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Thanks for the insight and I'm glad reading your answer. I'll probably upgrade when Kaby Lake arrives.
Ok, fair points guys! So in summary, I should just stick with WD's. Now which is more suitable for my application, WD Blacks or Reds (for NAS)?
Do you think an i7-2600K clocked at 4.5GHz is bottlenecking my 1070? How would I test anyway?
For you, what is next to WD Blacks? I see that the blacks are expensive and I'm not sure if my media player will even max out the drives "performance benefit". And you're saying to stay away from Seagate, right? Which particular Samsung model should I look for?
So GFE is a separate download now? Ok, but generally the default settings for Heaven are just fine for stress testing, yes? Yes, I know there's 375.63 already. This is the reason why I said that uninstalling 375.56 has the "removing gfe components" stage. I was upgrading the driver to 375.63 from 375.57.
C'mon, stop the argument you guys! Your replies are all TLDR's to most people now.
1.) Starting from 375.57, I cannot see the option to uncheck the installation of GeForce Experience. Does that mean they got rid of it already? The weird thing is that when I uninstall the driver, the first stage is "removing geforce experience components". Any thoughts? 2.) Do I need to change the Program Settings (under Manage 3D settings in NVCP) of Heaven if I use it as a benchmark tool? Does it even matter?
Which 2TB HDD is the best performing mechanical HDD nowadays? This will serve as a replacement for my media player (popcorn hour c300) as the HDD just bugged down (it brought down all my tv series and movies!). It also serves as a mini NAS to my flat network.
Ok. I just find it hard to notice all of these differences when you're already immersed in the game (especially FPS games). That's just me though, I'm sure there are a lot of you guys that really notice these. So all is good. I mean it's not something like tearing or FPS dipping that's very easy to recognize in-game.
I see but the answer to that is no because at Auto (9-11-11-30-2T) it already fails at the same hammer test. But like I said it seems to be an issue with DDR3 chips especially with the kit that I have (based on my research). But I care less because they're saying that this won't be prevalent in real world scenarios anyway.And by the way, I'm reading some comments that it's fruitless to stress test RAM modules together and that you'd get most accurate results if you test...
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