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Strong board ^
Very nice Dumo @ Sam,would of thought the cl7 with rtls that tight mite have been faster time then the cl8 sub,seem like nice memory's to do the cl7 with tight rtls like that on air Could be really nice kit on cold seeing they also like volts,scale quite nice,they boot 2800mhz on air as well?
Very nice results from all,tested my other untested on cold PSC memory's today Pi's 2300 cl8 -160 2.0v 6-9-6-2800 This kit seems quite good but with limit of 2.0v could really hold this kit back,does pass 32M 6-9-6-21 -1755Mhz,should pass 32m 2800 6-10-6 6-10-6-2820
Testing another new kit of memory's tonight,this kit is quite strong at 2800Mhz not quite as strong when pushing past 2800mhz,well it did boot to windows @ 2880Mhz 6-10-6-24 tight wasn't 32m stable Is good for 32m 6-10-6-21 2800Mhz tight and also 1m stable at 2800mhz 5-10-5 2800Mhz tight 2.25v -160 PSC 2000 Pis cl6
Had another play with some cold PSC 5Ghz and also some maxxmem Was using my old 4770K,still seems ok imc considering it wont boot 2666Mhz with cpu on air no more Cpu 0n SS -25 and memory was -160 2860mhz tight was looking ok 2900Mhz tight 8M pass 2900Mhz tight 5Ghz maxxmem 2900Mhz tight maxxmem 5.791ghz, will test maxxmem again later with cpu on LN2 and lot more Ghz
Nice work :thumb:CL3P @ stubass ,I like your first quote Strange chip you have,I've only tested one Pentium on cold and chip has good CB -128 think it is,not sure if you've tested another chip to see if it is the chip or maybe the board,another option would be to confirm all your volts settings are correct,I'm sure you may have already confirmed this with few people I'm guessing. Benching is great fun when all is going good but your not alone with problems,just matter...
Little more out of my old wounded 4770k,had few faster ones but just not quite passing,should improve on it later Z97 OCF - GSkill Pis 2000 cl6 - 2.23v - LN2 -160
Prepping some Quad PSC,using EK copper nickel plated HS and EK memory pot seems like a easy choice of pot to run Quad
Nice Luke, So no ln2 for a little while I did little air testing Cpu on SS -25 and memory on air ,temps about 14c 2800Mhz stability 32M pass Also did some testing on full bank memory's 4x2Gb PSC,CPU SS -25 and memory's on air about 20c on these runs. If you take note on the above 28x memory you can see with this 4x2Gb im 1.5 sec slower,everything quite loose on the 4x2Gb for the moment,not to bad considering 4x2Gb is 2666Mhz Memory's used in the 4x2Gb were Pis 2300...
Nice runs guys
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