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Is this a MCP30 pump we're talking about?
Does this new version have any effect if I'm using it for stress testing only and my CPU is SB?
I'm at 36.0.4 and was notified that there's a new build and so I updated. During the update, my Internet connection went haywire and I had to cancel the download of the upgrade. After I fix my Internet connection, I went to Help -> About and noticed that it does not detect the new update again. Why so?
Oh ok. How do you disable the drivers?
Whatever you say, you're a waste of my time. You're obviously the troll here.
Ok. Yeah, that has been always my understanding. It's just how thermodynamics go, not everything is linearly proportional.Thanks for the explanations.
Believe it, why wouldn't it? It's of course natural that higher ambient temps will produce higher temperature. What I'm asking about are the unforeseen effects of higher ambient temps to the cooling performance of any cooling system, just like the point mfknjadagr8 is making above.
Interesting. I'm not sure I get what you mean though. In your example scenarios, which is the ambient? 25 and 35, I'm assuming? Can you expound more on this?Thanks.
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