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Content added ( hope you dont mind Blameless ) [[SPOILER]]
Why I find it very hard to believe that's a 6600k1. You said yourself that you were getting 90% usage on your 6700k , the cpu in the video was in the 70's or there about's.2. I have a 4790k that I played a few 64 player maps on without h/t enabled@ 4.4ghz - cpu usage pretty much pegged at 100% pushing a much less powerful 290X all and fps minimums were as low as the high 40's. The same machine with h/t enabled will pull about the same fps/cpu usage your video...
The cpu usage is all wrong for a 4 thread machine in the video. It is almost identical to my 4790k as an 8 threaded machine at 4.9 ghz though.
It's also not a 6600k [[SPOILER]]
Curious what you get from your 2600k rig on 64 player maps, I have a 2600k and 7970 but don't have BF1 downloaded on that machine yet.
I use fraps fps tool to record the frames then use open office to make the spread sheet the graph is generated by.MSI's afterburner does a good job of displaying fps in real time on a graph but I haven't used it to log values - I think it can, just haven't bothered to do it.Edit: That's a pretty good 3dmark score. Watch the temps BF1 will load it pretty heavily - 4.4 ghz is about the limit of what I can do on stock coolers ( non wraith).
ST. Quentin's Scar Ultra settings 64 player default fovEDIT: In the game's current incarnation with my particular hardware combination, the different maps are pretty close when I graph long periods of gameplay.Low settings see the Fury running around 70% utilization , high starts bumping into 100% usage with 85% probably being the average , ultra is 90% average with more frequent instances of 100% usage.100 fps is normal for average on ultra with low averaging close...
4 year old windows install gets kinda cluttered ;PUltra settings 64 player Sinai map about a third of a full round - FX 8 core at 9590 clocks Fury at stock 1080 res.Minimum 70 maximum 164 average 104
Get that FX running 4.5 Ghz + and if its running properly , you should easily get 60 fps minimums in BF1 - even on 64 player maps ( DX 11).Example of what is possible using a similar tier graphics card and an FX with some more clock in it recorded fps for nearly an entire 64 player game on the Amiens map. FX 8 core with a fury on low graphics settings DX 11 1080 resMinimum was 77fps maximum was 176 average was 116 fps.
Weird ram config. I'd ditch one of the sticks and run 8 gbs in dual channel. It's a bit of a long shot, but it could actually be holding your OC back a bit.
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