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there was a depute with that, its already been done, im not explaining the situation, please help
I need to get admin for my friend. (Her parents locked her internet) How can i get admins password or reset it. please help me/her fast. The computer is using Win 7.
as a advanced open water diver (almost master) this would be so awesome no equalizing i could just drop down and shoot back up no problem. if i go past 100ft now i have to sit at 15ft for 5 min to get the nitrogen out of my system
dude - what is 42? [ Af:-2 At:0 Sp:0] The answer to life, the universe, and everyting, according to Dougas Adams. This is win
Quote: Originally Posted by Mitche01 His reference to all 48XX cards being 512Mb is to do with the test results the post is showing. The graphs clearly show that the cards tested are all 512Mb Didnt see you, thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by mrpep You state all 48xx cards are 512... that is not so. in the test the 4870's and the 4850's are 512mb OMG
you can crossfire any 2 48** series card You would be better off with a 512mb 4850 as a secondary Here are some benchies (All 48** are 512mb)
Quote: Originally Posted by Pillz Here And the differences are milliseconds at best, or not even noticeable. These benchmarks are pointless and misleading. Chrome/Iron Hater...
World longest loading bar (Time & Distance)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr_Torch I'll have to get rid of all that "Social Networking" Crap..... Im with ya man
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