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Government doing what it does best as always: attempting to enslave the people that own it.
They did not have the same amount of funding at all.
I'm going to still be buying a PS4 most likely given that Naughty Dog doesn't become corrupted although there was a small news piece looking to pander. Hopefully that's all it was.
Who on earth denied that AMD practically made Vulkan? That's very annoying that people would say something like that when it's staring them in the face. The fanboyism is worse here than I thought.
So as speeds increase, companies and government becomes more oppressive, essentially counteracting any progress we make technology wise. We're rolling back in time, not forward. This is disheartening.
For top tier professionals, yes. None of us qualify though.
You misunderstand. GoG is a licensed seller, as in they have contracts and agreements to sell these games in the way they are. There is absolutely nothing for you to argue.
Just because it is not OLED does not mean it can't be better than one.
I still question to this day since this article keeps getting bumped as to why this article is taken seriously? The headline is terribly wrong because it does not take into consideration many other factors but then it makes such a claim?
This is why I fully support Elite Dangerous. They actually have a proven track record. The game is in active development and the promises they make are guaranteed to come. This season alone is adding many features that make Star Citizen unique, which in turn nullifies Star Citizen's allure. I'm happy to say that competition is good but it looks like RSI is trying to rip people off more than they are trying to make a game worth playing.
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