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6/10, the railway isn't centred which would make it seem a bit more symmetrical with all the straight lines and all.
VR is an amazing piece of technology for photography, makes stopping down not a requirement for lower light shots which is really nice I'm curious as to why, it definitely doesn't hurt leaving it on unless you have your camera on a tripod... and as far as I know it doesn't make a difference to the battery, I haven't charged my D7000's battery since I left Australia(which was 25 days ago apparently) and it has got plenty of use.
The first time I posted it was majorly messed up, ended up going back and editing it... must've accidentally removed it
7/10, editing looks kinda harsh, was there no sunlight to help out that day?...and you pointed out that my glove was in the photo, I hadn't even noticed
I pretty much exclusively used a nifty fifty on my D7000 for about six months, I found it was a good middle ground for the photography I was doing(photos of kids doing... well, whatever was happening that day). Although it definitely isn't a telephoto it is far from a wide angle lens, I wouldn't even bother trying to take a landscape photo or something like that with one, put I find it's the ideal focal length for kids(and probably people). I have since moved to an 18-200...
7/10, I can't ever seem to light the inside of a PC case properly so well done, definitely could've used a smaller aperture though, the back side of the motherboard and the WC'ing hose is a complete blur.
Sooo I definitely do not have the eye for general street photography I think. I am travelling around the west coast US and really haven't taken any good photos yet(although I have been driving all the time, my friend has lost his license ), even though I am pretty sure I have had a heap of opportunities. Least I can take good pictures of people, I might just stick to that
3/10, simply because it's too low resolution for me to be able to see anything in a remotely reasonable resolution.
Bit too far south I think, only have 6 days and I'd rather spend about as much time in the car as I am out of it(aside from sleeping of course), wasn't thinking of going any further south than San Francisco if at all possible, then head back east(looking at going through northern Nevada, southern Idaho and back into Washington). Basically, not sure where to go specifically, my friend and I haven't been into America before and have no idea where to go really. I'd like to...
Okay guys, right now I am in British Columbia, but am thinking of going on a road trip along the west coast of the US(and a bit more inland for the trip back up, not exactly sure where we are going to go yet). Anybody know some places I must visit? I will have my D7000 with me and plan to take plenty of photos, so any recommendations would be amazing!
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