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Anyone here work with CAD and have a workstation car they would recommend. Budget is around $300 max. I'll be using AutoCAD and working with 3d models, some of them very large. I'm familiar with the gaming cards but nothing that runs on w/e the CAD protocol is (OpenGL?).
I was using this as an internet tunnel from my home server to bypass the web filter at work. Now I won't be able to anymore =(.
Just got my new unit in today and hooked it up. Some things I noticed compared to my old unit: 1. No more weak left channel. Old unit used to have a very noticeable weak left channel at low volumes. Not anymore. 2. I can't turn the speakers off without literally turning them off. I used to be able to turn the knob down to where neither speaker would output sound even though the unit was still powered on, I can't do that with the new unit unless I toggle the switch...
Called parts express and they hooked me up with a replacement even though it was 3 months out of warranty. Props to their customer service!
Turned it on and the speaker blipped a few times rather than just once, went to play a game and no sound. Test output from PC and it's working. Speaker wires are good, amp gets power and LED lights up but I get no sound. When I turn the amp up I used to get static through my speakers, nothing now. Think I can fix it? If not what is a good amp that won't die on my in a little more than a year? Need to power Polk RTi-A1 2.0 system.
I've got a set of Polk RTiA1's powered by a Dayton DTA-100s. Any time I turn up the volume a bit louder than normal listening, and I have nothing playing, I can clearly hear noise (hissing, slight crackling, different noises when the mouse moves). I am getting my input from an ASUS Xonar Essence STX stereo out. How can I minimize the noise?
My server is a GA-880GMA-UD2H (rev. 2.2) with a AMD X4 640 and 8GB of RAM in it. I've currently got 2 1TB drives, no RAID array at all. My plan is to add 4 3TB drives and put them in a RAID 10 array for 6TB of storage, doubling my storage and increasing my speed. I plan on using only 1 of the current 1TB drives once all the data is transferred as a OS drive and for potential other things like programs on the server. Looking for recommendations for reliable drives that...
You probably just never noticed it before. It's just the caps whining on your GPU as it does work to change the position of the cursor on the screen (yes, this does take GPU powah). It's normal and happens on most cards, most people don't notice it because there is white noise in the room putting off more sound than the whining or because their hearing isn't good enough to hear it.
EmachineShop is what I design in mostly at work >_>. It's so easy to use and loads up quick. Having a part actually made by them will cost a lot though.
Lasers can be CNC too. CNC just stands for computer numeric controlled. I'd like to have a laser cnc powerful enough to cut the aluminum I use as it would probably be a nicer cut and I could make thinner lines and details.
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