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Better support for my 5970?!
This made me laugh however do it only for fat chicks. Fat chicks tend to be fat of their own choice, however ugly girls... what choice do they have? :/
I know, I just want it to be clear for anyone getting too excited over this.
That's not premium edition so we still have to buy BF4. :x
Titanfall's only problem IMO is the AI. They shoulda allowed for more pilots but oh well...
I'm going to be joining you guys today then.
It really annoys me that devs would ignore something like this. That's just terrible, alongside the terrible multi-core support for CPU's. This is why I always support using game engines like Unity, Unreal, and CryEngine which take care of and manage that for them so they have no choice but to use it because it is built in.
It looks like something good. I don't care if it's not as great as they make it to be as long as it is close and successful then I am fine. Why? Because this will pave the way for more innovative MMO type sandboxes. This reminds me more of SAO than anything and that's why I am really getting some weird (but nice) feelings.
They may need a little more than just one. Also supporting older cards in newer driver releases would be cool. First and foremost though is making AMD CPU'S work better with the GPU'S though.
Thing is though, he knows what he is doing... so I think he'll make something out of nothing.
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