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I just don't like having to use the second hand. First world problems.
I'm loving everything about this phone minus the power button location. It's by far the best feeling phone I've ever owned. Sense 6 is in my opinion the best "android cover up" skin from any of the major manufacturers. I only a Nexus 7, which runs stock android and I actually prefer Sense 6. They kept all the nice bits from android and added nifty little bits to make things easier. I did extensive research on the S5 (as well as owning an S3 before the m8) before buying and...
A conventional "full beta" won't be for a long long, long time, if ever. The modular release schedule of SC doesn't really allow for beta releases. Look at the Hangar Module for example. There is nothing beta about it, it's just not done yet. As time goes on they add more content until it is done.
I agree about the camera, mind you I upgraded from the GS3 so even the 4mp camera is an improvement
The fact that in 2-4 weeks there will be a stable DFM to play with MODES and AMAZING MAPS! It's going to be great, its just too bad the stream didn't really work. The PBR also looked great. I'm very happy with what I saw tonight, but to non-backers this might look... bad...
yolo vote for the mystery item again
I'm sorry but that TNGS episode was awful.
Exactly, and if they can't produce new questions on a weekly basis than the show shouldn't be weekly
I wish they would stop answering the same 5 questions over and over and over and over again, IE how the flight physics work.
You can use the phone right off the bat, lithium batteries do not have "memory". edit: I was beaten!
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