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I'd be interested in seeing Aida64 scores at those settings
It's like Johan says, it really depends on the particular ram kit you have. I've messed with a dozen different kits running from from CL6 running 1800 to CL12 running 2600+. I've not been able to beat my high frequency Kingston's shown in this SS. I say that with the acknowledgement that I am among the worlds worst memory tuners - I just don't have the patience to do it right
Good point, nobody likes the bork
I have 2, 8350's that will run 5 ghz on 240 mm clc's for normal usage, but for stress testing they are heat limited to about 4.8Ghz on long duration tests like prime 95. The FX-9370 I have hits 50 C(5ghz) on prime 95 even when being cooled by a 480 mm custom loop. It's going to depend on just where the voltage wall for your chip is, but the most practical use of these 8 core FX's is to stay just under that wall at the highest clock you can. In the neighborhood...
Probably just due to the games ability to make use of the hardware available in most cases (Example - poorly threaded game with an 8 core cpu).I ran world of tanks benchmarking tool at 1920x1200 graphics settings at maximum on my 8350/7970 rig. Overall cpu usage was about 20% with the maximum on any one core being about 80%. Gpu usage was in the mid 80's for most of the bench with lows in the 70's and the high being 96%. Even with the game only using 1 thread, it's...
My 9370 will run on less voltage than my 8xxx's when at high overclocks, but it runs much hotter.
Is that the EVO board?
Do so only if you are willing to risk breaking something, but i think up to 1.35 would be fine on the cpu. What motherboard are you using?
Looks like you may have a chip with one defective core that won't unlock. It happens sometimes. You may want to bump the voltage up a little bit to see if that will wake up the 6 th core, but there are no promises . Not sure what cooling etc you have but a minor bump in voltage should be ok, watch your temps if you try introducing a load to the system.
A little something to help you sleep
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