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I want it to hook it up to the TV in the living room so we can all play PC games on the big screen. It would make me even happier since it is powered by AMD.
Nice idea but the website is by Ucoz? Seriously? If you are good enough to program an app/game like this then you have to be good enough to at least make a basic website.
Yes but... you can always buy those USB WiFi adapters, which is very handy IMO.
We're so.... going to be screwed........................
I thought Lenovo was going to... Well whatever, whoever buys them better be good because I don't want to have to switch to *cringe* HTC...
Right. I use AMD and don't seem to have any problems.
Right... and the female is going to do so well on the frontline? I think that's more logical placement than stereotyping. Either way, I really am looking forward to this because of its co-op as well but the entire space concept has really got me going. I love L4D personally, so this really is going to be amazing.
His PSU is fine, might want to look into the RAM though. Also why on earth is Win 8 in 32 bit? Look into the RAM and a 64 bit version of Windows as well. Finally, if your CPU is slow and you really don't have the money/don't want to upgrade it then I fully endorse Mantle in such a situation.
I am looking to buy one of the following cards in the title however I want to have the ability to run a second monitor for doing random things and reading the Twitch stream chats (going to start streaming) and wanted to know the following: which card would be best for streaming with two monitors (neither monitors match, one is a 720p widescreen and the other is 1280x1024 4:3). I want to save as much money as possible as I will be buying an extra 4GB of RAM with it and a...
That is true, the amount of packages that are torn through on EVERY decent Linux Distro is insane... all someone has to do is compromise a package or just take over the provider entirely.
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