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Looking forward to trying the M7I soon
Very nice Luke,looking good
A cold memory test i did the other night
Yeah strong island that was with only 2 liters of ln2,because it was a quick test I didn't prep the board fully
Depending on what memory pot your using you can leave the HS on,the KP Ney pro is quite good for thisYeah Cl3P is pretty spot on,PSC is normally full pot cold as you can get it,well on all the Pi's ive tested they are full pot,the Sammys I tested i think from memory its about -40 and single sided mfr I tested was also full pot,im sure all ics can vary a little thoIve only ever used vas for installation on the motherboard when going cold memory's and would advise doing this...
So I had under 2 liters of LN2 and just did real quick test of the memory's I bought not to long ago,the memory's not the strongest air memory's Ive tested but seem to like the cold and volts.With this test Ive also left the HS on the memory's,just clamped the KP Ney Pro on the top,so temps only about -130 Im guessing,just a boot in for now,it was passing few loops but with temps not full cold didn't want to push my luck.Im thinking these memory's may go to 2.3v on full...
So just installed the X04 bios on the Gigabyte lN2 board and just spent 10 minutes just dialing this board in,will test some more soon when I get some time,just the 10 minutes Ive spent on this board it does seem quite good with PSC Didn't have time to test stability but im sure it should pass at these settings(was still low volts on the memory's)and more on air once its dialed in Note the rtls 39-40,was very easy to train and lock these in
Nice work Sam
Nice DJ,just run again,different stick or mite of been moisture problem you never know Or maybe better mount and colder may help more Nearly my whole ivy cold memory's were from old KP dominator memory pot with HS on and rubber bands to hold pot on -110 max after 1 hour benching lol
Very nice luke
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