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Your statement on G-SYNC is absolutely correct. Try ULMB at 120 Hz instead, and if you're bothered by tearing turn on V-Sync (triple buffering when applicable).
Your opinion is from a competitive gaming perspective. I notice most PC gamers when talking about displays can only see that perspective, and not the immersive gaming perspective I speak from. If we want to take the competitive gaming angle further, some can say any TV is unsuitable for competitive gaming, and VA is unsuitable. People say that a lot actually.I can handle 34ms and I'm the opposite of a casual gamer, but I don't play any competitive FPS. The image...
Let's join your friend in Neverwinter Nights 2.
RIP sound cards.
Runner up for necro of the year. It is kind of clunky but tolerable, and the AI is terrible, and side planet exploration sucks big time, but other than that it's amazing. BioWare's third best probably.
Necro of the year.
Your 60 Hz monitor isn't capable of displaying over 60 FPS. What games are you referring to and what frame rates do you get? If you're only getting 70 FPS or so then maybe that's why you don't notice.
You can use 2016 LG OLED TVs as a monitor, their anti-retention methods are extremely effective. I only know one person with a 2016 model OLED, he uses it primarily has a monitor and has had zero retention. Only had it for about a week so far but I'll keep bugging him about it.
Input lag has nothing to do with panel type. LG's latest firmware update now results in 34ms input lag with or without HDR, in game mode (with chroma 4:4:4 too). That's as low as any TV. It's really just price and maybe brightness for some people that are deterrents.
And the KS8000 would still lose except for resolution clarity, unless he's in a very bright room.
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