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cpu water and mem air..(PSC) 1.68v,will test all LN2 soon I'm liking this platform
Received the board and cpu couple days ago,had little time today to test it with PSC,still quite loose,CPU water and memory air,will test little more on air then try all ln2 on next refill.Should see the PSC come to life hopefully on cold
Bump! Got some 1366 gear on the way,I'm really keen to test cold PSC on this platform,will post some results from it as I learn this platform
Thanks Marc,hope its going well over at the comp,I haven't seen how its been going
A LN2 session from today
Same kit I'm thinking of buying,seen few good results from these kits
That I know of think I might be the only sub zero bencher active in Perth Big place but very little people doing ln2 here atm Even I have little interest atm too with the cost of gear and LN2
Thanks mate
Couple 5ghz runs on 4 dim board,Afr on air,will try Afr on the other board @ 5Ghz in the next hour if i get time Had time to run couple up quickly on other board,same again memory air
Had bit of time today to try this board,will play with some more timings and bios soon along with fresh OS
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