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Exactly, they want to jail you for making it. Two, how does that infringe on someone else's freedom of speech?
I'm sorry. I don't understand what you are talking about. Could you briefly explain?
I mean they already jail people for all sorts of other things on their computers, things they say, things they type. Everyone's guilty of thought crimes these days, and apparently the governments of the world are actively not only spying on these people (all of us) but they are taking action. It's subtle so you can't react, but it's happening. That is why things like this not only make me very angry, but also disturb me. Human life means so little to them, they sway...
I've done both. I've played legitimately, I've hacked, and gone back to playing like a pro legitimately. This is a free world, if you don't want your stuff scripted then build a better game. NO ONE should be thrown in a cage over this. Does anyone understand the level of violation for human rights that is?
Or... don't throw people in a cage for writing code. Seriously, I don't agree with caging people for such simple things but if you must, you must prosecute the person who actually DID something. Freedom of speech is also freedom of expression, typing and creating things on the computer is included.
Well, I'm sure we can add this to the list of exceptions to freedom of speech. I know that they do not have the Constitution there, but freedom of speech is a human right. The writing of a program to do whatever should not be illegal. Fining someone, or worse, caging them is not to be taken lightly. If you're going to do that over something so simple as this, you have to rethink a lot of values.
Indeed. This is a great concept and awfully convenient. But at what cost? At what cost...
I mean they're only staying true to the concept. Right... guys?
I'm buying into Zen no matter what since I'm due for an upgrade and I know that at WORST it will perform at 'average'. So that's more than enough for me to support a less-corrupt company than the competitor.
Somehow I think I should hold off until the 2nd gen of VR for any decent upgrade here since that is likely what I'll be buying into. I'm more importantly waiting for any MMOs to launch with full VR, motion, and haptics in mind.
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