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hehe, at least you have a sense of humor about it.
Something to ponder
Should be ok on the psu then unless it's a terrible brand/model etc.It probably won't save you much on electricity, but it's a pretty reasonable upgrade if you can get decent money out of your old chip, but I really wouldn't expect more than a couple hundred mhz improvement on the 8320 without better cooling. Just my 2 cents.
Unless you upgrade your cooling, I'd stay with the 8320, which should be able to hit 4.6 +. Does your psu have a single 12 volt rail?
What will you be pairing it with for cooing, psu and motherboard?
Just trying to save you some money. The tooth will do most anything the chvz will do on ordinary cooling..
And yet the CHV-z's I have can't touch it on water cooling.Another thing about the GD-80 is that once you set it up for overclocking, it has no current or thermal protections like the ASUS boards do, so you better know what you are doing. That said, I've had to RMA 2( of 3) CHV-z's and am still running the only GD-80 I've ever owned.EDIT: I've never seen more that .08 V droop on my GD-80 whereas if you disable LLC on my CHV-z's they will have .12 droop.
It has no LLC , which if you aren't experienced with boards like that , it can present a challenge. Best overclocked in windows using software rather than bios, which some people don't care for.
I've had the GD 80 for over 2 years, most of it running the 8350 at 1.4ghz idle 5 ghz load.
You might try turning off LLC , those asrock boards are damn heavy handed with the voltage when it's enabled.
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