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Gigabyte UP4Th
Testing the LN2 board second time this particular board on cold PSC,starting to work this board out now.Direct boot from bios,just a stability test,time is slow because of 3.2ghz and no wazz,will have no problems passing this @ 5Ghz plus,will save it for when I get a 4790K 2860Mhz 6-10-6-21 35-36 rtls on EK memory pot,will work on producing 53s soon,to be continued .........
Ill check later,think they are 3200 cl15
The kit is on air but when CPU is on cold it does help the memory with all the cold traveling to the memory as well,this kit is Hynix MFR kit
Lite memory run on champ board,memory on air
Not that it really bothers me what they are as I just clock them but just about all the main guys testing these memory call them Hynix MFR ,that is why I thought SS MFR is Hynix .Can you enlighten me as to why they call it Hynix MFR ?
Yeah I enjoy it but learning a new platform and different memory ic can be a challengeHad a little play today , memory's on air not fully tweaked just trying to dial uncore and 32m in,these cpus break mount so easy
I could be wrong as its a bit new to me but i thought MFR single sided is Hynix
Yeah for valids it seems ok for full cold temps like when chancing 4000mhz memory but 32m stability is gone when to cold,I think the sweet spot is -80 to -100 for stability for my memory's
Hey mate ,yeah they areIn that session it was some good timings and memory clocks but 32m stability was bad,I believe I went to cold on the memory,I was at full pots -150 I say and I went over the sweet spot of temps I believeI had the same thing with some other mfr ddr3 beforeThe clock I was running on this session was5Ghz core5Ghz uncore3333Mhz memory9-13-14-16 all tight direct boot from bios45-45-43-43 rtlsWill re bench again soon with different memory temp that I had...
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