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I'm going through my old threads, this us still happening. Its a lycosa.
Wow really?! Jman are going to oc your cpu? It performs like crazy but if your not here are some other example.The building referenced in the post before me is good but there's wasted value in a 100 case, the novelty wears offfast. There's also wasted value in that closed loop if yournot oc'ing. That money saved can go towards ram withfaster timings.
I haven't been on in a while, its pretty dead around here wither way I still don't have a solution...
Anyone know how i can get to coolbits in windows 7 after i put in the reg key?
2 weeks later....
Because I want to see how it goes from personal experience, versus going off the opinion of what was written on som e website and because ... why not?Is no one else curious to see how this turns out? I am I hear stories of how people through W7 on some POS and it was fast... I doubt that but figure why not? I figure if i have time at some point i can just give it a shot....
ill give it a shot.
Did you read the first post?? This is to find a way to get it installed without more ram...Sent from my Garminfone using Tapatalk
IN please, fwanko1
I see, but when i went to install, I think with 256mb of ram might have been 128 not sure it wouldn't let me because of the memory amount being too low ... maybe you got lucky.
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