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Which really makes me wonder what the point of making it in the first place was.
Run while you still can
Some people want to isolate themselves.
My eyes don't produce film grain though, that looks pretty... uh... interesting
i bought it because it reminds me of the Nostromo, and anything that reminds me of that is worth buying All you need is the launcher.However, do you have alpha access? If you just bought a ship recently you'll need to buy an Arena commander pass
not so much an argument, more of a reality.
Wait for it to be fixed unfortunately. The HOTAS fanboys on the forums are trying to steer this game into a HOTAS only zone, which unfortunately would eliminate 95% of the potential buyers of SC when it is released. Hopefully CR understands this and balances all the control schemes, which will be very difficult and one system will come out on top. I just hope for SC's sake that the mouse is what takes top spot. HOTAS are great and all, but requiring a joystick to play a...
Ask Jennifer lawrence
The real connie costs half as much as the fake one. Guess that's just how SC works, most expensive game that may or may not ever come out
I told myself that if they used the red/white colour scheme that I would get one. so I just bought one. Dam them, why couldn't they have chosen the black or grey skin.
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