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For what it's worth, I don't think any of the games recommended so far only allow you to run away from enemies. Don't know much about Alan Wake though, never played it.
Word of warning, Dead Space is more of a shooter than a horror game, like Resident Evil 4. Personally I don't see anything scary or even intense or uneasy about them, as you play as a powerful space marine essentially and easily destroy everything in your path (you're just outnumbered and there's a lot of blood). Classic Silent Hill (1-3) is great, although hard to play these days. Uneasiness is the feeling they deliver best, same for Anna: Extended Edition, due to the...
I'm sure it does fit the definition, if Resident Evil and Outlast do.
Outlast is like a B movie version of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, so definitely give this a try. Even better, Penumbra and SOMA. The same types of games as Amnesia from the same developers (Penumbra and Amnesia inspired almost every modern horror game including Outlast and probably RE7 somewhat), and vaguely similar to Outlast, but with a million times more depth than every game mentioned above. They are some of the deepest and most well written games in the history of...
Did you pick up his body? Chances are he doesn't drop the key, it stays on his body and is looted by either pickpocketing when he's alive or carrying his dead or unconscious body.
Glad to hear you are really getting into Alpha Protocol. Regarding Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, every stat has a description that tells you exactly what it does, and you can see their overall statistical impact on the right side of the leveling screen. I find the best way to approach RPGs is to decide what/who you want to play as initially (while looking at the race options and reading about them) and then go from there. We actually have a thread for the game...
I think XCOM 2 is out of the question. Have you played XCOM: Enemy Unknown? You can run that on lower settings.
More Fallout: New Vegas. [[SPOILER]]
Yup, it says steel interior, but from the weight they give I doubt it's a lot of steel. Seems too light for the size. I would prefer lots of steel to be used on the interior though, for mounting magnetic LED strips like NZXT Hue+ (adhesive isn't reliable enough especially if reusing strips).
TN is out of the question when talking about things like HDR and large monitors. We should have VA counterparts to this by next year.
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