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Nice results mate,that memory pot pic looks great
A 32m run on the big OCF on retail memory,should see little more on fresh OS and better waza run
Looks good aero,ivy was nice platform for 32m,when we could change sub timings within windows
Hey,looks like your using the correct memory slots,the black ones? your ioa,aod and imc volts are bit off from what I use on PSC,also the sammy ones little off ,what was dram volts when you tried 2700Mhz PSC.Also run with 2 cores on the Pentium,I notice you did with sammy but not PSCAre you looking to improve you efficiency ? If so you should also start working on a XP OS,waza and more tweaking,im sure lots of guys in here as well as myself can help out and point you in...
Very nice guys^ oh how I miss this thread Some 5ghz retail B-die,air...will fine tune little more before trying memory on cold
hey got some retail B-die today first tests,air...will fine tune little more before trying memory on cold is the 3600 cl17 kit trident
^ ahaahh yeah im not going to stamp over anyone scores,will enjoy watch guys
Think it's only 2 stages but stage 2-3 are selected platforms,great comp guys and I'm happy to help out any new guys on 32m if my help is needed
I don't have all the platforms needed,will enjoy watching the comp tho
Nice comp guys,look forward to seeing some 32m results
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