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Um , guys..... he says he has a socket 939 motherboard and DDR 400 ram .... with a 1055T. What is wrong with that picture??? Either the op hasn't got any idea of what he has or is up to no good intentionally.
It's the 1055T it doesn't belong there.
I'd bet it's getting hot flashes instead, are you watching your temps when these "freezes" happen? What clock and voltage are you running?
Ack arthritis! I realize it's immune related but the jobs I had in my younger days didn't help - Farmer/rancher ( nothing tears up your hands like fixing barbed wire fences) sorting mail ( 1st class mail sorting - manually bundling using heavy rubber bands up to 10,000 pieces an hour) material handler ( manually stacking bags up to 62 pounds on pallets or repackaging them 2500 + in a 12 hour shift 60 to 80 hrs a week - yeah i lifted.. bro - lol). The tips of my...
Koolance 380A, 3/4 inch tubing , 480mm koolance 30fpi radiator and I think it was on a 5gpm pump. I don't recall the volts on the accidental 4.6 but the temps were fine( on the chip- don't remember how the board's were). That chip will validate at 4.6ghz as an x6 on 1.424 volts on a motherboard without LLC - it's a dandy.
Great synopsis! Rep to you
I have 3 X 6 b thubans that I've had running 4.5 ghz plus, they are nice but they aren't nearly as quick as what my 8 core Vishera's are for my daily mix of gaming ,surfing, chatting etc. The best of the x6's is a 960T that I had running 4.6 Ghz on a 480mm loop for benching etc, A few days went by and I restarted the rig at those clocks without realizing it, after about 2 hours of screwin around , gaming etc, I checked where it was at. Whoops, checked temps etc they...
I think you hit the nail on the head, most people don't understand MSI.
No love for the GD-80 , sigh....... ( still my favorite)
Very nice, except the wprime 32M score. You need to set it to use 8 threads under the advanced settings tab.Should look something like this:
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