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I'd ask the question in the water cooling forum, surely someone there will have an answer for you
I really don't know , I was just throwing it out there as a possibility. By the looks of the tubing, the liquid is subjecting it to something it doesn't like, where the barb protected the tubing from contact with the liquid, it is still clear.
I'm amazed, a 6,000 lb supercrew truck the turns the quarter mile at 14.5 at 95 mph..... stock. That's about what my 1985 Z 28 would do . 365 hp/420ft lbs can really make that truck move
I don't think I'd go the open box route , the one I tried was doa and had a direct short in it somewhere on the board, luckily the chip , ram and graphics card survived. I had to pay return shipping however.... gah. Also ASUS's RMA process can be a pain in the butt , and for me ( have had to do it 2 times now) the cost of shipping the board once almost makes up the difference between the OB and new boards.
I'm getting about 20% better fuel ( little over 18mpg vs in the 15's for my daily commute) economy than I did with my 5.4 and it is significantly faster - torque out the wazoo.... even without an AMD sticker...lolThe funny thing is, if you had told me 10 years ago that I'd own a gas 6 cylinder full size pickup today i would have said you are nuts!
I HATE when that happens. ( actually I havent had that happen, but the F350 at work had a 7.3 diesel in it that would go into shutdown mode due to exhaust temps, slowing you to a crawl when pulling a load - put a pyrometer on it, then a chip /controller in it and awwwwaaaay we go!).Overclockers and gearheads seem to be similar creatures.way way way ot.... I'm quite impressed with the 3.5 ecoboost in my FX4
I think you need to slow down and take a breath or 2, Older i 7's meant older than the 4790k.It doesn't have much to do with clockspeed , stock vishera vs overclocked i 7's , it doesn't make a difference nor does the speed of the SSD involved , it might be the way windows spawns threads etc. I really don't know why.At any rate , it's not really worth getting upset over.
They work best if you use them to hold the wastegate shut when you hit turbo clocks
I have extras if you want to boost your rig
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