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Another cold memory session Some Cl5 More Cl5
Thanks mate,no chance getting that to pass 32m with those subs and all
Pretty close to what I thought it be,little waza,will try improve on this with bigger waza Some Cl5 More Cl5
Hey mate waza and priority and real time give me nearly 4 secs mate ,I tested it with waza and all not quite pass yet but would be 54.7XX with the run I tried last timeWill give it another go soon,really need new CPU tho With no waza it can go bit funny I have another run same as this with no waza done lots loops but was way slower then this one but yeah 54s for sure with wazaI just checked my notes with waza and all @ loop 9 ,I was 11.360...Splave is 11.297 @ loop 9
Testing some different memory,second time cold,stability test,no wazza no priority 2860Mhz Cl6-10-6-24 pass
Yeah mate,$1240 here once i have memory ill look around for cheapest option on the CPU I haven't tested X99 but 3.5 uncore is nearly max for some boards I believe
Yeah with the formal coating and a touch of vas helps,I should really vas a little better but seem to get away with it because if the formal coating I think the main problem that kills boards can be from after a session if you haven't dried the board and start a new session to early,yeah it is fun
Some cold memory pics
Yeah mate,spending $1200 on a CPU that is a mission in its self
Nice choice on the 4g 3.5g Haswell E Rob,these 4-5ghz comps are about how far you can push your memory not your uncore IMO ,I'm not saying that because ill be using a OCF as even if I had the ASus board as well I would still think 4g 3.5g is the best choice unless all boards can do the same then you could make it higher
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