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Gotta render all those gorgeous female companions, yup. /sarcasm
I'm behind CIG on SC, no problem. But when someone takes a knock at E:D then I get angry. E:D is building from the ground up, their groundwork is THERE. The systems are READY. The systems are DEPLOYED. The systems are being USED and PLAYED right now. They are now adding in the key elements of the game with each season. Meaning that E:D is actually far closer to what people dream of than any other game.
But it's not profitable to destroy your rep. Long term, sure. Short term, no good.
I didn't read the article but from the headline alone, what about Linux? I mean I understand that Windows 10 will have a high adoption rate and maybe they don't care to spend the time to build and then maintain support for Win 7, however.... Linux should still be supported. And even then, I wonder how hard Win 7 support is that they outright just don't do it?
You my friend, are a genius. I know I am some 3 years late but this still happens, on Windows 10 too. So hopefully this helps others.
How is that a PR nightmare? I would USE them simply because of this. I already have, this just strengthens my resolve.
Hahahaha, don't say I didn't call it. All the people defending absolute control, all the people okay with spying and impediment of rights, well... you ruined it not only for yourself, but us as well. Thanks a lot.
Luckily for you, it's going to be wireless this next generation.
He doesn't, nor does he genuinely claim to. He literally does not care about us, sells our privacy, which are our rights, and therefore our lives to the major powers and power players and he does not care. He rakes in the cash, has no empathy. That's the thing here.
I mean... this is an issue but it's also quite fascinating. I sure hope it gets resolved in a timely manner and I'm sure they can handle this, they've handled everything else just fine. However, there's a lot of research that can be obtained from this incident. Whether regarding radioactive waste cleanup, or just nuclear research in general. Also, gosh darnnit Gojira and your little friends.
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