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I don't know about you guys, but that looks really sexy.
Can you post an alternative source please?
I've been waiting sooooo LONGGGG!!!
I think that anyone who is accepted you won't know about because they actually joined, they weren't rejected. If you are rejected you'll never hear a peep. How is that logic so hard to understand? Known about this for a while and I think stuff like this is the most creative, and best way to do things honestly.
I'm still running Windows 7 lol. I'll upgrade once Windows 10 launches. But I will not go to Windows 8.
I wish the Xperia was on Sprint, I would have been first in line but noooo....
This is awesome that they are trying that. If they can succeed next time then this will save lots of money for perhaps building a space city.
Unfortunately the government would them have full control over it since it is in fact a utility. Or at least regulation. Utilities need to be rewritten to allow more freedom to the companies first.
All that has to be done is allow ISP's operating in a county with so and so population (e.g. 25,000 or less) can still use the old definition. Seriously. Think outside the box, my proposal isn't genius just common sense. Wish people would think about workarounds.
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