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You won't lose much if anything in terms of positioning accuracy. I had a CM Storm Sirus which is a multidriver 5.1 headset, which I used with onboard Realtek ALC892, and my current Audio Technica ATH-A900X + Titanium HD blows it away in positional accuracy even with X-Fi CMSS-3D disabled. Not a fair comparison but that's the only comparison I can make, so take it for what it is. I believe the better sound stage and imaging of good headphones will improve positional...
Yep, after TWD S2 finale.
What type of sound signature would you like? Will you be listening to music at all? An amplifier will boost the sound quality and loudness of the headphones. For gaming I recommend the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X and either a (used) Creative Sound Blaster ZxR or a used Titanium HD. Or if you plan on listening to music through these headphones, you may wish to get the AD900X instead. This is of course assuming you're okay with open headphones, which have a wider sound...
I wonder if disabling Steam cloud for that game would fix it.
Other speakers to consider are the Fostex PM0.4n and the Adam Audio A3X. The Cambridge Audio S30 is very popular though it's a passive speaker and will need an amp.
The clamping force is a bit different on most of their models. The AD900 is probably different than the AD900X which is a bit different than the A900X. If clamping force is too loose, you can always mod it. I've seen people rubber-band the wings together to make it tighter. If clamping force is too tight your only hope would be for it to loosen up over time.
It's probably something like this related to your system. But damn, nice work getting it to run on that at least.
Good choice getting GOTY edition, the two expansions it includes basically equal a whole new campaign that's almost 10 hours long. As for mouse sensitivity, I think your only option is to boost acceleration in your mouse's software which isn't necessarily a good thing but it will be faster. What mouse do you use?
I'm quite sure that's a myth actually. Material of a case doesn't really make a difference in temperatures. Most newer Lian-Li cases offer great cable management too, the PC-A75X is an affordable one. However it needs to be modded or fitted with an aftermarket top panel to hold a 360mm radiator on top. Though you could probably fit a triple radiator in front after removing the HDD cage, use a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter for the hard drive, and velcro the SSD somewhere, and...
Well many of the cases you listed as candidates in the first post are just about as plasticky as that one. Especially Thermaltake.
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