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It's funny, I switched a bit after jellybean was released, although definitely similar to how it is today they hadn't tidied it up with material design at that point. It looks a heap more consistent now, I'm still not sure if it's at the stage where it can compete with ios though(purely from a consistency standpoint). Plus I prefer theming on ios, although it can be a headache to set up once you get it set up it generally works well, unlike the majority of theming I did on...
I've felt left out since switching to an iphone How is android theming going these days? They seemed to have tightened up the UI a heap since I switched to the dark side
This is an old thread, but eh. 1. Unless you really want the advantages of having tweaks there really isn't much point in jailbreaking, there is few if any performance gains from it. Wiping it will probably do a heap more than just jailbreaking(although if it was me I'd do both). 2. TaiG has released the latest jailbreak for 8.3/8.4, I just switched over yesterday from 8.1 myself(iphone 5S). Haven't made my mind up whether it was worth it yet, I am lucky to get a day out...
Nah, it is just pretty limited as a) most mods are designed for MP with coop support at best and b) Arma is just plain not fun by yourself(unless you enjoy the AI's weirdness). Coop is a different story, as you are still playing with other people against an AI enemy. One of the reasons I love insurgency so much is that you have the cannon fodder AI, but then you have the players who cause complete chaos at every opportunity
Eh, these days the majority of ArmA's gameplay value is in the multiplayer. Especially when you tack on TFR, ACE, TacBF and whatever mods people use these days, SP starts feeling a bit limited fun wise. Either way I'm still waiting for a good insurgency server to pop up, TacBF is holding me over but only just You have mission files and mods. Mission files are mod agnostic, however if it is designed with certain mods in mind it'll probably be very broken(these are...
In saying that though, don't ever expect it to save bad photos, you are always better off getting it right when you take it and doing some minor fixes in lightroom(although I am still having trouble getting the exposure right most of the time, having the flexibility to make it dead on afterwards is nice). It is just a nice bonus when you can save a photo or two that you thought were complete losses
6/10, the railway isn't centred which would make it seem a bit more symmetrical with all the straight lines and all.
VR is an amazing piece of technology for photography, makes stopping down not a requirement for lower light shots which is really nice I'm curious as to why, it definitely doesn't hurt leaving it on unless you have your camera on a tripod... and as far as I know it doesn't make a difference to the battery, I haven't charged my D7000's battery since I left Australia(which was 25 days ago apparently) and it has got plenty of use.
The first time I posted it was majorly messed up, ended up going back and editing it... must've accidentally removed it
7/10, editing looks kinda harsh, was there no sunlight to help out that day?...and you pointed out that my glove was in the photo, I hadn't even noticed
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