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Are those known to be best performers? What chip do they use?Also, is there still a GSkill RipjawsX 2133 8-9-8 as you recommended in your original message?
What is the model number of this?
Can you give me the model of the one in the hwbot link?I really am quite confused if you're recommending the corsair dominators or not?
Wait, is that corsair dominator platinum 2133 the one in the hwbot link you've sent me or not? I'm not sure if I understand because the link is still there. And I thought corsairs suck?
Oh ok. What brand is that? Is that RAM something that I can buy elsewhere?
I really don't understand what's with the cells?
Got it. Thanks!
Argh, I don't have an account in hwbot and it seems that registration is already closed. Is that a for sale thread or is it just pointing me to a branded RAM that I can buy somewhere else?
Oh ok. I just thought that you said 120 + 120 (2 x 120) per component so that means that if you have two components you'll have 4 x 120 but all we really need is 3 x 120. I guess I just thought of it differently.
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