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Blizzard better not be trying to strong arm the manufacturers into restricting consoles further. I understand it's an issue, but I'm sure the problem can be solved some other way. And is this issue REALLY that prevalent?
The amount of defining 'features' in that SSD's title/name must mean it's quite a big deal.
But there is no conspiracy regarding that. However we all know Microsoft is involved in this part because Windows 7 has a massive install base.
I said "if". I'm hopeful that it is user-replaceable, everything will be quite grim if it isn't. And by 2 year life I meant the one you purchased, not the console's lifecycle.
I'm scared of the battery. If it is not user replaceable then the console only has a 2 year life and it's dead...
Fair argument, I'll take that. But think of it this way, what makes it relevant or substantial either? We don't know that it matters? By default in a consumer relationship, it is given I own the items unless *clearly and blatantly notified* otherwise. This is 1. shady and 2. upsetting the balance of game ownership first. People already were confused by Steam and their ability to pull games at will even though they *own* it. This is one step further where not only is the...
I understand it, your feeling is wrong (sorry.) This is a consumer issue. I purchase a product and receive an item, typically it is EXPECTED that I own the extra item. This is moral, it is immoral to 1. Not upfront (within the advertising) state that it isn't really mine and 2. to do this in the first place, as it's a shift in culture towards more DRM.It's like saying someone should have the right to kill me because I signed a 500 page contract with that clause in it, I...
Being told to not sell something for arbitrary reasons and selling it anyway is not immoral. Thanks for thinking I'm special, but you need to reconsider all things, including yourself. I need not waste a paragraph on you because my first sentence handles all of that. Take care.
Oh boy. What does that have to do with anything? Both of my brothers carry Nvidia and one of them I even bought for them. The facts are clear: Nvidia is wrong for this and many other actions, you cannot try to paint me in a bad light such as being a fanboy because physically that is impossible given the fact that I run many things other than AMD. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. You're clueless, or should I say indoctrinated.
Well that is their right, doesn't make it right to do something shady like trying to stop us. Regardless, it is wrong and therefore it further ensures that I will not leave AMD, even if a slightly better opportunity presents itself from Nvidia because of their immoral tactics and 'bundling'.
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