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That must be what they were detecting. That and your mom.
It is very noticeable, the fact of the matter is that our eye can process things so much faster than we care to think about. Every bit of speed and reduction in speed matters.
Site is already crashing. lol
Yes, yes it does, considering the fact that AMD is regularly disregarded and trashed. Nvidia blatantly lies about their cards and you guys forget in a month. AMD tries their hardest and churns things out worth buying and you guys take Nvidia for +3 fps. Really? That's not even taking the best option, that's just anti-competition. Apparently praising Nvidia is the only way to go on this forum but I for one won't. And FYI I do own Nvidia cards, but I respect AMD far more and...
Just in time because I'm in the market for a slim notebook and I absolutely refuse to buy from Intel here on out so if the date for launch could be soon then that'd be great.
That thing is bloody gorgeous. I love it! Keep making more of these man!
This is actually awesome for upgradeability. If the CPU is being bottlenecked on a laptop for example, then you can upgrade a good few times and keep it going.
We definitely need it for VR over monitors. We're trying to make everything more realistic and we achieve that through enhanced performance with quality.
They shouldn't be touching him PERIOD. But here they are, illegally attempting to do who knows what to this poor man, and all we do is sit around and do nothing to help. :/
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