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It's been a great overclocking board for me, that's for sure. The automatic "MAX FSB" feature in bios is the best thing since sliced bread as far as I'm concerned - such a time saver.I wish the 990FX GD-80 had it
I fibbed , it was 4.6
My 840 hit 4.5 on a stock cooler, it is a little monster
THIS^ and THAT^ .I am in agreement with both of you .
This ^
Maybe a touch high , but not terribly so. 240 MM clc's struggle to cool these chips while priming above 4.8 or so.
I had done it before with the 8320 and someone doubted my honesty, so I had to defend my reputation by doing that stunt again with my 8350 while on video Any load at all would just be silly.I didn't get to play with the 8320 much at all, but the 8350 rig in the video will run 5ghz as a daily overclock on an H-100 and can make use of cool and quiet while doing so.It's a pretty good chip and the board it's on runs cooler than most.
Welcome ! Have fun with the new rigs
Looks good What are you getting for temps?
I have an 8350/single 7970 rig with a CHV-Z and thermaltake 2.0 water extreme on it.It has a NZXT 850 watt psu which has plenty of headroom for even my highest overclocks (5.5ghz + ).I'd ask Shilka if I were you , before making a purchase of a new PSU - he knows his stuff
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