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Yes, it is possible if you have a front audio panel that connects to either your mobo (for onboard sound) or sound card.
Oh no no. Like I said in my previous post, I bought it from B&H Photo Video meaning I bought it from the US.
I thought you were in the US
Oh no, I meant March 2016.Yeah, I get what you mean man. I usually am presented with the same situation with some of my purchases and it's mind-boggling, lol. But GL!
I'm sure you can ask for a replacement, can't you? I bought mine last March from B&H.That's true. Some people just really don't care. Heck I didn't care enough when I had the same issue with my previous monitor.
No problem at all, dude. I understand how you tested the GSYNC mode now.Yes, correct. I have my refresh rate set to 144Hz in my desktop and I don't see those horizontal lines at all.Currently, I'm using 120Hz in CS:GO and Overwatch because I opted to use ULMB instead of G-SYNC with these games but I don't see those vertical lines either. I know you said that it was non-existent for you at 120Hz and below but I don't remember seeing those when I was playing at 144Hz also....
@caenlen Do you have any ideas on my Razer Surround free version problem?
Hmmm, I'm pretty sure this is the latest free version installed in my system though.
Actually, the setting that I'm talking about is in the Razer software itself and not in the Sounds section of control panel (which is I think what you're referring to).
So I installed the Razer Surround software but every time I restart my system, it Audio Interface defaults to my "Realtek HDMI Output" playback device when it should be "Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio). Any way to make the change permanent?
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