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I think we all know why.
Fairly normal, that's where the voltage wall is for most 8350's. Additionally, you could start to run into power problems, that's a multi 12 volt rail psu @ 20 amps per rail.
Here's one with the same drivers
I dunno, my FX - 8350 and 3770K I 7 are about the same
Don't need one, just the serial number on the board.
I appreciate your input I'd agree that there are better values out there, but in general I've thought of that recommendation to be as "safe" as any.Thanks again
I generally recommend gold rated seasonic's, do you consider that a good call Shilka?
I've used 6 of these now and have had very good performance/durability've also used several Intel SSD's and for durability, I don't think you could beat them, but the Kingston I linked above hasn't had any problems and they seem to perform better.Some models of the Samsungs are very good too, but you have to be careful about selecting the right models and I'm not up on that
Unless your goal is to be able to run over 4.7 ghz or so, I'd go with the FX-8320 and put the money saved into a 120 gb SSD for the OS or a good cooling solution ( twin tower air or a 240 CLC if it will fit in your case). It's relatively easy to get the vishera FX's to run 4.5 ghz on a decent board, psu and cooling, but much higher than that and there is a pretty significant voltage wall. Running above that wall is probably more expensive than it is worth - you need...
I forgot a few, but I think 30+ cpu's is probably enough, and I suspect my wife is in agreement
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