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You need to grow up kid,please don't speak to me again because I got no time for haters
Well in XS thread freq WR ddr3 cl5 is ddr3 spec,and it not only looks faster it is faster,it may not be a lot faster but given all timings the same Cl6 compared to cl5 in "my" testing that results prove it cl5 is faster even just a little Also in "my testing I know its a lot harder for me to pass 32m result at cl5 then what cl6
Some 4ghz cl5
Little update on 4Ghz,who likes cl5 Bullant - 7M 17.266 {i7-4770K}, Ram @ 1377~ 5-9-6-21,Z97 Asrock OCF
So decided to have play with 4ghz tonight,had couple faster runs but just fail at the end,will try again later push bit more Bullant - 7M 17.313 {i7-4770K}, Ram @ 1377~ 6-9-6-21,Z97 Asrock OCF
Strong board ^
Very nice Dumo @ Sam,would of thought the cl7 with rtls that tight mite have been faster time then the cl8 sub,seem like nice memory's to do the cl7 with tight rtls like that on air Could be really nice kit on cold seeing they also like volts,scale quite nice,they boot 2800mhz on air as well?
Very nice results from all,tested my other untested on cold PSC memory's today Pi's 2300 cl8 -160 2.0v 6-9-6-2800 This kit seems quite good but with limit of 2.0v could really hold this kit back,does pass 32M 6-9-6-21 -1755Mhz,should pass 32m 2800 6-10-6 6-10-6-2820
Testing another new kit of memory's tonight,this kit is quite strong at 2800Mhz not quite as strong when pushing past 2800mhz,well it did boot to windows @ 2880Mhz 6-10-6-24 tight wasn't 32m stable Is good for 32m 6-10-6-21 2800Mhz tight and also 1m stable at 2800mhz 5-10-5 2800Mhz tight 2.25v -160 PSC 2000 Pis cl6
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