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What bios are you running?
I've been able to run 4150 mhz at 1.432 volts with llc2 on my Titanium for gaming and other "normal" use , but that setting is not stress test stable at that clockspeed/voltage.4 slots populated?
Is that about the difference the bias makes? [[SPOILER]]
Looks like that is going to be your clockspeed limit for that particular test ( what was your score btw?) . Better cooling might get you a little further but you'll bump into the cpu's limit or ocp within 100 mhz anyhow. What do you normally use your machine for?
I wouldn't mess with the ocp settings. LLC levels 1 and 2 boost v core slightly above bios setting when under load - 3 is pretty close to maintaining the bios setting - 4 and 5 allow for some v-droop in bios 1.1. ( assume you have the titanium?)Bios 1.5 is the latest stable version and offers some increased memory compatibility over previous versions.Your ambient is pretty high , going to be more of a challenge to cool it in light of that fact.
At the speeds he was referencing I assumed he was using a fixed voltage setting in bios with some degree of LLC. If you have your voltage settings in bios to auto with a multiplier less than 40 and core boost enabled it can really hit some high voltages - don't think I've seen 1.5 though. I always disable core boost when overclocking , if I do that and leave core voltage and LLC settings to auto it will set the core voltage to 1.352 and will boost to 1.36 under...
No on the temps as far as I could tell and not really to the less voltage either. I reverted to what had been stable settings for 4.1ghz but forgot to disable core boost and fought it for a while before I realized what I had missed, switched it off and boom... stable again.
Seems to be. It introduces instability if I leave it enabled and there seems to be no benefit when pushing above 4 ghz.Also, it looks for all the world as though going above 1.45 volts under a heavy load on 16 threads may require adjusting some of the over current protections in the bios on my Titanium.
Disable that if you are going for 4 ghz + on MSI boards
Last time I installed Acronis, you need only to have 1 WD drive on your machine to use it. - doesnt have to have anything on it , just has to be recognized.
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