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I am currently running my 8350 at 4 ghz with a 7970 and I get perfect frames at 1440p max settings running starcraft 2 even with maximum units on the map during combat etc... so your frame drops are probably caused by something else. I also changed from 3570k to 8350 and its all the same You should also fill out your system so people can help you better and see if it's something else causing your problems
8150's dont overclock aswell as the piledrivers.
awesome thread! thanks! Easy to pop rivets with screw driver and hammer.
Hm, I'd probably change your back fan to exhaust, just to help get rid of some of the hot air, so it doesnt all run through the radiators as this will capture alot of dust.Is the cooler new? So theres no previous dust build up?Btw, I'm assuming you are using a decent thermal paste on the heatsink? like MX-2? And you also need to make sure its applied correctly.I'm not really understanding how your temperatures can reach 60 degrees at 1.4V with your cooler as according to...
If i'm not wrong, ur water cooler is as good as they get already, so it wont make much difference. When stressinh with hwmonitor, it records the max voltage aswell, whats that reading?Also, make sure ur case is running in a intake and outtake. With ur curremt setup as intake all over, ur trapping heat inside. So it just builds up
i dont think its normal, my ambient is also 30-32 degrees C and with a cooler of similar calibre, theres no way he can be hitting 6x degrees at 1.4V.Btw, have u tried running hwmonitor? Or a similar program so you can see how high the voltage gets? might be ur voltage running wild without u seeing.And as mentioned by other people, airflow is very important. but i just wanna say, when he was stressig the cpu i dont think the graphics card were generating any heat as they...
Not normal, if you haven't already done so, I'd try reseating and reapplying the thermal paste on the cooler. My ambient is 30 degrees and I can still hit about 1.55V before temperatures top 63-65 with a h100i, which should be about the same performance as ur cooler.
Seeing as your having the same problems as me, (high ambient, mines 30) I recommend you move to water cooling. The difference is so noticeable that now I am able to run my cpu at 1.56v and have the temperatures under 65 running prime for 30 minutes. I changed from the Noctua D-14 to corsair h100i, temperatures dropped by about 15 degrees. Reviews online only show about a 5 degrees difference in performance between the 2. However, probably because of the high ambient, the...
Wow, thats ancient! But I still have one up and running. These chips have trouble running over 3.1 GHz, it could just be your limit
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