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Thanks everyone!
Current setup: CPU: Intel i5 2500k @ Stock Motherboard: Gigabyte H77M-D3H (1155) PSU: Corsair 650w RAM: 8GB GPU: MSI Twn Frzr III 6950 2GB I'm thinking about going to an RX 480 for less than $200, but I'm not sure if it's the best option. Games I play are mostly Planetside 2, Rocket League, War Thunder, but I want to get into GTA V and FO4
I have my ASUS P8Z68-V for sale. Bought it a couple years ago, then switched to Mini-ITX and it's been sitting around ever since. I know it's around $200 new but what is it worth used? There's nothing wrong with it. (And yes I saw the thermal paste after I took the picture and promptly removed it )
Selling my used FIIO E17. I bought this to upgrade from my old E7 and loved it. Perfect for my FLAC collection. It's in great condition and works well without any audio problems. However, there is a slight amount of LCD burn. I am uploading a video to show this and how minor it is. You can easily see the menu and it does not affect it's functionality. It comes with the USB cable and audio (male to male) jack.
Thanks for the info Fred. This is why it's so confusing to explain these types of things to non-builders. I've been building for a few years, and yet even that confused me a bit. Not even mentioning hyperthreading, games that don't use all cores, or overclocking, I could never get that finished in a single presentation. I really have no idea how to sum up CPUs to my audience other than: Intel is a bit more expensive, but also more reliable. AMD is a bit cheaper and much...
I have a project on talking about building a PC and what parts to choose based on price. I'm comparing CPUs and I'm so unfamiliar with AMD, I can't tell which of them is comparable to which Intel CPUs. I can't find a simple chart anywhere, can someone help? I don't want to confuse my audience, so right now I'm just doing: i3 vs A6 i5 vs A8 i7 vs A10 I know it's not that simple, with new generation and models with different stock clocks and whatnot. Any suggestions?
I use to have one of those old Zune 120bg players. Since Zunes are no longer made, do we still need the Zune music program, or can I use it like a Sansa device with simple drag and drop? And I suppose asking if there is a Spotify app would be getting my hopes up
What's the best way to switch to 64 bit? I'd rather not reinstall Windows 7. Would upgrading to Windows 8 64bit be considerably easier?Can you guys tell me which of those cards (GTX 670/680 or HD 7950/7970) would be best for GTA V? Do people still debate on 1/2/4gb cards? It's been awhile since I've lasted checked the specs of cards and what people recommend.
I've had my MSI HD 6950 2GB Twn Frzr III for over a year now. As I've gotten older, I don't game nearly as much. I might play Blacklight: Retribution, Minecraft, The Sims 3, and Skyrim but that's mostly it. And I'm content with how this handles those games. But now that games like FarCry 3, Metro Last Light, GTA V (especially GTA V!) etc are coming out, I'm thinking about upgrading. -I've got Windows 7 32bit with 4gb of Ram. Should I switch to 64 bit and get 8gb of Ram,...
Do these crack as easily as HD 555s?
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