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Depressing is dropping $4000 on a dual socket 771 QX 9775 rig only to have an $800 Fx system match it three years later.
I had the FF code boot loop on one of my CHV-Z's that wasn't recoverable, but it would never start windows when that happened. RMA'd it and so far it seems to be doing ok.
That is a bit puzzling.Any recent changes, driver updates etc?What psu are you running?EDIT: I peeked at the picture of your sig rig , HX 1000 should be good.
Ram will be fine, personally I'd set it at 1.65 volts and see what happens.Normally it's not necessary to change the NB voltage, but my 990 gaming's seem to respond to it . I'd set it to auto with the ram at 1.65 and see what happens first, then consider bumping it or the cpu/nb.What are your cpu multiplier and cpu bus settings?
The 990 gaming tends to run a little low on NB voltage. I had to set mine to 1.25 in bios in order to pass IBT AVX at 5 ghz on the 8370e. You might try bumping yours a bit ( at your own risk of course)
It will do that all on it's own when left at default settings.Try downloading HWINFO and see what it reports for clockspeeds when under a load such as superpi.
I dont think overdrive will work with that chipset.
In reality, it can't.There is an algorithm that AMD uses to figure core temps on FX , it isn't accurate until core temps reach 30C + , generally.
It's confusing , but the package temp on hwinfo is the actual cpu core temp, cpu temp in hwinfo is the socket temp.At 32C max core temp, you have a ton of thermal headroom on the core.As for the socket temp, do what you can to get some airflow on that area, place a fan on the back side of the motherboard over the socket area if you can.
Yeah that's a bit ridiculous price wise.Going to have to get lucky to find one on those platforms I'd think. K7 era had a few boards that should work, willing to go back that far?Will a voodoo 4 work on agp 4X 8X?
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