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ugh...dont wish for the upgrade bug to bite me in the behind again...still wanting to get a IB-E cpu instead
Money sent for the power color hd7950
i would so take this if you shipped
payment sent
i didnt know SB-E had a 8 core cpu??!!
depends on how much the price
All right everyone...I got a good deal on a FX now i need offers amd motherboards and the RAM...keep the offers rolling in please
where in ohio?
Actually that isn't true but respect your opinion...however putting up a price list isn't always the best way on going about it...For example I won't pay the same amount for a i5 2500k that has been over voted to hell and back as compared to one that ran on a modest OC...also like those that attempt to low ball those that are selling on the forums...some people might be willing to take a bigger loss than others when giving offers while others over value what they think...
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