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Good advice ^
Oh yes, I'm the most delicate flower in all of the tech gardenlol Actually It takes a fairly secure person to run an FX in this neck of the woods I wonder how staggeringly huge the dollar amount that people spend fighting insecurities is????? Makeup, push up bra's, plastic surgeries...... i 7's......
Miss matched ram
Nearly impossible to tell the difference in gaming at the settings etc I use.
I happened to think of this last night, how much does GTA V benefit from HT? Have you compared your rig with and without it? On my Vishera platform, it scales very well between 4 and 6 cores, and even gains 5 + % going from 6 to 8 .I'd be curious to see if it makes use of threads beyond 4 on the DC platform.
You don't have it bookmarked???? I'm hurt Here you go
I think Bilko meant within the context of relative performance.I've gotten over 100 gflops running my Vishera while locked at 1400mhz
Yeah , even at 1920 X 1080, I can't come close to maxxing out the settings in the bench with the 780ti, memory limit exceded= crash.I don't think I'll make the move to 4k anytime soon .The differences in Vram are certainly something one should consider - especially in light of where things are headed.I like my 290X lightning as well, but it's just so dang big!
Interesting , thank you.For the youtube video, I was running dual monitors and had shadowplay recording , not sure how much difference it makes honestly.Less than a 5% difference between the average fps - 5ghz Vishera 780ti at stock vs 4790K at 4gh/4.4ghz turbo with a slightly overclocked 290X.Vs the first run the Vishera rig had about a 3% lead in average fps both cards at stock with the background stuff running.Very close at these settings no matter how you look at...
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