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We have enough evidence that Ubisoft loves to screw up their graphics as well as the chances of them of competing with AMD are slim.
I want faster phones so we can play better MMOs on them.
12:31PM... I... *sniffle* missed it... :'(
I have 5Mb Down and 512Kb up. Consider yourself lucky. ._.
To EA. I've always wanted the EAbox, however I need to buy the premium to get the good stuff.
Thankfully now that OCZ is owned by Toshiba, the quality should be better (should), and since AMD is buying from them then that should help. I just want their RAM to be a super good deal so I can buy that instead of Corsair but alas, it isn't that good of a deal.
That and this is exactly what Microsoft does but no one brings up lawsuits about that.
What. Just what? Seriously what? Are you talking about?
Looks epic to me, all the naysayers really bother me because if someone likes something that they pirated, I mean really liked it; we're talking about quality work here, then they will probably contribute to the sales just to support it because I know I have. And those who don't contribute usually just can't afford it. There's a select few douche's that just won't pay but do they really impact the market THAT much? Otherwise, piracy only helps to make content creators make...
This was posted on Youtube about a year ago or more, I bet you that is where the kid got it from. Someone was using this same thing to get free super cars as rentals. It's a credit card flaw, not an Apple flaw.
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