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You really have to go out of your way to find or create a situation where Intel's advantage will actually be noticeable during normal gaming. A little something for the non-believers
Some good deals on the egg now for Coolermaster cases - example 935 stacker for $119 AR EDIT : HAF XM is $69
That's not even the least bit amazing compared to the fact that you went back to a time before R15 or Vishera to do that run... ( hehe check windows date in lower right corner.)Nice score Obscure
Is this any consolation?? [[SPOILER]]
Shiny indeed! Have fun!
There comes a point at which there are diminishing returns for the amount of voltage invested, each chip is different so it can vary by quite a bit. The 8370e has a very defined wall at 4.960 ghz which is higher than my other 8XXX's. At that clockspeed and below it is quite efficient by comparison, but to push beyond that clockspeed takes a ton more voltage. 1.44v vs 1.53 or so for just 100mhz of stable OC gained.The FX's are very tolerant of higher voltages, so long as...
It's very dependent on what you do with your rig.In my opinion, the most practical overclock is one that runs at the highest speed just below the voltage wall and is stable. It varies from chip to chip but generally it is around 4.7 ghz or so.
Looks good to me.Now that you are confident it will finish CB at that clock without going over temp, try it again with only CB open and see how much better the score is
FWIW My CHV-Z 8350 @ 4.8ghz ( 1.52V) stock 7970,5 fans 1 ssd 1 hdd 1 b-ray player with a thermaltake 2.0 water extreme equipped rig pulls close to 600 watts from the wall when prime 95 and valley are running simultaneously. This is with an NZXT HALE 90 850 M psu as measured by a cyberpower UPS. Another fellow has similar usage in this video
You might consider the FX 8370E, it's much easier to manage heat wise than my FX-9370. The downside is it doesn't seem to have as much overclocking headroom as the 9xxx. The 8370e I have will run 4.960 ghz on 1.44 volts on all 8 cores, which is faster than the stock 9590 on a well threaded load. Examples here: It's going to depend on the silicon lotto to a degree, but if you are interested in...
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