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Oh now we can censor even more videos now! Wonderful...
No, this literally is how we humans play. It takes the approach of playing like a player. It uses human like control and interpretation to complete the job, that's true AI.
I learned web design and development on my own in my free time. There is no excuse. Furthermore, the minimum wage should be removed altogether. This would allow for more jobs to open up. Minimum wage employment is not for full grown adults, you should have moved up in the ladder by then. It's a transitional workplace.
No. This time you're forced to use is it on this dock or forever hold your peace.
They are free to do it, and I'm free to say no and demand it be changed. You see how that goes? I can't threaten them with legal action but I can take my business away.
Sadly, the RX 480 is always out of stock at the $200 pricetag so it doesn't mean much to me right now.
I love stocks, there's always two sides to the coin. The people who are saying buy while you can to be nice and help you out, and the people who own stocks or want to buy some at this time and need it to go up when they do or need it to not nose dive by having you buy up. There's always a double meaning somewhere...
I agree that they're not perfect but no the RGB hype needs to keep going. This should be an option by default so we can stylize our gear to fit our needs and desires. It should be standard in all gaming gear going forward. I'm a Logitech guy so I'm waiting for an RGB mousepad from them (don't want two applications when I could just use the one from Logitech) but otherwise, speak for yourself on the RGB hype. You don't have to buy it, but I certainly want it.
Government doing what it does best as always: attempting to enslave the people that own it.
They did not have the same amount of funding at all.
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