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I noticed recently that downsampling works in this game now. This makes it more obvious that the game isn't very well optimized, since I drop to 40 FPS when downsampling from 2560 x 1440. A bit more performance demanding than it should be, seeing as how I get similar performance in Crysis at 1440p.
Probably not. I wasn't sure how much a used one would run you. I live in the US, and a few weeks ago I saw one on Ebay from a highly regarded seller for around $90 (but it was a bid). That's about the same price as a brand new Sound Blaster Z over here.If the price difference is going to be that big, you should probably get the Sound Blaster Z.
Cherry, as expected since it's a backlit keyboard.
Xonar DX doesn't have an amp, so I recommend either a Sound Blaster Z or a used Xonar Essence STX. Either one will give you the surround you desire, but the Essence STX will probably provide slightly better sound quality than the Sound Blaster Z.
Maybe it was the game that requires internet connection to play. 5 years ago Steam still had offline mode.
This. Steam has had an offline mode for as long as I can remember. An internet connection is NOT needed in order to play games on Steam, as long as said games are installed already. Also when it comes to Fallout 3 and New Vegas, be sure to buy GOTY edition of FO3 and Ultimate Edition of New Vegas.
Steam games don't require constant internet connection to play. If you can buy from Amazon then you can buy the games on Steam too. Since you didn't list any genres, I'll just list some of the very best games you can play right now in no particular order. - Dragon Age: Origins - Mass Effect trilogy - Fallout 3 and New Vegas (on Steam right now for 66% off, get the GOTY/Ultimate editions) - Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim though like the aforementioned Fallout games...
Definitely go with headphones, gaming headsets just don't come close. Is gaming the priority? Do you need closed headphones (isolation), or will open suffice? Open headphones have no isolation but will present a larger soundstage. I recommend the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X or A700X (AD700X is open version), or if you can afford them the ATH-AD900X or A900X. These are easy to drive, so onboard audio is enough for now, and they have a good sound stage for the price and...
Try using a large address aware enabler such as the one listed here. use all of those mods and have no problems at all on Windows 7. Some of them improve stability, like the LAA enabler and the one that removes the GFWL component.
Well it does use one of ArmA 2's maps (which has since been modified though) and a ton of assets from ArmA 2.
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