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I'm just jumping in here but I agree. We're talking about team game modes after all. I remember playing Power Struggle in Crysis and Crysis Wars, and how often I'd sacrifice myself, throwing myself at dozens of enemies, just so my team was able to hold a spawn bunker for a little bit longer. That ruined my K/D but it made me an effective team player.
I forgot to mention that the side quests in Mass Effect (only the first one) are very repetitive so you might want to skip them. Which classes have you played as in Mass Effect?
I thought WaW was terrible. The campaign was more repetitive than I was used to, and I don't care for the multiplayer. CoD 2 was by far the best in the franchise. My favorite WWII game in general is probably Rising Storm.
Did you play Neverwinter Nights 2 and its expansions? It might be an older gem that you missed. Mask of the Betrayer may completely change your perspective on RPGs. Since you played Pillars of Eternity, older RPGs shouldn't be a problem since Pillars of Eternity is even more dated than something like Neverwinter Nights 2. Have you played both KOTOR games? How about Underhell? Do you like horror games? As for newer games, you've played Telltale's games and Divinity:...
No surprise since that's how it looked as well.Ditto. It's pretty obvious that Battlefront is a massive downgrade compared to Battlefront 2, an even bigger downgrade than Battlefield 3 and 4 are to Battlefield 2 and the other PC exclusive Battlefields.
I play a lot of older games. I know that just about anything from after 2012 won't run at 144 FPS. CPU/mobo is the next upgrade for me.
I wonder if that and Fallout 4 will have an FPS cap. I'm getting a 144 Hz monitor soon... I'd like to take advantage of that in the future.
I'll recommend mostly shorter games that are easy to get hooked on: Penumbra Collection: The same type of game as Amnesia, made from the same people. Amnesia's spiritual predecessor, but with a much better story. Play Overture first, as the name implies. Overture + Black Plague = 8-10 hours. Metro: 2033 Redux: 15-20 hour story-driven survival shooter with stealth elements. Metro: Last Light (Redux): The same type of game as its predecessor, but with slightly more...
I sure did. It was pretty brief, graphics looked more or less DA:I quality if I recall correctly? You can't be sure from a trailer like that though. On that note, the new Deus Ex looks like it is following in the footsteps of Human Revolution in the sense that it has some of the worst graphics of its time. It looked fine, but worse than just about every 2015 and 2016 game. Not that I really care; the only thing that would bother me is excessive aliasing, which is hard...
The thing is, EA/DICE didn't even bother to find out if gamers really don't want all of that additional, refined content from Battlefront 2. It's not like there was a game like Battlefront 2 recently that sold poorly. EA/DICE just knows they can do the bare minimum and make large profits, with people not knowing better being a big reason.
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