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Hey Luke,I think it has to do with how training and locking in rtls and iols,as you can see it doesn't seem to be affecting efficiency well not that I can see.There is still a lot trying to dial in on the board,I've only done a handful of cold memory runs on this board and this was the first session I tried a efficiency run,the good thing about benching under extreme conditions is you always learn a little more with the hardware your using and can take that into your...
Robbo must thought it top 3 ahahh,pull ya finger out Rob
A couple runs i was also working on last night that both passed a few loops
Very nice Luke
Awesome results guys ^^^ @ web ,did you try just go back into bios lock them in at 40-41-4-4? I often get this when pushing to high for imc or if memory not the highest bin and just head back to bios lock them in,sometimes even after locked in imc or memory can't handle that tight to pass 32m,worth a try if you haven't already Thanks Luke
Nice work DJ,nice pics too
Z97 Gigabyte run with Pentium and cold PSC
Very nice Cl3P I ran a few runs tonight on Gigabyte and Pentium,PSC cold Usain "Rainman" Bullant - 7M 18.515 [G3258], Ram @ 1401.2 ~ 6-10-6-21
Thanks guys^
3418B987 costa
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