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Gotcha. I do use a high speed GT that I modified to have PWM.
As Garbiel said in his post below, please refer to this post: it. I wonder how he would have a PWM version though.
Are the GT's by Daz only modified black and will be modified as PWM? Or are they black and PWM-modified from the factory?
I understand. Although, unclewebb is an advocate of C states and I was just assuming that he keeps the C states enabled even with overclocking.
Why do you leave the package C states disabled when you overclock?
Is this a MCP30 pump we're talking about?
Does this new version have any effect if I'm using it for stress testing only and my CPU is SB?
I'm at 36.0.4 and was notified that there's a new build and so I updated. During the update, my Internet connection went haywire and I had to cancel the download of the upgrade. After I fix my Internet connection, I went to Help -> About and noticed that it does not detect the new update again. Why so?
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