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I'm in for this. Thank you.
We all want NASA funded, why don't we have our say in it? Seriously... It's like everyone except for us wants to shut them down even though they're doing everything for mankind!
Kotaku needs viewers desperately. Gamer Gate's a *****.
I like competition actually. I don't see anything wrong with this. Apple expected a free pass, it's not that easy to make billions of dollars. They have to use their head and their stockpiled money to make a system that people will trust and WANT instead of being forced to use due to it being the only thing there as they had a monopoly on it.
Hey. If I got a card like that I don't really care. AT ALL. There will always be bugs, how do you know they didn't test extensively and missed this one? I'd rather be rewarded for finding them, whereas in most companies they just say thanks or don't even reply.
This is the best deal I've seen so far. And in terms of power I'd say this is DEFINITELY the best deal around.
I had this concept for the longest while. Everyone told me it wouldn't work...
Not clicking. Reasons: 1. Kotaku. 2. Kotaku. 3. Really? I mean look at that title they gave it.
Hah. R.I.P. people with slow internet. /not clicking that link
I'm definitely in for it. Thank you!
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