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I do
How much longer are they under warranty?
This bench will bring the heat , managed to pass it 4960mhz on 1.44 volts Pay attention to the score as well, more than a match for my Sandy's or Ivy. My IBT effort from yesterday 4Ghz 1.2 volts actual
5ghz cb 15 - 800The 8370e came with the rather anemic 95 watt cooler - didn't bother trying it.
The LLC setting is high enough that it maintains the voltage that it is set to supply, with tiny overshoots here and there. I have HWmonitor open during the tests to capture all of that activity. I believe 1.2 volts is the maximum the chip was supplied during the successful IBT AVX test,I will check when I get home. I also believe I can knock a little off that voltage and still pass.
Tested at 1.15 volts, failed at third pass 1.175 failed at 9th pass 1.2 volts passed.. I'll post the screenies when I get home from work in the morning.
What would your preferred test for undervolting at 4 ghz?
Here you go - 4.7 ghz 1.404 volts.I took a SS during the test as proof of no shenanigans or any boost from LLC . I'd welcome anyone to match these with the same level of proof Maxxmem 4960MhzReal bench 4960Mhz @ 1.44 V
It means it will pass the first 15 minutes of prime 95 at a given speed and voltage, just a way to compare against other chips I have testing in the same manner. I don't claim absolute stability, ( there really is no such thing). Given the same set of circumstances, my 8350's need almost a full .1 of a volt. And no, I am not interested in running prime 95 for hours on end ;P.I'll have to dig through my SS's to see what the 9370 needed, when I find it, I'll post that...
-1 usually means it was unstable
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