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Not clicking. Reasons: 1. Kotaku. 2. Kotaku. 3. Really? I mean look at that title they gave it.
Hah. R.I.P. people with slow internet. /not clicking that link
I'm definitely in for it. Thank you!
This, Intel's equivalents cost double if not more.
Here's the problem though. We're barely pulling off 4k as it is. Once most modern GPU's can pull off 4k gaming THEN we can talk about 8k.
Updates make your phone kind of worth it. And when it reaches its EOL then it's worthless really since your new phone will have the update or higher on it pre-installed. Overall, keep away from Apple in the first place if you want the freedom to use your phone the way you want to. For the most part at least.
I've been waiting so long for this! I've been wanting a good mobile APU so I can at least game when I'm not at home with my rig, so this is quite exciting to see. Hopefully they get some better APU's for 2-in-1's and tablets as well.
Excuse me? I love Firefox, I switched from Chrome. It's an amazing browser and I will do nothing but support it.
Glad to see something like this on the consumer market! I would really like one.
It looks like it was overloaded actually.
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