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Call of Duty isn't 18+ by any sane person's standards, therefore this wouldn't fix that issue. The only issue this fixes is... uhm... yeah nothing really. They're just making things worse as usual.
This is a great deal and fully recommend it to anyone in the GPU market. I just bought a 5970 used and couldn't be happier.
Your reason for saying this checks out. *took a look at your sig rig*
And yours apparently.
So is Gizmodo. Regardless, if Mars had mining potential then I know that we would be there 5 seconds flat. I fully support Mars One because they have real plans. If they can get the funding then they are good to go.
This. AMD always goes the extra mile to make things better and do better by the customer. I am happy they are doing well, I hope they keep progressing as to give more competition to the market and stop monopolies.
Hey, if I'm the only one that absolutely loves this game, then fine... More for me... I guess?
AMD was always pushing the frontline in terms of RAM, and they don't intend to stop now.
This is great! It will encourage SO much space technology. Soon we really will have those spaceships.
Yep. They made it big though with it. I wonder if AMD regrets this for the amount they paid. Does AMD get paid licensing fees for ea check unit of Adreno?
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