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HiFiMan HE-500 or 400i, and I'd probably go with the Audio-GD NFB-11 based on its reputation (ES9018 DAC + amp, all in one, mostly neutral solid state). I haven't heard the HE-400i but it's supposed to be similar to the HE-500, but slightly more warm, slightly less bass presence, and a bit more closed-in sounding. However it costs $100 less and will be much more comfortable. Some people find the HE-500 to be too heavy, although I think if you feel this way you probably...
So far so good. Looks like a solid overclock assuming it's stable. I normally stress test for a little bit longer but I don't know about that program.
Hmm... perhaps the game heavily favors AMD.
You can usually find new Audio Technica headphones for lower prices on ebay, from highly rated sellers too. I got my A900X for only $140 (brand new).
+1 or maybe the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X headphones instead.
The QuickFire Rapid is very well built especially for the price. Its reputation in this regard is much better than Corsair keyboards, though I never had a Corsair myself.
The M50X and below probably aren't great for gaming due to their very small sound stage and recessed mids.They usually say it about the open ones, the AD700.
Tone down some of the reflection settings, and maybe shadow resolution and world detail too. Optimization is terrible.
Might as well get the QuickFire Rapid with MX Reds. NKRO over PS/2, though only 6KRO over USB if I recall correctly.
Interesting, though I doubt this would outperform an AD700X + ModMic combo.
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