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Lol, sounds like fun! Now i'm gonna try... Crysis, Fallout3, UT3, TF2, Gmod...
I have my 24/7 torrent/Folding machine work as a network drive, about 200GB worth. I have had to use the backups on that machine before, so it has saved me.
Quote: Originally Posted by triggs75 Is that tape your using to hold your cables to your case? Uh... Maybe?
Here's mine. not the neatest, but oh well.
The only difference i see is that things stick out more, such as the Stones, and Roof tiles. Looks very similar to dx10...
YouTube - My Computer: Abridged Version. Q9550, 9800GT, Win 7, Crysis! I have a mixture off all my favorite games in here.
I working on a new computer, I have another PC with Crysis still installed. I actually found something under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ Wow6432Node/Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts/Crysis/ergc It is a 20 digit alpha-numeric number. I think this is it? starts with E6TK... If so, Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by aksthem1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE: Software/Electronic Arts/Electronic Arts/Crysis/ Try and see if it is located here. What do I do with that? I'm using a Steam version, not a boxed CD version.
When I try to contact steam, it asks me to specify the game, and the CD key for the game. And since I dont know my CD key, and thats what i'm trying to ask, I cannot find out. How else can i find out my CD Key? Everest? can anyone link me to a trustworthy site?
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