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I've tried already. I missed the boat for refunds, now you just get hit with a "nope too bad" crtl V post from a community rep.
Both metro games have used physX, I'd say its safe to assume this one would too, but who knows
I remember buying 5-10+ games during a sale time. This current sale I haven't bought anything.
So far this sale has been extremely meh, anyone else think that as well?
Go to an intel location in the zone of your choosing.
lets get the game to run at more than 30 FPS, and have.... a reasonable amount of people on a server, in the same instance, all in a space fight. THEN we can compare Roberts to Jurassic park guy.
Perhaps rotate your CPU cooler so the fins are being cooled by the front intake fan as well? Won't help your GPU but it might knock off a degree or 2 on the CPU
Don't quote me on this, but I believe CR was bragging on ATV a couple of weeks ago about how the script was now OVER 1250 pages. I know that the 1000 page thing was early on in development.They also picked probably the most expensive mocap studio to use, imaginarium.... its Andy Serkis's studio (who is also in the SQ42 campaign as a Vanduul....)
For a $60 game I was expecting more content / features. I'll buy it on sale at 80% this christmas.
oops, double post
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