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There are no videos running for the cutscenes in this game, you can clearly see that in the demo.
This, half the people on here really annoy me with paragraphs upon paragraphs of BS when they have NO idea how piracy works. It's truly annoying.
Everyone is complaining but it has a step-by-step solution. I use Wolfram Alpha but look to see how it got that answer. Only do I take the answer in itself as a last resort.
Paid for by EA GAMES! Ever wonder why Dragon Age won for no reason?
This is no way beneficial, it's not even near what the real thing is so how can it inspire anyone to try the real thing? The thing that feminists need to understand is that if you're fighting for 'equality', then why do you dumb everything down for females? Seriously? That is the most condescending and counterproductive thing you can do.
This, if we can go ahead of the curve with 1gbps or 500mbps at the least, I don't see why not. And I'd like to see competition to Verizon as they are just as bad as ATT company wise, not in terms of internet speed but they want to take away our privacy just the same if not more than ATT.
Fixed that for you.
THANK YOU. All those horrid rip offs for a steraming client that you have to deal with. They want your money at every turn, and if it's free it's usually very complicated and buggy. This is going to be amazing.
It's not like they made much gains other than a future investment. They lost all money this Thanksgiving because they marked down the price so much that for every console they sold, they probably lost $100, maybe $150 considering they trashed their multi-billion dollar investment on Kinect. Not including Kinect I'd say $75-$100, probably more since they bundled in games: their sole way of making money that was left. Therefore they can only hope that when they actually...
Not linked to Israel. They are absolute geniuses but they didn't do it this time.
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