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Hmm yeah I would think that's not normal. Looking at the TFTCentral review of the XL2730Z, their blur reduction solution seems to be as good as ULMB, so essentially flawless. Good stuff. Let's hope others make such an effective solution. Eizo's Turbo240 seems really flawed according to reviews. ASUS needs to give it a try for their FreeSync monitors.
And here I was expecting good news LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.That's okay ASUS. Take your time and ensure it has better QC than the PG278Q and XB270HU.
Well... AA requirements are definitely less, but most games are still visibly aliased at 2560 x 1440 (even with AA). Especially newer games which have essentially abandoned superior hardware-based AA in favor of cheap shader-based AA that's mostly just a blur shader.
It does indeed worth it! I'll never game without it again. There are no real downsides to G-SYNC aside from cost. As for 1440p vs 1080p, it really depends on your PC config and whether or not it can handle 1440p. But it's 2015, I say no more 1080p. Get a 1440p G-SYNC monitor, preferably the Acer XB270HU, and if you need to lower graphics settings do so.
A subwoofer isn't needed if you're satisfied with the amount of bass quantity you'd have without one. I'd buy a DAC and speakers first, or just the Vanatoo Transparent One speakers if I couldn't afford a DAC along with it. To use the DAC on the Vanatoo Transparent One, connect it to your computer with an optical toslink cable.
I've never heard of the ZOWIE Celeritas while the QuickFire XT is a high quality Costar-built keyboard which I recommend. Its keycaps are only average though (for a mechanical keyboard at least), you may want to replace them in the future.
It depends on how much bass you personally want. I find I don't need a subwoofer at my computer desk.Definitely get a new DAC for speakers like the Audioengine A5+. Optical is generally better than USB unless you're using an exceptional DAC or some external device to clean up the USB signal like the Gustard U12. So I say just stick with optical.You might want to look into speakers other than the A5+. Some say they are overpriced and that you can get similar audio...
I'm gonna show Eizo this thread and explain the relatively high demand (among enthusiasts) for a 1440p (both 16:9 and 21:9) high refresh rate, dynamic refresh rate VA panel and tell them to forward it to Sharp and AU Optronics. Not that it will actually result in anything.Well 5ms as the average response time won't actually happen, but you're referring to manufacturer's spec of course. Even the fastest IPS monitors like the XB270HU don't average 5ms (it averages around...
If you can assemble a Bottlehead Crack then that makes it an even easier choice, since the price is more like the WA3 but clarity/sound staging/dynamics are compared to the WA2 and other pricier amps.
Oh my mistake for not clarifying. The reason I'm not giving it a chance is its gameplay; I tried Arkham Asylum and I hate the gameplay. That type of gameplay isn't for me.No doubt that the mechanic + the writing quality are what add to the game. I was just pointing out that it's possible to have the mechanic and poor writing, since we've seen similar things elsewhere; e.g., a game with a good amount of role play and dialogue choices but bad writing. The role playing...
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