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I've found that my 8370e runs very cool at lower voltages, but once you add the V , the temps rise very quickly. The most practical overclock I've found for mine is 4.96ghz on 1.44 volts.Good luck with the new chip!This may give you some points of reference :
Both, but this thread is for 3dmark
Yes, hideous creature known to live under a bridge along the path to the land of stability.
There is a troll that approaches you between 30 and 40 passes ,I've encountered him many times.
Just for giggles, what are you running for HT link speed?
Mostly because it seems to be a crummy benchmark , how else would I get higher Gflops at 2500 MHz than stock on the 8370?
The second picture looks like a case of throttling, or perhaps something was running in the background that interfered with IBT , interesting pattern to those gflop scores.Like I said earlier, that Gflop number is pretty much worthless as far as I am concerned, I can get 105 gflops at 2.5 ghz on the 8370E. I think they actually went up the lower I clocked the rig.
Mixing ram = You might actually be better off to pull out the poorer set of ram and go with the better ones. Also, you may be hurting yourself by upping cpu/nb , it can add heat which is stability's worst enemy , particularly on boards without LLC. Just something to consider.
I really don't like click bios just my opinion.
Another tip for daily operation, allow the system to sleep rather than turning it off and you won't have to bother with re-entering the oc values in control center at the next start up.
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