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Futuremark]s 3d benches have been used by many as a way to compare relative gaming performance across platforms , that being given I think it's why lirarian brought it here. I'd agree with him in that there isn't much difference between those i7's and the FX for the vast majority of games when played at resolutions and settings most common to modern gamers.Firestrike misrepresents the value of H/T as it relates to gaming in a way that reflects positively upon the Intel...
In auto, it most likely will send the voltage required to the ram and cpu/nb based on the frequency and timings of the ram- only up to a certain point however. Beyond that you will have to manually add voltage to stablize it.It crashed at those settings , so I don't know how you can say it was "running fine".If it were me , I'd choose your desired ram frequency, leave other settings in auto except for voltage to the ram, set it at 1.65.If you aren't running the latest...
Explain why if there is a 46 % difference in relative performance of the cpu by it's own measure, why does it show such a huge difference in the combined test?
Comparison between the 4790k and the FX 8370. The Intel rig is running 2933 mhz ram , the 8370 is running 2400 mhz.Shows a 46 % advantage clock for clock in the physics test but that's not what bothers me about 3dmark's Intel bias. It's the combined score where they really stick it to the FX 8 core.EDIT: linky
Firestrike gimps the crap out of FX 8 core chips, looks about right to me.
My FX rigs will behave this way if something isn't stable. Might be signs of instability creeping up in an older system. However I did have issues with usb input lag on p67 and Z68 boards.
Yes, quads have been dead to me for almost 4 years now ( yes even the ones with HT). Bulldozer's 4 module 8 core design is superior to 4c W/HT , it was simply hamstrung by it's IPC deficit and to a lesser degree , shared resources. If the IPC was at the level of Sandy bridge, an FX clocked to 9590 speeds would have stomped every 4C/8T Intel made to this day ( stock vs stock) in the majority of apps ( given they made use of instruction sets both possessed).
It will be interesting to see how well gaming performance will scale across all the threads available to a Zen chip Vs Intel's hyperthreading. Hyperthreading has arguably been a flop in that regard in many situations.I think it's likely to have an advantage in well threaded games , particularly at high resolutions and better scaling than Intel chips with similar thread counts, particularly when used with multiple graphics cards.Fun to speculate
lolI've wondered if the center section of the US could make a better go of things on it's own . ND SD KS OK TX NE . Oil, Corn , Cattle , wheat, pork , poultry , - bunch of well armed , hard working people - what else would a start up country need? The idea might gain a lot of traction if the social security system fails.
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