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Just got a 1075T and was considering doing a comparison using it against the 8 core FX. If I could stabilize it at these clocks, would the Thuban fans be satisfied with it as a decent representative in the comparison? If not, what would your suggestions be?
I actually like the behemoth part of the game - it's fun to snipe the gunners off the zepplins and there are few things more satisfying in gaming than laying 3 or 4 charges on the tracks just before the train comes a long..... boooooom!
Your motherboard, cooling, and power are going to limit any 8 core FX to around 4.5 ghz , so it doesn't really matter which one you get.
I'd put my money on the psu being on it's way out.
EEEP. what psu are you using?
If it shut down due to core temps at stock settings with virtually any AIO cooler, something is horribly wrong ( bad cold plate is improperly mounted most likely).
Glad it's running better for you.As for core temps I would bet they are pretty close to being right. Contrary to what the haters would have you believe - FX 8350 actually runs quite cool at stock settings, it's when you push them that they make the heat. The other thing to understand is that their core temperature is figured by an Algorithm not by an actual sensor and it tends to under report temps below 30 C - also, HWINFO somtimes reports core temp as package temp , and...
Why not use HWINFO for temps? You already have it installed. Rust uses the same engine as Day Z ( unity). Which doesn't make good use of what the FX has to offer in general. However, all things being equal ( no gimps towards amd or missing instruction sets ) the single core performance of the 8350 should be about the same as your intel rig at stock - so I'd expect it to be no more than 25% lower in the absolute worst of circumstances as far as fps goes considering the...
Curious what your task manager process tab looks like if you select show process's from other users when the stuttering starts.
Yes it is, considering futuremark generally dry humps Intel rigs whilst rearending anything AMD3770K is arguably the most disappointing cpu I've ever owned. My 2600k would clock 400 mhz higher on half the cooling.
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