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That is definitely weird then. Local Group Policies are always present in Windows OS'es.
I get the same error, I just went ahead and tried clicking that website.
Run "gpedit.msc"? I'm assuming you're referring to the Local Group Policy Editor, right?
Of course it is available with Win 8.1 x64.
Ok. And how about places that require java?
What's the difference between HTML5 Video Everywhere and Shumway?
Well, I have two GTX 670's in SLI. Does that count for bottleneck already?
Exactly. But is PCIe 3.0 really that needed with modern GPU's? Is it being a bottleneck already?
I think this club is dead.
When you say "different", are they different from the PCB of the lower speed version in that they may have the 4th PWM pin?
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