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guys im almost buying the white version. I kinda gave up on huge desktops a while back and went for a FT03. Loved it, but the case is not upgrade friendly. But this case might be versatile enough for me to go through high to mid end desktops in the years to come.
Guys, its new case tiemm, moving from a TJ08E, is this a good choice? I dont want a monster case, this one looks nice with psu hidden
Guys ive been off this thread for almost 6 months, have any cool product been invented? Like a must have accessory for this case? A new awesome fan etc
Why do i care? I choose base on the components, it has a nice display, a Snap800 and many custom roms will be available. Ill getthis or the nexus 5
I love it and would take it out to a nice evening with movie and dinner
I have plenty of games and would most likely have any recommendation, not bf3 though. Thanks
GOD DAMN IT bought it for 199
I bought na HIS Iceq 7950Boost for 269 usd, can reach 1200MHZ, one of the best tech purchases i ever did
I didnt play GOW3 and Judgement, Forza 4 and Horizon, Halo Reach and 4, are these good enough to buy the console now? Any other exclusives that might bet worth owning the console for? I also dont care much for MP in consoles, mostly PC and dedicated servers for that.
If they take any longer i won't care anymore
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