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And that's how my 2600k behaves on default settings with turbo enabled, under full loads it is around 3560 mhz or so.I've haven't owned a locked Sandy, so I have no experience to draw from.Anything above 3.8 would be an overclock, not a turbo function yes?Depending on what exactly the OP likes to do, he may be better off selling the 660 and 2600 then getting a 290 or GTX 970. From my experience, I have been much happier with a single more powerful card than anything in...
What motherboards are best for overclocking a locked multi sandy? That might be helpful to the OP.EDIT : Max turbo on the 2600 is 3.8 ghz, which is how I set up my 2600k to run in the benches I posted earlier.
Depends on what games / resolutions and level of detail , would the OP care to elaborate on his/her preferences? It may well be that the 2600 would be more well suited for what the op does, or it may be a waste of time , effort and money.iinversion was mistaken in his/her assumption that the 2600 would be better than an 8 core at 4.7 ghz for multithreaded performance, I did not want people to be mislead on that particular point.
It's a non-K
Actually , at 4.7 ghz the FX-8XXX's have a fairly significant advantage over a stock i 7 2600 in multi-thread. [[SPOILER]]
I appreciate that, looking for batch 1207.
As for the voltage, I'd be careful above 1.6 on water with the Thuban regardless of the temps.I'll provide a target for youWater cooled cpu , stock air on the 290X
Should you decide to sell your 960T , I may be interested in it depending on the batch number.
There's been a few Vishera's killed by Asrock boards in the Vishera club, I don't recall an MSI board taking one out . Evidently you know of some?
A lot of truth in that post .Some information in support of that notion can be found here
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