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My two 670's had different board revisions, yes. So the seller could've give me a cooler that's for the other revision Yes, that's the one. I have a caliper and I did measure that the stock pads are 0.8mm thick. Regardless of that, like I said I tried it with no pads at all and there was still no die contact. This means that it's not about thermal pads thickness. So, can I use washers to increase the pressure and hopefully get good die contact?
1.) I'm in a country where it's very hard to sell used computer parts because of lowballers so it would be really hard to sell it without a cooler (heck even with it). 2.) I'll take pics later but I doubt you'll notice any difference, at least I didn't. 3.) I have another card of the same exact type that I already sold I'm quite familiar with this card. I'm sure it is the correct cooler. There isn't any "pairings" when it comes to stock coolers and boards of the same...
Are Mayhems and Swiftech partners?
So back in the day I bought a second-hand Gigabyte GTX 670 WF3. Everything was complete but the stock cooling fan/heatsink was not installed because the board was used with a waterblock by the first owner. The stock thermal pads were also not installed so he included 1mm EK thermal pads along with the purchase. When I got it, I immediately installed the Arctic Cooling Acceler Hybrid Cooler and the GPU was working flawlessly with another of the same kind in SLI. Recently,...
I thought response times can ombe discerned if the monitor exhibits ghosting or not? Is bluriness also a factor? If it was ghosting, how would one see that in a static image?But like boredgunner explained, input lag is different from response time. A TN and an IPS panel can have the same input lag. Respose time is commonly misinterpreted as input lag. Could it br that ehat you have felt is just "psychological"? No pun intended. Modern TN and IPS panels should have more or...
So if you game at 144Hz using both TN and IPS, you won't feel the difference at all? Even if the fps is not close to 144fps (80-100 fps or something close to that)?At what refresh rate did you test this on?
Is the 1ms response time of a TN panel that big of a difference when compared to the 4ms of an IPS panel?
I see. Let me know which other monitor you end up with then. Thanks!
I thought yours was close to perfect? AFAIK, you were saying this the whole time a few days ago.
I would certainly hope that this would be true across the board as I'm planning to watercool a 1080Ti as well. This would make my decision very easy to go with the FE instead of spending extra money on the partner cards without any potential gain.
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