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That is the worst website I have ever seen for something remotely professional. It seems like a huge scam or a horrible way to get money, and it's working because all the news sites are reporting it so they can get traffic. They didn't even buy a .luxury domain. If they were going to buy something other than .com, why .info?! Buy .luxury! All in all, I could go as far as to say this isn't real. It way exist, but not in the way they make it out to be. Look for yourself....
Awesome! I can't wait.
Yes. Because discovering more spiders always excites me.
Sounds awesome. Let's crash a party.
AMD is actually the best video cards for the price. It makes you wonder... if AMD went under, what price would you have to pay for Nvidia's cards then?! R.I.P. PC gaming.
Indeed. They always start small then ramp it up and take away all the rights in that given field (e.g. gun rights), I do understand the concern but if this spreads as a requirement for any guns then well, that's the end of that!
At least you have some common sense. Thank you for contributing to this thread.
Why? Because the government uses infinitely more and of course governments have never done anything bad to its people in the past! Oh no...Regardless, if you actually studied history you would know what's real and what isn't. From your responses it seems you're very short-minded on the matter. It's exactly what 'they' want you to do so you never use common sense and figure it out.
What are you talking about? Can I see the proof for this?People don't send death threats for wanting protection, seems like a pretty big contradiction, right?Gun rights is actually a very important topic that I won't get into right now but I'd hope you'd research the how's and why's and educate yourself on it.
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