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Yeah if I were you I'd give up on it until they address it. If you follow their Steam group and/or look on the Steam community hub for the game, you should see the changelog for the updates they release.
So multiplayer is buggy? Glad I didn't try it yet. Single player should be good to go now with all the updates they've released.
I wish it was only Bethesda titles. Alt tabbing in another game I play leads to this. But you have a point, Morrowind seems to be the only Bethesda game that I can alt tab in.
This is how you kill Poltergeists in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. As you can see it's a very complicated task with many difficult steps Life in the Zone. The name of the video says it all. Also S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lost Alpha. Making things blow up in Divinity: Original Sin. Genocide in Fallout: New Vegas.
I buy my keyboards from newegg, amazon, or If you want fullsize then the QuickFire XT would be the way to go, though it also has no backlighting. If you don't mind spending more there's the CM Storm Trigger-Z and Ducky G2 Pro. But hey, your Steelseries is obviously a huge step-up over any non-mechanical keyboard. You could always hold onto it and save up your funds for something truly amazing like the Ducky Shine 3 or a custom Gon's keyboard.
Alt tab is the devil. Just don't do it!
Purevision doesn't really fall into that category so much. Natural Lighting and Atmospherics is the best I've seen, though I tried it and it really made it clear to me that ENB is made for screenshots more than anything else. Plus, at the end of the day ENB also a post-process injector and not a full lighting overhaul. It's a shame I never found a full lighting overhaul mod that I liked, CoT really did not impress me in the slightest.
It's a post process/shader injection mod, built specifically for Skyrim. It's one of the best choices if you want a more realistic look opposed to an overly vibrant, fantasy theme like most ENBs.
Maxed out in-game MSAA, with FXAA enabled, and RCRN which includes its own FXAA injection. Nothing forced via Inspector.
Remember to play Metro 2033 Redux instead of the original. Light Redux shouldn't be necessary, though I preordered both anyway.
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