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I mean, I assumed that it was common knowledge that the NSA and other organizations have backdoored all of our devices because 'freedom isn't free' or something like that. Guess I was wrong...
Yeah but Intel's was doubled at the time. They forced the market back out of the fixed prices that they were at before. We're just looking for solid competition and solid success from AMD as to keep the market competitive as I really don't want to buy Intel if I don't have to.
What really makes me angry is that this guy uses that as justification for REGISTRATION. What does that have to do with anything?!
They are toys. Registration with massive compliance penalties is not just wrong, it's criminal. Registering drones does NOTHING. Just like registering anything else. Sorry, but I disagree here. This is America for a reason, I'm tired of people like you with no basis on facts, let alone care for basic rights, trying to impose your will on others for the most arbitrary of reasons.
I'd be liable to say that it's a cloud of some sort of debris, that would be the most likely theory other than a very unstable star? But the alien speculation is always fun. So...
Thanks, but no thanks. Appropriate response: remove yourself from this world please. (that's putting it politely.)
What? Where on earth did I say that? You do realize the agenda is far more complex, right? People are banking on people making such stupid statements with know knowledge of the facts.
It is not paranoid or dubious. It is not only an opinion, it is factual. This is real. Many of us have studied this for years and we have been heavily involved in the fight against it. We're not stupid, or else we'd quickly find we were fighting nothing. This is the destruction of sexuality for the group of men (gamers) that have been safe from the destruction of freedom for so long. Now they're here and they're messing with what we've been enjoying peacefully for so long.
The issue is that they made garbage, they sabotaged the franchise and now the title is shelved. They didn't have to include their feminazi politics, they didn't have to do any of that, but they did, and now everyone's suffering because of it.
But you can just as easily buy a Miix or Switch Alpha. Both are better deals. There are trade-offs but there are also improvements as well.
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