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It's all your fault, gosh darnnit.
That's not cool, I run 2012 R2. I used to have two but now I have one but still, this is SERVER hardware. You cannot force us to upgrade that on such a ridiculous timeline? You have to regularly update and bugfix, servers have to be secure and reliable. You pay for the license with that expectation but whatever I suppose. Microsoft has been trashing us for ages, why stop now?
I really do hope that it is more violent. Not because I care about it that much but because I really hope they aren't pandering to the offended. This lowers the cap and increases censorship. Since games have a limit on how explicit they can be due to our glorious governments controlling our lives (in spite of it being blatantly illegal to do so), games and movies lower their content to match certain ratings in order to be distributed properly.Hopefully you are right and it...
Untrue, pairing a powerful GPU with an average CPU is more than enough to pull off high frames. Consistency may lack a bit but you will still get high frames unless the game is optimized like trash or at the very least pushing the complete limits of your HW.
Good one.
Unsecured against public attacks, but fully and legally unsecured against the wondrous NSA. Really makes you think... Spying and violating privacy/rights is only cool if they do it I suppose..
It's so pretty...
Amazing, I really hope Frontier wins. They need to do well because I have the utmost confidence and anticipation in E:D. Especially since Lenovo just announced their new HMD, E:D will really benefit from that.
The GTX 970 is appropriate since the GPU in the PS4 Pro is old by the time it launches as well.
Windows always attempts to forcefully and trickily restart. One wrong press and you're done.
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