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Are Apex boards generally more expensive than Formula boards?What advantage do you get with 4 sticks aside from capacity?
Is that the only reason why people tend to not use it between the IHS and CPU block and between the die and GPU block?Lucky you
So no need for the Auto hotkey (or something, sorry I'm mobile) app?
I just got my Dell S2716DG
 Show off :) I hate you for being one of the first ones who has a 8700K, lol.
Right, did you mean 4000 and above like I asked? It will run at 3200 CL14 because it's rated at that speed and is something easy for even 7th Gen CPU's to run.
Oh of course, no doubt. I failed to mention that I'm aiming to overclock these RAM modules to their fullest too. Are there instances that these B-dies reach 4GHz and above?
No, lol. What I bought is a 3200 C14 GSkill RAM.
 So the Taichi is the best Z370 board you can get right now?
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