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Hey,I have done a few ln2 sessions with the Z87 OC Formula without insulation as that too had conformal coating,its something I wouldn't recommend.It may be ok for just CPU on ln2 but when you have CPU and memory on ln2 the board gets quite frozen,I still just apply a little vassiline on the board just to be safe ,good to hear you have a Z77 and still going strong
The board is awesome mate,has the coating over the board again,Nick Shih has done a great job on this board again
Think this thread needs some loving,Asrock Z97 OC Formula with some 3D ,2D results,board works very nice under all conditions, air ,Ln2 Efficiency is also great New Asrock Cpuz skin Some PSC Memory results ,memory on air cooling Some 3D results using a GTX 580,cpu and gpu on LN2, Here is a few pics of the board when I was testing some memory on a single stage cooler
Awesome results CL3P,good to see you benching and enjoying it
Nice clean frosty Pics Loud
Nice man
Nice Sam,seems they are really nice imc Will grab a couple today
Nice Rob
After you've dried the card kneaded eraser is great for getting the last of your vassiline off,just dab the eraser around and it soaks up any vassiline leavening gpu looking clean The kneaded eraser I'm talking about is the stuff we use for insulation
Nice Loud ,I missed pickup yesterday of my board so have to wait to Monday now Nice CHL,its a great board
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