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Nah, this is actually quite relevant IMO however I'm just curious as to what kind of files they're even holding at this hacker group's motives are?
This is sad but true. It's what they do there in Europe. :/ *rhymed*
It does look like Psycho Pass doesn't it...
So how many children are the DOJ prepared to kill until Apple gives them access? (Not even joking)
My sniper went vroom vroom.
Hey... I was gunna have to get a PS4 anyway for Uncharted so... why not?
Nvidia users of course won't get as good of frames since it was optimized for AMD GPU's... if Nvidia wants to build their GPUs around that, then sure. Otherwise they're bound to lose a few FPS.
Shipped to retailers? Also, please note that Microsoft is selling at an absolute loss. You thought the PS3 was bad at launch? This is terrible, they've trashed their billion dollar Kinect and are giving away free games (their sole means of making money) and also underselling the console. They are NOT selling more by any real business standards, they are losing tons of money and handing out free consoles pretty much. Moar shipped =/= more moniez.The PS4 is outselling, and...
How is AMD selling such powerful cards (current gen) for so cheap? I mean is that even possible to sell the most powerful cards on the market for that price?
Yeah... Good for them. The Deep Web will persevere, happily at that.
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