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Sorry bass that's just auto memory 2133,the newest CPUz reports correct ahah
So I ran a quick test of my fav bench beside 32m :lol: not fully tweaked yet with OS, bios and memory,4500 point improvement over haswell at same clocks,could see another 1000 point more once fully dialed in Have only had the platform for few days but Z170 OCF is a pleasure to use once again
Some Gskill Pi 2000 cl6 memory on air and cpu on water 1.9v not 32m stable,I need to test these memory's on cold next time I have LN2 was a direct boot from bios
Cool,think I was just expecting you know ivy- haswell difference ,haswell skylake to be the same difference.Still looks like a nice platform tho
If that's with waza splave I think skylake effiencey not any better then haswell on 32m? Least it good on everything else I guess,need a break from 32m anyway lol
Hey guys,temps for CPU prob -50 and memory -160-170 Yeah board is insulated with vassiline
Coupe pics of a cold memory session
Yeah the one I got of him must be from someone els as I've had it for a couple months,the ln2 board has proved to be the most efficient 32m board out there ,its not the easiest board to cold mems but man it can clock.I do also really like the OCF it is such a easy board to use
I think I may have your ln2 board that I bought from junkdog ,you can see all the results I posted with it around
Some 4Ghz fail,should be able to get it to pass given bit more time,was .125 faster then my best 4ghz time @ 5th loop so 16.1XX maybe Also little bit better 5Ghz that failed
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