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Hah, I have Firefox, you'll never win Dell!
This... but why......? Why?
I love the specs but I love the look even more. That's just some gorgeous lighting there. I love how it blends and fades together. The WC loop looks otherworldly.
Free new game to test our your GPU, so that's worth it.
I'd use it for simple information sharing and privacy.
Gun crimes? What are you talking about? Firearms are not the number one leading of death in America, nowhere close. It protects our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Doubt anyone wants to mess with Switzerland. The 2nd Amendment is to prevent tyranny, invasion, and reaffirm basic human rights to self-defense.
Malfunction, EMP, remote shutdown (depending on features they add on launch). Overall, no one will have your firearm if you know what you're doing. Maybe beginners might like this, but any real veteran citizen (USA) should not carry one of these around. Reliability is a number 1 requirement, safety from tampering is part of this requirement. If the system can be hacked to disable the gun entirely, guess what... you're screwed.
That has to be the worst thing I've seen since... forever....... That is absolutely unsafe.
Makes sense, but who gives warranty for the keys? Will the publishers agree to give warranty to the keys?
That sucks... I love to see new start-ups and competition in the industry. Maybe they should get some contracts going?
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