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Does flat black mean matte? Well, the stock plasticizer-free tubings of my H200X are matte black.
Between the Primochill, PPC, and Tygon, do you prefer the PPC most? How does XSPC tubes fair among the rest?Is it generally recommended to use the same tubing along the whole loop? Or can I re-use the stock tubes of the H220X and just add more?Are there compression fittings that can swivels like the stock barbed fittings of the H220X?
Thanks for the heads up. But from what I'm reading, they make good GPU waterblocks, right?Oh and how about tubing, which brand is preferred? And when expanding my AIO, should I be replacing the stock tubing as well to make everything as uniform as possible?
Got it. Regarding compression fittings, are there any recommendations on these? Or would going genrally all EK be a good decision?
Gotcha, thanks!
Why would one want to ever lower that value?
What does the "temp target" do in MSI AB?
Right.Is there an AIB card that uses a reference board yet the power limit is more than 180W?
How did arching the voltage curve per voltage point solve the issue? I'm curious on the details Ok, so I guess to be safe it's still better to get the FTW. The FTW Hydro Copper was $650 a few days ago but in "ships within 1 to 2 months" status. I asked Amazon support if that was the final price, they said yes but there is still no exact shipping date. Today, there are a few stocks left but with a price tag of $799.99! I should've pulled the trigger a few days ago when I...
Ok. Will I be able to get tubings that are similar to the H220-X (the later version wherein the tubes were replaced from being glossy to a matter finish because of some issues that I couldn't remember)?Can you give me a ballpark figure regarding the temp difference if I go with a H240-X compared to just using my current H220-X?Yeah, I live in the Philippines and I just searched for the Mayhems X1 and I don't see any. All I see are XSPC, Swiftech, and EK coolants.Wait, are...
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