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How would I make sure? My cards have a UEFI-compatible firmware, yes. What spec am I looking for in my board to make sure it speeds up boot time?
Exactly, I think he was talking about the actual 670's. So will they increase in price anytime soon?
Why so?
Why would that be? So would it be better to hold of selling my 670's?
Wouldn't one be able to modify the G1 BIOS, using KBT, to lower the minimum fan percentage?
My board doesn't have a fast boot option.. If I go with UEFI boot again, I won't gain any performance increase, right? I'm not booting off of a 2TB (or more) drive anyway.
Hmmm, ok. My dilemma right now is it the arctic hybrid cooler on one of my 670's will work on the 970.
Oh ok. I'm coming from a Gigabyte GTX 670 WF3 with an Arctic Cooling Hybrid cooler but am not sure if the cooler will fit a gigabyte gtx 970? So we're losing the potential of the top three cards (Gigabyte, ASUS, and MSI) if we go with the reference cards, right? What does the Gigabyte GTX 970 use anyway? With the Gigabyte GTX 670 WF3, it uses a 680 reference PCB.
Got it. My monitor is just a 1080p 120Hz though, so I'm wondering if a 970 SLI would be worth it as an upgrade path. I'm reading that a 970 SLI is way better than a single 980 in terms of performance-to-price ratio. Will a 970 SLI kill a 670 SLI?
How about for a 1080p 120Hz monitor, is it worht it to upgrade from 670 SLI to 970 SLI?
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