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Changing the DPI just needs a sign out/sign in but I did restart, yes.My point is the default settings of Windows 8.1 produce a blurry effect in device manager which lead me to changing the DPI settings.I have no problems changing the DPI, they certainly take effect after a sign out/sign in.
I just upgraded to Windows 8.1 and surprisingly Device Manager and some native MMC snap-ins are blurry. It seems that this is a common problem and even has an own Microsoft KB article: Under the screen resolution settings, if I select "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" and pick either 100% or 125%, then the blurriness comes away. My question is, will this affect any games that I play? Or is this just for...
If I want to use fast startup, I shouldn't even mind shrinking the hibernation file, right?
Sorry, I meant the H220-X that are on their way to John.
@BramSLI1 Can you track the shipment to the Philippines?
Thanks. I just took a look at the graph there but is it fair to compare the GT AP-29 vs. the 9S1212P4M0 at the same RPM? Which is better? Well, you those results are using a radiator so would that apply to my case? I'm new to watercooling so I'm not sure either.
Oh ok. Among the S12121P4M011, F's and Hs's, which is the best? When you say F's and H's do you just replace the P in the first complete model number you gave?Oh ok. Are the GT 2150's PWM also?
Can you consider the 9S1212P4M01 the best San Ace PWM fan for radiators?
Yes they do. Any good performing San Ace PWM in particular? What I have are the old San Aces without any PWM control and are really loud.
It's unfortunate though that even in our country the AP-29 are already out of stock. I'm not sure where to buy from?
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