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Huh, I don't do anything at all aside from keeping it under my arm if I am not using it. Mind you I only have a D7000 and 50mm f/1.8, which apparently is all weather sealed. Haven't had any issues yet, although I wouldn't risk it with a really expensive lens of the fire or people around it? Either way, show!
7/10, nice car but the background is a bit distracting
9/10. No constructive criticism, just that it looks amazing haha, that is me in the picture... I work at a school, gave the camera to a kid, I was just happy that I had something that I could post(I take a lot of photos, but I can't share the overwhelming majority of them due to laws that I really know nothing about). I realise it is technically not mine(although it was taken with my gear), I am just excited to have some stuff to post The FM2 getting some use
7/10, everything is a little blue for my liking... just personal preference though I think
I have been shooting manual(with autoISO) lately, pumping up the shutter speed and changing the aperture as needed... it is hard to take photos of kids, they move too much and too quickly for aperture priority to be effective I mean everybody lusts over better gear, so there would always be that factor... but outside of extreme conditions(very low light) the person behind the camera matters much more
I would love to give it a go, maybe when I go back to Canada... town here isn't big enough
9/10, I envy your portrait shots, I have no idea how you get such good shots in low light.
I wanted some B&W to start off with, they had a heap of B&W kodak 400 ISO so I thought it'd be good enough to start with I haven't shot with it, but the only huge difference I can see is the ISO being fixed to the film you buy, otherwise you are doing the same as with a DSLR, juggling aperture and shutter speed to get the right exposure.
It is a local place, I am talking total including film, scanning(have to have those digital copies) and printing if need be. The cost of film is +75% of it... and I messed up my maths, it is a bit over 50c a shot, which is much more expensive than my DSLR... but still not too bad.My mother only had primes for the FM2, 20mm, 50mm and an 85mm... the last of which has gone walkabout, I really wanted to use it
It was my mothers from when she worked for a newspaper, which was almost every day for about two years. Still doesn't have a scratch, they made them tough I love it, it's just short of a dollar a photo though so I am going to use it in moderation Priorities
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