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Thanks bass,really like the legacy benches
Some more 3D 01 the other night with a GTX580,I need to just buy a 980 ti
Thanks mate,board is nice Yeah guys is lightning,still has more in core but gpu Hynix memory on this one is pretty week
Some legacy benches with Z170 OCf and GTX580 WRs 3D 01-06
I use Vaseline mate
Quick cold memory prep for those Kingston HyperX fury memory's 2666 cl15 1.2v kit The KP memory pot is good choice for when you want to leave the HS on the memory,normally swap this pot out to the EK pot when benching AFR and PSC and CB free memory Gave them quick test on W10 no tweaks to OS,not bad for a low cost kit of $109 AU...will test little further then look to buy anther low cost kit to test...... 11-15-15-28 3466 all tight 46-47 rtls pass 11-15-15-28 3600...
Yeah on gigga i was 2920 I think or around there 41-42-4-4 ,looks good tho
Hey mate,from memory its 42-43 rtls for OCF either way try 42-43-4-4 rtls and iols via setting the whole 4 manually then save and reboot see if it sticks,if fail try your 43-44-4-4 setting manually,just make sure you set the whole 4,I normally have fast boot disabled on this board The other way to do it is say it trains auto @ 43-44-5-5 go back to bios after its auto trained this then lock in the whole 4 of them 43-44-4-4 save exit ,you are also pushing memory fairly hard...
New code is tuned for broadwell.Seems not good for haswell cpuPlz stay at 2.0
Yeah it's what I thought Alex that AFR would go nice on x99,I'll try mix 2 x AFR and 2xmfr with the champ board on cold soon see how it goes
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