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This is very saddening. Amazon's Post is going to be in every home as well very soon. This is not good at all.
Indeed, DX12 is brand new. It will really pick up only closer to when AMD launches their next series.
This is awesome. But what I really want is a true 3D version of AOE II made for Hololens. Good grief people, do you know the level of epic that would be had when playing an RTS on an actual tabletop?
Indeed. It's meant to trash AMD a bit whilst also sparking large arguments.
How about NO. Use a library, because that's where you go for free internet. Government run internet creeping into our lives is NOT something we want.
But you do realize that on a scale like this, it's very dangerous, right?
I'm in the exact same situation. I don't know how to get a price match for a rebated item though.
Holy crap that is really an upgrade since last gen. That is a beast.
Wait a minute! The PC gaming show is TONIGHT! Why are they talking about games?
I love Battlefield but Hardline was a joke. It was full of politically correct propaganda, totally drew away from the game.
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