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It's sad but true. Only enthusiasts and gamers will make the big PC purchases from now on while casual users will use tablets and laptops.
People can't afford it anyway. So either you pirate and watch or don't pay at all. Or pay when you can afford it. Also you spread good word about the show to those who can afford it. Think twice when you say such things about piraters.
What happens when it autobans innocent people?
They paid for SeaMicro though... Seriously. What is this? I thought they were improving under new management now we're going back downhill? Remember AMD sold Adreno instead of building it up themselves, look at how much they lost out on!
That's really dumb of people considering out of all the evils, Fox News tells the least lies.
Wow. There should never be a cap on these things, especially at those speeds.
Now I want to try it, darn you.
Out of stock.
Any alternate sources for this?
I'm really liking this... But where's the love for Florida?
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