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Depends, if the heatspreader is terribly misshapen , it can be a good way of improving temps. If you have a good straight edge ( razor blade works well) use it to see how flat the heatspreader is.
Unexplained slowdowns can mean instability, ram would be my first suspect if the clock stays the same.
The scores seem about right, firestrike gimps the crap out of FX systems, especially with multi gpu setups. I pretty much ignore the benchmark because of this. Try it on the ultra settings see where you end up. That looks to be a really nice system you have there, should be able to push that 9370 to 5 ghz , just make sure to have good airflow over the vrm's and even a fan blowing on the socket area behind the motherboard helps.
This is another thing that might point to a problem with the psu, during CB 15, the gpu is idling not using very much juice at all. Start BF4 and everybody has to go to work, also adding heat , possibly causing throttling as well. If you get the system running again , you should try HWINFO in the background and check clockspeeds etc. while gaming.
I keep knocking back the voltage - 4 hours of gaming ( bf4-csgo-css)
Nothing I have posted here is misleading . I have said many times in this thread that the information contained here may be gospel to some and useless to others based on how similarly they use their rigs to the way I use mine.I have also said that there isn't much difference between the 2 being compared in multiplayer games I play at the settings I use and there isn't. I don't have the resources to fairly bench both machines in multiplayer situations - it just isn't...
I have posted absolutely nothing misleading in this thread.
Player ability, network issues USB input lag, and display response time are the "King" of problems with performance in CS:GO, fps dipping below 200 is so far down the list it's laughable. As for dumbing down the settings to gain an advantage by gimping smoke nades etc. I think I'd feel cheap and dirty if I did and I've never had a problem doing well in CS:GO without it.I have over 10,000 hours of playtime in CSS, twice being recruited by professional teams - I'm not...
In Bf 4 mp the 4790k has no real advantage over the fx in my situation.A while back you said it was important to maintain at least the tick rate in fps which you said was 128. Now it is 200 .You are welcome to your point of view ,but i think that is just plain silly.
Ouch, never seen anything close to that .My settings and fps for CSGO 10 vs 10 on dust.
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