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HUD and resolution are linked, but I'm thinking that maybe using HUD correction for 1080p or 1600p will still be better than using none. Only one way to find out I suppose. You shouldn't have that problem with KOTOR 2 I think.
Well since you said you're unsure about tactility but want low stiffness, that means you'll probably end up with MX Red, MX Brown, or maybe MX Blue switches. I'm not sure if that website is the cheapest for Ducky keyboards, check NCIX as well.
A-Life still sucks, story still sucks, level design is still awesome, mechanics are still great, it's still region locked, SDK is still unstable at least on Windows 7. I recommend waiting for Director's Cut which will remove the region-locked aspect and improve A-Life.
Ducky Legend or Shine 4 and maybe these keycaps which I use myself: can get a standalone wrist rest anywhere (Staples?) which I actually like more than built in ones.
Telltale's Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands.
Looking on the UniWS web page, there is no HUD correction for 1440p. You can try the 1080p or 1600p ones I guess.You can only get the ME3 DLC from Origin. I definitely do recommend all story DLC for ME2 and ME3, they're amazing. ME2's DLC can only be acquired from BioWare's store.
Natural Environments comes with installation instructions. Meshes, Textures, Sound folders, and all ESP and ESM files go inside your data folder. Unsupported extras are just that, extras that aren't supported. They include other ESP files which go into your data folder, another textures folder which goes into your Data folder. Always read installation instructions, every mod has them. Lots of them will be only on the mod's Nexus page though.
In that case, now is a good time to make a suggestion about what to do in that scenario. If you have conflicting textures, I recommend using a program like or Photoshop and open both texture files to compare both directly. Choose the one you think looks better, but make sure you check the resolution of both textures. I usually go for the higher resolution one, since I never came across a horribly made high res texture for Oblivion.
It does indeed have a wider sound stage and better imaging compared to the SR-009 and Beyer T1 (and maybe the Abyss AB-1266 too, hard to say going off memory), but I'd love to compare it to the HE1000. I haven't heard the HD 800 in months but listened to the HE1000 extensively yesterday, the sound stage was so three dimensional (amazing depth) in certain tracks, and very wide too. Imaging was fantastic, I think the two might be close in these regards.So you're just...
Installation order is not the same thing as load order, nor is installation order the same thing as installation procedure. Load order does matter: parent mods belong on top of child mods, ESM files should loaded before all ESPs. Installation procedure obviously matters since there's only one right way to install mods. Installation order only matters if you're installing conflicting (texture) mods (I wouldn't advise installing other types of mods that conflict).What...
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