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I'm from the Philippines and I just got my Maxnomic Leader Black Office Comfort chair. I had to a pay a total of around $600+ dollars for this chair inclusive of all shipping charges but man you can't go wrong with this! The built-in lumbar support is what sold me also. It's huge and very high quality.In case you're a short person like me (5'7"), you can even request them to include a shorter cylinder in the package free of charge. They were actually the one who offered it...
I'm using WF 44.0.3 and I'm really having a weird problems with my settings. Every single time I restart my computer (not just restarting WF itself), the settings below become unchecked. Settings -> Privacy -> History -> Remember search and form history Settings -> Security -> Logins -> Remember logins for sites This happened all of a sudden without me doing anything. In my other computer with the same version of WF, everything is working just fine. FF/WF account sync is...
Aside from the extra RAM that will be used and the minute degradation it gives to events like boot times and application load times, it wouldn't hurt to have it enabled, right? What is an example of a heavy workload with a high queue depth?
Thanks for all the responses. From all these, I would think that, yes, RAPID has its uses but is not geared towards general use and gaming (which are the categories I use my system for). So we're good I mean I was using a RAMDisk before but only for the sole purpose of caching my FireFox cache profile. So it is safe to experience corruption in that.
Is it safe to assume though that all rubber tubinga of CLCs would let the liquid leak out?
I totally get that point, really. I know they will match. What I want to know is would it be beneficial to clock the higher-clocking card further and not using the sync feature in MSI AB thinking that an app that is using just the primary will benefit more? Thisnis assuming all SLI settings enabled.EDIT: The reason I'm asking this is because I want to know if wasting time clocking the primary card higher would be worth it for me compared to just running then in sync.
Does that mean water inside the loop will really not be lost because it condenses back eventually?
Are you saying that I have to switch from one profile to another depending on what app I use? I was under the impression that this will be all automatic when you set your NVIDA control panel settings to SLI mode.
Ok, that makes sense. Thanks. I just read the link below and there was another link on the bottom of that page showing the 850 Pro review. In the 840 Evo review, clearly the author dislikes RAPID but I'm not sure what to make of his 850 Pro review with regards to RAPID considering the fact that Samsung Magician is more mature now. Any thoughts on this?
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