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If this becomes a good game it will pave the way for future games just like it.
GoG Galaxy will, just wait.
This is good. They're new so obviously it will suck... but as they refine it, it may hopefully become a good competitor to Intel.
That's actually really good if it's physical. I love physical.
GoG is CD Projekt Red. They've been doing DRM free before this. Trust me, it isn't like that garbage of a company: Valve.
Net Neutrality only gave the government more power. It was like picking between two evils: Comcast or Tyranny. Both one in the same.
That's to say it even works with current DX11 GPUs...
Too late. Valve has zero inspiration and all their money, success, and games have been built off of mods from MODDERS. Good bye, hello GoG Galaxy.
Thank goodness this is only OEM. I just bought a G105 keyboard and I love it. I have G430 headset and love that too. Logitech better stick around.
It's sad but true. Only enthusiasts and gamers will make the big PC purchases from now on while casual users will use tablets and laptops.
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