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I meant the liquid temp - low delta between package and liquid just beyond the block vs liquid temp after having been through the radiator - in my case, the reservoir .
Depends where that temperature is taken.
I can't recall ever seeing liquid temps that high on my AIO's . Most of the time they would be in the mid to upper 30's in a 22C room.I'm amazed at my 480 loop temps, most of the time the delta between ambient and liquid is less than 5C .I had my H-100 set up with high volume 140's in push , slightly offset to cover the deadspot in the center of the high pressure pull 120's on the other side of the rad . This worked very welll. Every model of board is different and...
Depends on the load and duration , but I wouldn't go as far as to say that.FX's also present a different cooling challenge than other chips do and it hasn't been very well captured by the reviewers because everyone uses Intel for their testing.I've been futzing around with a big air cooler ( 140 mm) on my 3770K rig which was fine at 4.7ghz on my h-100 . I need to check the mount etc but so far it's not even close.
That has to be annoying Assuming all the drivers, OS are up to date , you might try the high performance power plan or disable any power saving options for the video card . Other than that you could try a different video out cable or monitor.Good luck!
Good resource for any Ryzen owner
Keep it cool and you shouldn't have a problem, but it's at your own risk of course.Core #5 is weak or I could probably run that as a daily clock on all cores at that voltage.One thing to mention is that the 1.5 volts reported by cpu-z is about what ive been running since may of last year, but it will be reported differently on other motherboards. I think the asus boards under report voltage that actually gets to the cpu compared to my TitaniumAt any rate ,...
Clean looking build so far . What kind of work are you figuring to do with it?
Makes for some interesting comparisons HT vs SMT , Thread for thread , clock for clock etc.4C @ 4.2ghz vs stock 8 T i 7's
If you are really bored, you can sift through these numbers and try to make sense of them.
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