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But failure is an issue, data loss and time loss is massive. I'd rather replace my Optane cache than replace my entire OS + all of the things I had. That and replacing my two SSDs is twice is as expensive.
That's not politics, it's humanity, it's logic, it's common sense.
If it wasn't clear already, backdoors are many-a-time builtin to chipsets and such. This may be part of that to assist on 'official' prying eyes' ability to see what you are doing. I'd much rather let the motherboard manufacturer implement their own system.
Gee thanks Google! (not)
While yours does sound a bit crazy, it is very true in a sense. Not for infringement but actually for independence. The reach of these companies are massive, they will join up or acquire a firm in 'good-will' and then sabotage every part of it.
What's up with your signature? LOL it gave me a chuckle.
If only there was someone to warn us about this! Yeah...
Yeah, but using loopholes to do it? That's definitely not cool.
And yes, you are allowed to sue for this given the fact that Microsoft did not give a lot of users a choice.
Nothing wrong with forcing people to get government permission to stream... nice. So because you approve of coercion and extortion, everyone else has to suffer.
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