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I plopped the 8370e on the MSI 990 gaming board and have started testing. 4.6 ghz took about 1.36 volts for wprime 1024 and firestrike but pov ray 3.7 took 1.424 as did Realbench.This seems like a heck of a score for only 4.6 ghz - anyone else ran version 2.43 with their Vishera?
On the GD 80 I have, with the bios it has, it defaults to a setting where it alternates phases. You have to change a setting to get it to use all phases all the time. It has these settings for both cpu and ram.
I think you may have been testing the 9590 before you realized there were controls for the cpu phases on the GD-80 or perhaps later bios have safety features for the 220 watt cpu's. In the case of the 990 Gaming , it locks the cpu voltage when my 9370 is place on it when running the latest bios .The only time I've ever had a hard stop with the GD-80 is when I've tripped the OCP on my 850 watt seasonic gold rated PSU.
Pretty much all of which point to the fact that if you have an FX 8 core running 4.7ghz on a 1080 monitor at 60hz spending 500+ for an platform upgrade isn't very cost effective and won't even be noticable on the vast majority of games out there.Regardless of what you want to say or believe the 8350 was realeased in oct. 2012.People who refuse to acknowledge they are mistaken deny themselves the delicous fruit of enlightenment. I don't see much point in discussing...
Glad you posted that graph, ( you are mistaken about the 8350's age btw - it was released in oct 2012 ) 8350 produces more average fps than the 4770K? (at about half the cost) minimum fps means absolutely nothing with out any other point of reference btw , I've seen it many times where it is expressed during a cut scene or other part of a benchmark that is meaningless. I've seen this happen on several benches - run bioshock infinite's benchmark and pay attention to...
That's always been my concern with those probes, wish there was a better way.
That won't happen if you have phase management disabled ( at least on the bios version I have).
That was my first thought. Pretty sure my 8370e would run it at those clocks, with a slushbox etc.
Kinda wonder why this guy is so much more efficient despite running single channel.
Once you start overclocking , all the responsibility for hardware safety is on the user - Most MSI AMD AM2 AM2+ AM3 and AM3+ don't have any self protection features - the GD80 I have would sooner burn itself to the ground than throttle , placing all the responsibilty of deciding when temps and volts are too much on me - which I happen to like , but gets people into trouble if they don't have an understanding of the board.Alastair has a great grasp on the AM3+...
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