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Good, finally some people with a brain stand up for what is right. I'm happy to see that in this industry.
Because it has been proven time and time again to be false and fake and nothing but an agenda pusher to advocate for it. So all of a sudden they come out with 'new' findings to 'prove' otherwise? I call blasphemy. Kids who play video games have never been proven to become more violent because of what they were playing. If anything they become addicted.
So they just made it up and Polygon (the propaganda news source alongside Kotaku) published it. Sounds like a real scientific study to me guys.
Indeed. I still can't game on Linux sadly. Steam needs to push harder and Indie game devs need to release for Linux instead of mobile, seriously.
Because submarines are under water... If a plane explodes however...
Indeed, they'll just put the center mark on the right side to line up with the cockpit. Problem solved... It's not hard to change basic designs to make it easier.
It's a deep web site. Either way, the guy was threatened. The owners of the site hired people to find this guy and force him to stop this. Either that or the FBI got to him first.
I want to switch to Linux but... there is just not enough support therefore it lacks applications and games, and for what little there is... it lacks support.
Is this the same for the lower version? I always use the best (Ultimate for Win 7) so of course I'll do the same for Windows 10 however for users that are less fortunate and use the lower level, will they still be forced to ruin their gaming lives?
'Looks like this bad boy is in stock again.
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