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After the release of the reference card, when do these non-reference cards usually come out?
What if you turn off VSync in NVCP, then the in-game FPS becomes greater than the set refresh rate of the monitor then technically V-Sync won't kick-in and the FPS will not be pegged to the refresh rate of the monitor, right? Thus allowing tearing for FPS > Hz.
Gotcha. Thanks.
How do you exactly do this in NVCP? Do you change the "monitor technology" to fixed refresh rate AND disable V-Sync (or change it to use 3D application setting) as well?
Thanks for the detailed comparison. So I guess I'm good for now as I just bought a 1080p G-Sync monitor. I won't be 4K gaming anytime soon anyway.
When I buy a GTX 1070/1080 in the near future, will I be bottlenecked if my board still runs at PCIE 2.0? I'm still using a Z68 board with a SB CPU so I'm stuck at PCIE 2.0 although my board has the capability of 3.0 if IB is used (not natively though).
Ok. I think I know the reason to my question. It seems that the driver is not WHQL-certified so Win10 doesn't install it by default. I had to disable signature verification to install it.
I just want the monitor named under device manager. And doesn't it install an ICM profile also that you can use?
Any help here Mr. Alex?
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