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Guys ive been off this thread for almost 6 months, have any cool product been invented? Like a must have accessory for this case? A new awesome fan etc
Why do i care? I choose base on the components, it has a nice display, a Snap800 and many custom roms will be available. Ill getthis or the nexus 5
I love it and would take it out to a nice evening with movie and dinner
I have plenty of games and would most likely have any recommendation, not bf3 though. Thanks
GOD DAMN IT bought it for 199
I bought na HIS Iceq 7950Boost for 269 usd, can reach 1200MHZ, one of the best tech purchases i ever did
I didnt play GOW3 and Judgement, Forza 4 and Horizon, Halo Reach and 4, are these good enough to buy the console now? Any other exclusives that might bet worth owning the console for? I also dont care much for MP in consoles, mostly PC and dedicated servers for that.
If they take any longer i won't care anymore
Great info man, ill remove them then. Dont want to loose al that porn
Thanks,Anyone has info on technical standpoint?
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