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Thanks mate ,will post results once I have a CPU
Getting some gear together for some AMD memory benching,will be first time benching AMD memory for me,will post some results of air and cold PSC once im up and running
Some BBSE on Ivy all air 1.92v,even in worse dim slots :lol:
Nice mate,PSC giving you a hard time hey The 4790k and the Pentium I use seem to be ok on air Nice Splave
First run with waza,just starting at 2872Mhz memory on air 2.02v
Getto cooling for testing,not very cold SS head in water
stepping out of my comfort zone here, picked up a secondhand set of sammys 32m pass stability test,no waza and cpu on SS and memory on air..... 2.2v
Cool ill prob keep going back over those platform a few more times always room for improvement
Nice work man,very nice
Thanks DJ:thumb:
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