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Yeah I'm happy either way guys You can always just have 2 top 5 x99 times if you like rob ,top 5 4ghz cap if you want and unlimited top 5
Looks good loud,I should be able to get little over 4.5ghz cache on cold as well but man I would like to see a capped cache on this 4ghz 5ghz threads as in the little testing I did I think 100mhz cache is giving a least 400ms nearly half a second.,so 4.5ghz cache compared to 5ghz cache is a least 2 seconds.I guess it is what it is and I think their lot more skill in tweaking memory and bios all on cold then who has the best chip with cache Just takes a little skill away...
Had another play with some cold memory's on X99 DDR4,still just stability testing using full W7 not tweaked.Should see things passing easier with XP All results were booting in @ cl10 9-12-14-13 trfc-250-twcl7 3400Mhz 1.7v -80 9-12-14-13 trfc 250 twcl9 3500Mhz 1.8v -100 7-12-14-13 trfc 250 twcl9 3500Mhz 1.8v -100
Yeah I bought it off someone that had two,not sure when they be released,well released in Australia .Very easy board to use
Man I love freezing memory,I need more memory A pic from my first little cold memory session on ddr4
Hey mate ,little hard to say just yet think it will depend on cold temps and ic quality.In saying that I was able to do the above with a little more cold -80 memory and 1.8v 3333mhz,not to bad considering CPU on water as cold on the CPU will also help more memory mhzzzzI still have alot to learn and dial in but I let you know more as I learn more,air and waterThanks for the kind words mate as I too like seeing your resultsThis new giga champ board I bought the other day is...
Some 32m runs,was just a short session just to try and learn a bit more about X99. Cpu on water and panram memory's @ -60 1.7v will go colder and push bit more next time,will try tighter cl @ boot and higher mhz should be possible
Yeah ill keep playing with ddr4 but I still have some unfinished business on ddr3 Will refresh my board and play with OS a little and see what I can come up with on ddr3Need to test another OS as I'm not sure my std retail xp is that great
Just testing another kit of 2200 Pi -155 2.17v the kit also runs cl6 will test that little later
Had little more time after work today,little more cpu and cache on cool water ,memory 1.35v hot air 30c .Will now start to work on sub timing efficiency,rtls iol and xp then all cold
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