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Wouldn't it put less stress on the CPU and maybe increase its overclocking capability (CPU) altogether?Ok. So what's your final recommendation for my purpose?P. S. Are you also from the Philipines? I'm not sure what PHX means.
I already tried 9-10-9 and 9-11-9 to no avail.I'm stable at 1866 8-6-10-23-2T though but I want to push it 2133MHz that's why I'm thinking of just buying two sticks?Is it different for the newer generation components?
I don't get it. Underclocking will be as complicated as overclocking? Why so?You're alive! You were actually the one who recommended me to buy these modules. But you were gone for a long while that's why I wasn't able to ask you for help. Yes, I've already tried those. I even tried 11-11-11-11-2T with increased VCCIO and VDRAM to no avail. I've done numerous testings extensively already and I come to a point that my CPU really can't handle 4 sticks well. ivanlabrie and...
Well yeah, but even though they are 2400MHz-rated, I'm only targeting 2133MHz which Sandy Bridge can do. That would just be a simple underclock, isn't it?
When you say very early production, what disadvantage do they have?What IC's do those Triden X have?
But are those hynix BFS's still available anywhere?Yeah, I think so too. Is brand important when looking for 8gb 2133 c10?
I don't have any price range in mind so shoot me anything in specific.The C6 sticks I have can't run 2133MHz CAS11 error-free so I'm thinking there's also problem with using 4 sticks since they are: 1.) 2 different kits and 2.) The IMC is stressed too much.But are Hynix chips the best already?
With the second setup, my main intake would be the front 200mm, side 200mm, and 120mm 5.25" front bay panel fan.Or another option would be two rads pushing in air from the outside to thw inside. That would dump warm air inside the case but I have a side panel fan that can suck that out. I'm not really sure though.
Yeah, I guess. But since I live in a tropical country wherein the ambient is around 33C, every degree counts What if I make both rads push air out of the case? Does that make sense?
Sorry for the long overdue reply, I was very busy with work. So if I decide to this route of using shrouds, what is the best setup for my case if I will also use the H220-X? The H220X pulling cold air from outside to inside and the AC GPU rad pulling warm air from inside to outside?
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