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Ok, will do. Thanks for the insights guys!
This has been the practice ever since. Thanks for the input though
What the heck! How come the 750's are discontinued and the 525's are not? I've bought 5 x 750's and I'm planning to sell 4 of them.
2 days into it and not a single reply? C'mon guys, I need your help here.
As the title says, I have both of these drives brand new. I'm not sure which one I should use and which one should I sell. A couple of thoughts: 1.) I know that the Samsung has 2 years more warranty than the Crucial but does it even really matter with SSD's? 2.) I also know that the Samsung is faster than the Crucial but is it recognizable in real world scenarios or just in benchmarks? 3.) I'm not sure if which I would prefer between speed and capacity. I want to hear...
But is there even any benefit from flashing it on Samsung-based cards?
So is the Zotac BIOS update really just for Micron-based cards?
Any substantial difference between made in SG and made in CH that's worth considering?
I see. What then do you put under the billing address if you use your Amex card? Your own local address? Thanks for the tips. How does HSBC do that though?
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