spec am I looking for in my board to make sure it speeds up boot time?
Exactly, I think he was talking about the actual 670's. So will they increase in price anytime soon?
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