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I'll get the ball rolling with some non- intimidating ambient temp scores cssorkinmanaquamark - 3275673D01 - 792823D03 - 46478Rig pic ( electronic spaghetti lol ) [[SPOILER]]
The beast kit I have isn't real good at running tight timings at lower clocks, I'd give the trident kit the edge there.If you can get the beasts to run 2400 + they can keep up with most kits. Just kind of depends on if you want good latecy or good thoughput.
I'm so poor at ram tuning , I just don't need the extra challenge of trying to get different sets of ram to cooperate with each other
Yikes! Heaven's sakes yes or remove the vengence and run just the ripjaws. Mixing ram is about the best way I know to torpedo good performance on the Vishera
The vengence set in your sig should be good for 10-12-11-31 2T 2133 mhz at 1.65 volts to the ram and 1.4 volts to the cpu/nb . Your mileage may vary however.
Very similar to the ones I have , but it may be hard for certain cpu and motherboard combinations to get them to run at rated speeds etc.Most people have better luck with 1866 to 2133 rated kits with tighter timings. Such as the Tridents i listed earlier.
I wish it was easier, but in the case of the Avexir, i think that might be all they are selling in DDR3 , not sure though. Look for reviews particular sets , usually they will let you know.
Again, single density, which will run at a higher frequency , but perform poorly compared to double density. In my case , it's been impossible for me to run at a high enough frequency to allow it to perform better than my double density kits.
I think that would be a poor choice honestly - I'm betting it's single density.
Sorry,The point I was trying to make was that the same kit may not be the best in all situations.In your situation I might suggest Gskill tridents such as these - there are other members here that are a much better resource for advice on memory.
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