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Amazingly it survived - N620 cooling it at the time. That chip would prime at 4.2 ghz on stock voltage ( 1.38v) one of the best I've heard of. I later managed to hit 4.9ghz with it on cold water - I had a sceenshot , but the drive failed shortly thereafter and I lost any proof I could provide.
It slammed 1.68 volts to my best 965 BE with a setting of 1.48 , I don't think I've ever been more annoyed with a motherboard. Fueled my disdain for LLC in general as well.
You may be able to go further using the multiplier because fsb clocking isn't really a strength of that particular board based on my experience. However, if you place a load on it at speeds/voltages above where you are now, I think bad things will happen. The motherboard you have is a 4+1 phase design, which is fine for pushing lesser chips, but the Vishera is very demanding as far as power delivery is concerned.My 990 extreme 3 tends to be very heavy handed with any...
Yes, some models ( not sure if all of them are) of the corsair CX are also made by Channel Well, but I believe the cx or vs are the cheapest models offered by Corsair, with an 80 plus bronze rating.The Chieftec he was referencing is an 80 plus gold rated psu that I believe may be the top offering the company sells.
That particular unit can deliver more power than it's rated at and do so @ over 90% efficiency.
Just my opinion, but I think you are at the limit of what your motherboard and cooling can deliver. I don't think you will go much further without upgrading them both. Even where you currently are is a pretty good load for that motherboard, make sure you have good airflow over the VRMS etc.The power supply is actually made by Channel Well and should be of very good quality.
The extreme 3 is an ok board ( I have one), but it's not going to safely push an 8 core very much further than you are right now . What cooler are you using? What psu?
Credibility = 0
So that mess was quicker than a printscreen? Yeah ok....
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