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It looks like it was overloaded actually.
Why? AMD is doing business, they're starting in obscure places. This gives them the biggest edge on this good earth: untapped markets. They can make a fortune off this whilst building our their branding.
Hah! As if any of us will comply with them! No one cares what they say. We're done listening to them. THEY think that THEY are above the law. They are not. They are the people's PROPERTY. Sadly, citizens rarely recognize that. The fear has been slowly instilled over the ages. From the NSA data collection to mass arrests for anything the FBI wants to make 'illegal'. I am happy that Google and Apple are standing up for our rights. We need more encryption!
That Bastion picture though. :')
YES! I want to play Halo FINALLY.
All Points Bulletin: Hong Kong Edition
That is the worst website I have ever seen for something remotely professional. It seems like a huge scam or a horrible way to get money, and it's working because all the news sites are reporting it so they can get traffic. They didn't even buy a .luxury domain. If they were going to buy something other than .com, why .info?! Buy .luxury! All in all, I could go as far as to say this isn't real. It way exist, but not in the way they make it out to be. Look for yourself....
Awesome! I can't wait.
Yes. Because discovering more spiders always excites me.
Sounds awesome. Let's crash a party.
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