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I really like the name. It's beautiful really... The North Star, the guiding star. It's very thoughtful.
Ahh the wonders of taxation (theft).
That's some serious doubt bro. Also AMD's GPU line-up the past 6-7 years has been pretty decent and at times has been VERY competitive.
But why....? It's like having a simulator of burning money straight out of your wallet, what's the point?
What on earth are you saying? LOL I'm super confused with you and who you quoted. You guys aren't bots are you?
That's why you should not use Facebook. Because they sell this to much more than your average telemarketer or advertising agency. This is actually dangerous stuff.
Yeah sure maybe for some mobile games. This is a console. It's competing with AMD powered consoles. It's competing with the PS4 NEO for goodness sakes. Going with Nvidia is not a smart move. Now I know Nvidia has a lead on the mobile market since AMD sold their mobile division.... but for ultra low power AMD still is doing well. I don't understand why they would go Nvidia for the whole setup like this.Either way, let's see what happens. It's all speculation and rumors....
Maybe your clone of Watson will have at minimum half a brain. Anything would be smarter than the real one.
You shouldn't lose hope. Cartridges are not disks. They are essentially SSDs if used right. I'm not sure how they plan to use them, if as a memory card or something more powerful. We'll see.
Running decent games like this on the cloud is going to be very rare. Also, one must consider the market as a whole. As technology progresses people want more power. Latency will NOT cut it. VR will destroy any hopes he has of the cloud taking over. Physical hardware is always going to be needed to push the envelopes.
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