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Yeah, I thought that the 2150's are low speed also. I did modify my AP-29 to a PWM though.
Oh ok. So if you use 125% scaling, then that means that it won't use 1080p in the desktop and all other programs?If DPI scaling is turned off like with the software you mentioned above, what would really happen? They'll look blurry?
Oh ok. In essence, where does Windows scaling only apply?
Does that mean the games will use their own DPI scaling?
The 2150's in TankGuys aren't PWM, right?
Where is that "tick box under individual application properties"?Well, my laptop has a 15.6" screen and at 100% scaling the icons and texts on my desktops are just too small and hurts my eyes. I have it set to 125% right now which is OK but am not sure if there are any disadvantages to it? What made you hate the 125% default anyway?
Well, AVX2 in general. Ok, it sucks to have to upgrade CPU to avail of that boost
Ok. But it doesn't affect the FPS of any games, does it?And I don't think there's the option to use the old style scaling in Windows 8.1, right? That link you gave is for Vista.
Well, I usually set the cache of both IE and Firefox to just 50MB but for some reason IE still bypasses that limit and goes way past over it so I set my RAMDisk to around 512MB. Are those limits too low for a cache?
Wouldn't it be better though if cache is saved for next time use since it'll be faster to just load from cache setting aside security?
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