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AMD...? Anyone? Heh?
Indeed. You don't need an Ultrabook unless whatever you are doing is directly processor intensive, in which it usually isn't. AMD wins by far except Intel flaunts their things with huge marketing campaigns which gets them more sales for no reason.
This, Ryse is what put them under. A game that was being teased for THAT long and it came out to be a huge piece of junk? It tried its best to be a story type game and take the thunder from Sony but it failed horribly. All Microsoft's games and pushes lately have been COMPLETE and blatant copies of Sony. However this is not a problem at all if Microsoft would do it right, but they just make it pathetic.
I'm actually very excited to see Sony making some REAL purchases!
It's been in alpha for how long? This game isn't going to get released anytime soon, they just want to take the hype away from H1Z1 which is being made by a MUCH better and MUCH more competent team than theirs. J Smedley is the only person qualified to make a game of this caliber, and guess what, he is, it's called H1Z1.
Do you still have the 5850? I really would like that. Might even pay over the price listed for it. (I use PayPal) Edit: Also PMd you in regards to this offer because this post is a little old and I'm not sure if you'll see it. Please forgive my rudeness.
Looks okay... looks a bit like the first version of TressFX (hopefully they improve it), and that's not really a compliment. Hopefully they actually work harder on their technologies. Regardless, progress is progress and this is progress.
A bit of a partnership eh? Well with Intel's massive wallet, I feel like they will help push Mantle if they build something around it. Personally I hope AMD's Mantle succeeds so they can stop getting cheated every time with every game Nvidia touches. I'm going to upgrade my PC once I get enough cash on hand and AMD is what I'm aiming for.
I don't even know why EA hired her. Oh wait...
This, our speed is the speed we can get after all the other users are getting their speed too. The overall speed of the ISP's network itself is VERY fast.
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