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So I'm not well versed in this yet but how does algae grow in the chemical solution?
This isn't cool but it's not illegal nor should it be illegal. I don't mind this happening, it's just business. I don't have to buy the product from Amazon if I don't want to.
One step closer to Psycho Pass, and one step closer to mayhem.
This. It seems most logical to do this since hundreds of millions are probably not in use.
Passcodes, fingerprints, THEY ALL APPLY. No one can force you to do something like that.
Sweet mother of pearl I've been listening to alien comms at max volume all this time?!
Remove it, period. Why the hell does there need to be a data cap??? They remove stuff to add it back for a fee? That's despicable.
Well that's not good... It's good for the future of AMD and bringing in competition but gosh... Microsoft isn't very trust worthy so I'm not exactly fond of using their products more than I have to since I'm trying to phase them out.
I agree. I really hope there is power abuse with this system since it's more lenient than banning.
Woah, the waterproofing is my number one desire. I got the S5 and the waterproof feature is just the best thing about this phone for me. I'd love wireless charging but I can wait a little longer if they'll keep it waterproof. Now if only Sprint actually got phones...
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