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Hey guys,temps for CPU prob -50 and memory -160-170 Yeah board is insulated with vassiline
Coupe pics of a cold memory session
Yeah the one I got of him must be from someone els as I've had it for a couple months,the ln2 board has proved to be the most efficient 32m board out there ,its not the easiest board to cold mems but man it can clock.I do also really like the OCF it is such a easy board to use
I think I may have your ln2 board that I bought from junkdog ,you can see all the results I posted with it around
Some 4Ghz fail,should be able to get it to pass given bit more time,was .125 faster then my best 4ghz time @ 5th loop so 16.1XX maybe Also little bit better 5Ghz that failed
Nice board aero,with the Pentium and X04 bios see how it sets 3200Mhz,if you use the the buttons on the board muti buttons,press back one so 3100Mhz then you can press + up to your 4Ghz I would turn that turbo button off too
Ahah,will run few more cold 5ghz PSC soon then I'll ease up on Haswell,I guess it'll start all over again in a month or two on the next platform Still need to test amd if I like amd I may head that path instead of skylakeLooking good aero
Yeah I really need to test those mems on the Gigga board on cold,mite do some cold mems tonight been awhileSamsung 2.05v CPU water and memory air.....
Fixed it for you
Yeah it works pretty good ^ Had couple pm about 2800Mhz air PSC,items used are retail 4790k,just the second random 4790K Ive bought and Gigabyte LN2 board,some nice Gskill Pi 2000 cl6 memory's that Ive only tested a couple times on cold and never cold on the Gigabyte board Gskill Pi 2000 cl6 2800Mhz PSC 1.91v rtls 39-40,CPU water and memory air... Gskill pi 2200 cl7 2750Mhz PSC 1.89v rtls 39-40 CPU water and memory air....
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