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You do man you been quite on the memory clocking lately be nice to see you sub some memory results again ,I guess its good to have a little break from it tho,the thing I like about it is their is always more in it and as we keep learning a little more we can always go back to the old stuff and improve a little
Had little play with ivy last night,not quite pass yet but getting close on 4Ghz and 5Ghz,board is really strong considering im running memory in the wrong slots that doesn't help memory
Yeah I miss my UP5TH,hard to find now, I grabbed a UP4TH the other day
thanks loud Little update,should see another .600 drop on 4ghz once I push little harder like the 5ghz run Bullant - 7M 59.031 {i7-2600K}, Ram @ 1123~ 6-9-6-18 Little 5Ghz run,pushing pretty hard on this run :thumbup:
Hey aero,thanks mate
Little SB @ nearly 2300Mhz 6-8-6-18
Should be bit more later Bullant - 7M 59.234 {i7-2600K}, Ram @ 1123~ 6-9-6-22 Gigabyte UP4TH New 5Ghz
Hey mate,memory was 2300 Pi
Couple failed SB 32m runs,had to run memory in black slots that's not ideal
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