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That's a fresh one.1.45 volts , 23.5 multi, LLC very high * shot in the dark * lol
Really don't know , but it's quiet and I went from hitting 100C on the stock cooler to barely hitting the 80's at 900mhz higher clocks.
It's on my Z87 / 4790k rig , love the h100i gtx though, will keep it cool up to 4.9ghz on most anything except AVX2 enabled stuff.
For daily use , I prefer the new ones. But the early ones are probably more fun to bench - less touchy about voltage and heat.
It takes for ever to initialize on the system I have it on
Corsair link is , the logitech stuff uses a surprising amount of resources
Delays make me crazy, boot , application switches, etc..... It's why I can't stand using my Ivy and Sandy i7 Intel rigs on a daily basis.
Cold boot. Kingston Hyper X 128 SSD.I could get some more out of it by unplugging drives, eliminating usb peripherals, and disabling more things in bios, but there honestly isn't a lot of room for improvement time wise.Enable fast boot and disable all unnecessary items in windows startup.About the best " normal" boot time I can get is around twice that amount of time with windows 7 64 bit.
Not sure if it would help, as you say the delay is in the post part of the start up, but you could try to disable startup items in windows and see if that improves your strart up time.I'd also try eliminating any USB peripherals - they can stall the crap out of a machine.This is my boot time with an FX 8370 on a CHV-Z with most windows startup programs disabled and a few bios tweaks ( fast boot etc)
I see, I appreciate the information.My mind must be growing feeble, I would have sworn that there was a difference when I was comparing them before buying the CHV-Z in February of 2013.
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