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Nice rig .Vishera's are great to play with - have fun!
I assume that you are looking to gain thermal headroom.I'd set the core votage to 1.38, LLC at very high and drop the multiplier to 21. Then work your way back up to higher clocks/voltages to where you near the coolers capacity to keep the chip cool .
I think you misunderstood me, SHOW me where it happens
Show me where that happens
What were your core temps?
He'll be fine at 1.45 volts as a setting, without llc under full load it will be running 1.38 volts , which won't hurt a thing and should get him a stable 4.5 as a starting point. ( both of my 8350's are right in this area , early batch numbers though).It would be helpful to know what the batch number is on the cpu, the newer ones get by on less voltage but are almost "brittle" when it comes to heat management. ( i.e. a small amount of increased voltage = large increase in...
I really have quit paying attention to online benchmarks, much preferring to do my own comparisons . It's the only way a person will know the whole story and I'm fortunate enough to be able to do that.I've been using my 4790k at stock with a 290X for about a week now , I miss my FX, that's about as much confirmation as I can provide.The reason I bring this up is because I see a huge number of people who would benefit more by spending their money on graphics cards rather...
So that should put ipc at close to 60& better than Vishera, and yet I see precious little difference between the 4790k and FX 8's in gaming situations and actually prefer the Vishera in the desktop. It appears to me that the IPC advantage is either greatly exaggerated or that it isn't all that important for the things that I do i.e. gaming at 1080 + res with the eye candy cranked up on a very good single video card . I'd think that the vast majority of gamers are...
If you have the $400 board How much of an advantage in IPC does the 4790k have vs the 980X?
I have several really good X6 thubans, but even when clocked to 4.5 ghz + I still prefer my 8 Core Vishera's at 4.7 ghz +. Nothing I own ( including my i7's) can touch them for being quick in the desktop environment .
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