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And the easiest for me to forget how to do apparently My old Barton spent most of its useful life at 2.2 ghz on settings I established in 2004. I recently had to replace all the caps on the motherboard and the bios lost all those settings during the process.My recent efforts in trying to overclock that old rig remind me of a Randy Quaid quote from days of thunder " I end up looking like a monkey trying to ( expletive deleted) a football"Part of the problem is that the...
So you think I should worry about something I can't physically perceive at settings I will never use? lol
I guess I don't see much of a point to it. I can play BF4 at ultra settings at 1200p without dropping below 52 fps and averaging over 60. I have no desire to play the game at lower graphics settings.
If you are having performance issues with the Vishera they most often are related to stability, caused by incorrect settings, poor cooling, powersupply's or motherboards that just don't have the cajone's to push 8 cores. 8350 @ 5088 mhz ram at 2600mhz cl12 - 7970 at stock - Full 64 person server (shanghi) 1920 x 1200 ultra settings gpu usage = 95% + cpu usage = 60 to 80% across all cores. 60 fps + much of the time - 52 fps lowest observed with fraps.
+ 13
Could I see a picture of your desktop as it sits right now please?
I think we all know why.
Fairly normal, that's where the voltage wall is for most 8350's. Additionally, you could start to run into power problems, that's a multi 12 volt rail psu @ 20 amps per rail.
Here's one with the same drivers
I dunno, my FX - 8350 and 3770K I 7 are about the same
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