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Good point , better look here ( i think this is your board) before purchasing a new cpu. Make sure to update the bios before removing the old chip too.
clan tag "lucky"- "cssorkinman" - put a lot of thought into it lol . There was a time where a half dozen of my clanmates would get together to play, it was so much fun. I remember loading up a helo , jumping out whilst delpoying mines and C4 on enemy vehicles, it was a hoot.
I do occasionally. It's more fun than the new ones are IMHO
If you go far enough south , eventually you will be north of Canada
Reminds me of the last time I ate at Taco bell.To the OP,Your motherboard and psu are not well suited for any kind of an overclock on the 8 core Vishera's. A 24/7 5 ghz stable overclock requires a top tier motherboard , very good cooling ( best clc or decent custom loop) and a psu with plenty of amps on preferrably a single 12 volt rail. Most of the 8XXX Vishera's have a fairly significant voltage wall at 4.7ghz or so, getting past that takes some good equipment.
Me too
If the 95 watt Vishera 8 cores clock like my 95 watt X 6 Thubans do in comparison to the 125-140 watt versions, those" e " chips could be great overclockers.
You can't expect the same results on different voltages. Loaded voltage is what you need to pay attention to with a non LLC board. As for not working with a FX-9XXX? - FX - 9370 @ 5740mhz MSI 990FXA GD-80 with an H-100
In benching and validations on water cooling GD-80 spanks my 2 CHVZ's fairly handily. In stress testing the LLC features of the ASUS boards help , but they do so at a fairly significant thermal penalty. The CHV-Z does have a clear advantage in high frequency memory clocking however.I can get better Htt and NB speeds from the GD-80 and as such the memory frequency deficit is nearly made up for. I can run CL-9 2133 ram at cl 9 2200 mhz + and the AIDA 64 memory...
It isvery clos to the best you will do without upgrading hardware. Is it safe?? I'd say for everyday use probably, but when if it gets under a long duration heavy load, I think bad things will happen, just my opinion.If I get time I will post how my OCCT graphs look so you can compare.
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