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Yeah man I'm looking forward to some cold memory on the X99,have the board and memory ready to go just need to get the CPU that is so expensive $$$$
Hynix mfr I believe rob
Testing some panram single sided Mfr memory's,only had couple lrts of ln2 so wasn't able to put a 32M run together at this time. -145 2.2v some interesting timings,will test single dim max freq and rerun more 32m when have some more ln2
Nice start baker Little test run on 4770k and Gigabyte Ln2 board ,not fully optimized subs and OS also should pass higher Mhz later when pushed
I thought you had the gigabyte z97 force board?ill have to check the board again but I'm sure It has Dimm switches already man
Yeah what rob said,the regular Gigga board in my little testing may clock higher then this board but the regular board may not match the rtls of the ln2 board .The ln2 board did train under cold quite well also.
I Partition my xp C what you want and need say 10 gb and D,E 4gb partitions With the waza size that can vary from say 600mb-1.8gb file,the smaller the waza file the more you may have to move it the bigger the file say 1.5gb just move it once and can be enough Lots of different ways,think the OCx tweaker has lots of little ones the it moves them all,once you can see how and what it does and see the improvement its really just matter of testing different set ups So yeah...
Yes correct stubass You can open performance tab in windows to check everything that is going on ,available memory ,cache and all You can also use that other automatic waza thing I forgot its name OCx tweaker is it? does waza for you Basically as you move the waza file the cache will rise and available memory will drop,when the file has finished moving the available memory will now rise again you wait till the available memory rises back to say 51xxxxxxx then you start...
Yeah strong island be sure to check Robbos OS guide out,its a great guide for setting up your OS for 32m memory benching,just google waza and should be quite a few guides.I just use a file and move it from C-D-C then run 32m,you'll need to work on waza size file
So finally I got around to testing the Gigabyte Force LN2 board and cold PSC memory's,the board trains really well when memory's are on cold.I also restarted quite a few times and no problems,it will train and run rtls very tight.I have no ME installed on this so these memory clocks were a result of booting straight from bios with very little training required I used my Pentium on this run that is not the strongest imc no waza and no priority,given my past testing once...
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