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Should be bit more later Bullant - 7M 59.234 {i7-2600K}, Ram @ 1123~ 6-9-6-22 Gigabyte UP4TH New 5Ghz
Hey mate,memory was 2300 Pi
Couple failed SB 32m runs,had to run memory in black slots that's not ideal
Nice result and clean as always setup loud Little cold memory prep,2600K Gigabyte UP4TH,just picked up this combo today
Nice work Clep,had little play myself with X99 the other night with XP,slowly dialling it in.So much to learn and test
Nice work aero ^
Thanks Rob,I've been bit quite as of late lol
Yeah very easy man,I just use a hair dryer,heat them up and they should come of easy,in saying that my ddr4 panram memory's when giving them a little test on the KP pot the spreaders just fell of under cold Normally on say DDR3 I just heat each side up one side at a time with hair dryer and pull each side A little tip for anyone getting into cold memory benching after a cold memory benching session i always hair dry the memory's and pot before removing them from the...
What you mean man,taking pots off-on?
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