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I chose the i7 6700k. An i7 is a must because a few popular games stutter and have severe FPS drops with i5, and this is becoming more common so forget i5. I chose the 6700k over X99 for two reasons. Skylake has the best single threaded performance which, in general, is important. It is especially important in games that only use two or less cores, which applies to the majority of video games still. I will never use more than one graphics card again, in order to...
It's dynamic like the HE-300. For $99 though I might as well buy one.
A good amp will improve the headphone's sound quality a lot, in addition to making it louder.
I only uploaded the beta to that one place, sorry. Also there isn't really a latest R2 renderer DLL file, and the one included in my mods is for v1.0005 not v1.0006. However there is a way to mod yours to give you the increased grass draw distance, which is all I did.
$4,000 PC + this monitor = $9,000, and in most games you're not going to be taking advantage of the high refresh rate anyway.
Can't wait for the full release. Right now it's early access without that much content, for those who didn't know.
All the mods that greatly enhance gameplay also overhaul graphics, so you might as well stick with what works. Were you referring to Mod Pack 2013 Beta? That does indeed have some other textures, not just Photorealistic Zone 2.1 and the ones that Complete also uses. It has textures from so many different mods actually, I picked and chose the specific textures that looked best at the time.
This will vary from person to person. I think having something worthy of being called black is worth some ghosting in dark scenes. Glowing grey/white blacks is way more distracting. The only reason I'm using an IPS is because tearing is worse than all of the above, so I require variable refresh rate.
Get 2560 x 1440 FreeSync. BenQ XL2730z is what the doctor ordered.
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