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Does it change when you go to servers with less players?
That's tempting - sure would take a lot of the work out of swapping platforms back and forth on the only custom loop I have. ( or Icould buy some more dripless disconnect , but wow that gets expensive).
Are those available yet? I haven't managed to find one - I'd like to be able to use that on my daily rig .
Could be heat, was your 270 a blower style cooler? Does the 1070 dump heat in to your case? How is the airflow around your VRM/socket?
That's not correct in my experience with the FX , for example going from Cl 6 1600 mhz to cl 12 2400 mhz ram will gain about the exact same percentage as shown in the slide above in futuremark's api feature test draw calls. ( 780ti )
That's about what I get at 4.4 ghz with HT disabled on my 4790k 290 X rig with dips into the 40's - 64 player servers 1080 depending on the graphics settings
Dealing Mr. Hueristic in
My 2600k would prime at 5 ghz on an h60 when it was new - amazes me to this day ( 1.42 volts , irrc) Just managed 174 on the single thread at 4.4 on 4790k ( 2933 d- plats).
A million AMD users purchasing ddr4 for the first time.
Kill all back ground processes and set priority to real time.
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