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[[SPOILER]] Aim to please
That isn't how I interpreted what was said but there are no shortages of misunderstandings here.
I'm not a fan of stress testing either , but I think if you are going to claim stability you need to frame it so that joe schmo doesn't misunderstand and make purchase decisions based on that misunderstanding.I've been running 4175 mhz for a couple weeks now without any problems during gaming etc, but I wouldn't pop into a forum and proclaim it "stable" without stress testing it or at the very least explain that it's merely stable for gaming /browsing etc.That would...
Just trying to establish a standard for what people call " stable". When people have different ideas about what qualifies for "stable" it leads to a lot of confusion etc.
Nothing is risk free. You can switch it off if you like, without changing clocks doesn't really matter but do so at your own peril.P 95 is a good tool, just one of many. IBT AVX is also a good tool but there are some quirks that will allow one to pass while the other will fail. In my case, there are very few situations where my usage will put any where near the stress on my machine that either one of them do.
Can we see a screenie like this one?
Doesn't need 'em
I was on windows 10 @ 4175 mhz/3333mhz cl14 on that run. Windows seven where the advantage in physic score lies?
PSU is pretty close to maxxed out .Stuff you can try, use the fan from the stock cooler on the 8350 to blow directly down upon the VRM heatsink, this will help a lot.I wouldn't be afraid to bump the ram voltage up to 1.65.I played around with the 970 gaming earlier this year had it paired with an outstanding supporting cast - power and cooling
Yes, I personally have 1 and there are several of them in my builds running 24/7 being used as industrial control workstations. Most of them were built in 2010 I believe., that's pretty close to 60,000 hours of continuous use. The only failure I have had was the sata controller gave up on one about a year ago.
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