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Ahahah^ Keep pushing guys
Cl6 2900+ loose no need,correct tuned and tight cl6 2860 does the job
Yeah my best air kit I've tested is a KO 8117 @ 2800 8-12-8 tight air 1.91v ,they did do 2800+ on cold but topped out at 2.2v I think,will test them again soon I guess I do have couple other 8117 kits I used in ivy days and they are very good on cold but top out on cold memory volts at 2.18v
When buying say gskill Pi psc guys I would only buy the KO 8155 or KO 8117, stay away from the ST code ic,the KO code ic seem to be the better for MHz scaling air and cold.The ST code ic does seem to like volts sometimes on air but most of the time the ST code memory not as good in my testing The PSC kit I'm using atm are KO 8155 and scale well on ln2 with volts
triples 8-8-6
Nar mate never any degradation but I've done 2x stuiped dumb forgetful things that have wounded 2x good kits well maybe 1x sorry.First was my best psc kit I had them in quad in a ud4 and 2600k CPU died while benching cold memory it also resulted in giving my best kit of psc a CB lol,they now have CB at -140 I think, just need to play with them for about 20 mins and the cb goes lol,this isn't the kit I've used he in this run.the second dumb thing I done was I had a sammy...
2.27 mate,thing is the board seems to let them scale these sticks use to stop at 2.22v.They weren't maxed out at 2.27 either "well haven't tried higher"but over 2.26v eff starts to drop of ,somehow over volting does affect eff .I even tried 5ghz 2920 6-10-6-24 trfc 68 and triples 10-10-10 at 2.27v and got coulple loops in with waza,it looked fast .I had no ME installed no gigga app so when direct booting from bios @2900+ those iol 1s jump out to 2-3 that affect eff a little
Thanks aero
Thanks always more ahaha
7M 16.234 {i7-4790K}, Ram @ 2874~ 6-10-6-24,Z97
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