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So I've been using NVIDIA for years but I may switch to AMD soon (primarily due to all the FreeSync monitors coming out like the ASUS MG279Q). My main concern is image quality tweaking in certain games. Is it possible to use RadeonPro to force ambient occlusion into the following games, like I do with NVIDIA Inspector? Unreal Engine 3 games (Mass Effect trilogy, Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Alpha Protocol, etc.) Gamebryo engine games...
Yeah that's a well known issue with the game. For that reason it's best to finish Limansk in one session, it's not long anyway.
I need to do some Rainbow Six 3 LAN, that would be a ton of fun. I recommend Natural Selection 2 especially since that goes with your theme of strategic games.
Damage or DPS? Dual dagger rogue is the highest DPS build possible, but they are in far more danger than archers, hence bows having less DPS usually.
Yeah the monitor light is enough for me. I never had the QuickFire XT specifically, though I did have the QuickFire Rapid which is the tenkeyless version of the XT.
I'd say with your budget, just get whatever mechanical keyboard you can get your hands on. Since you said no to tactility and high stiffness, then I recommend Cherry MX Black switches (this also rules out membrane right off the bat).Since you said backlighting is not a necessity, you might want to get the KUL ES-87.FYI to all, the "KRO" part of the form isn't a Yes or No question, but I assume all of you saying Yes want NKRO or at least something close to it.The QuickFire...
I also recommend this game, but it's of a much smaller scale than Battlefield. What I recommend in place of Battlefield is Rising Storm, which is similar in scale and game modes (the most played game mode is like Conquest), but has much more authentic and tactical gameplay, plus it's a much better PC game (as in, a full fledged integrated server browser plus mod support).
I think everything after BF2142 was a significant downgrade to the franchise.
You don't need other patches.
Oh yes, how I would love someone to partner up with them to use their switches for W, A, S, D, Q, and E keys.
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