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I think it's the best thing since BFBC2 as far as I'm concerned. Didn't really get into BF3 or 4 too much.
Your googlefoo is stronger than mine - thank you very much. I found no such info when I attempted to find it.
That's ok, i figured you had an easy way to do it already installed - don't trouble yourself.
Would you mind posting a video of that?
I'd be curious to see what you get in a 64 person multiplayer game with that setup.
I actually handicapped the FX system by using the weaker card as far as BF1 is concerned to the tune of over 10% - look here.EDIT: Techspot gives the 290X quite a lot bigger lead in 1080 by their bf1 benchmarking article.20% better average, 25% better minimums - you are probably right, It wasn't fair at all ( to the FX machine ).
Are you running the latest bios?
24 player servers were the only ones I could get into this morningHere's a comparison - by what I'm seeing with my rigs, the Vishera 8 core might be a better option than the 6600k for BF1.
4.7 ghz , ram is at cl 12 2400mhz on the Vish - The DC rig is at 4.4 ghz - 2600 mhz on the ram , cl 10 I believe ( domintator platinums) both have 8 gb.Have you tried it at lower graphics settings? The 780ti and 290X spend nearly the whole game at 100% usage on both of my rigs on ultra at 1080.I tried the 8370 locked at 4ghz, really doesn't effect fps too much but the cpu usage goes up , it's important to lock the clocks because the turbo function seems to really...
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