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Now that... is a good idea. I knew we weren't payin' you for nothing!
I know that you don't.But if you want me to reiterate, what if I nullified your right to SPEAK at all other than what I said you could say by ruling against the 1st Amendment, I ruled it, must be true, must be moral.The day will come when you realize that the law does not equate to morality.
And if I ruled the very words that you speak aren't protected by the Constitution, you won't be afraid because it's alright, right? You do realize they can rule whatever they want however they want, right? Do you know how many 1st Amendment infringements we accept in day to day life? I can name it off and keep going if you liked.Edited because example change and sorts.
But it happened, I don't see what your grounds for denying this are?
Did you read the full thing? 1. With the request granted, they CAN. And 2. They actually did it. I repeat, did you read the full thing or not?
Are you scared yet? Are you angry yet? You should be. How many chances will we get before it passes the point of no return. How many times will we have the chance to stop this?Source
It's not trivial. I am not offended, identifying a problem and trying to stop the fire that is destroying the creative industry isn't being offended. They are the offended ones, and so are you... so let me ask, why did you use that word to identify me?
Depends on your definition of near future. I think the sensors will stay because Hololens type tracking is not as perfect as it needs to be and isn't nearly as cheap. However wireless may be worth aiming for. It would seem that maybe Intel's wireless display technology could help, who knows? I think wireless needs to come first, THEN we can aim for less sensors.Though it would seem their prototype does feature Hololens type tracking, then the question is... how much are...
Society crumbles once you think you've solved all the problems. Trust me, it's not as good as you think.
I thoroughly enjoy Bosch and Man In the High Castle. Those are my two favorite shows right now.
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