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A GTX 1080 will get 100+ FPS in that resolution in many games, in the majority of games in fact. Also that will be the only high refresh rate 3440 x 1440 monitor that uses a VA panel which for me is a must, as IPS and TN image quality is just not cutting it.
I meant 8+6 vs 8+8 when using air cooling probably won't make a significant difference.
These are the ones to wait for. These and variants from ASUS and Acer.
8+6I don't think it really matters though.
Maybe, but the relative prices here seem normal at least, as if there wasn't even a FE. In some ways these GTX 1080s are a bargain, when you consider the prices of the GTX 980 Ti, Fury-X, and Fury.
ASUS ROG Strix OC Edition is what I'm going for.
Yeah, if you're spending under $1k on an amp then the Stax SRM-353X or SRM-323S is probably the way to go.
I did hear the WES and BHSE with the SR-009 on the same day, although I don't know what tubes the WES was using. The BHSE sounded like it was on a completely different level in transparency, imaging, and overall performance and coherency.The Megatron is another popular amp that people like to build.
Most of those Mjolnir Audio amps are a thousand times better than Stax amps. The KGSSHV Carbon treads in BHSE territory.Interesting, I know a lot of people aren't fans of the WES. I do agree that more people need to build the BHSE and other Gilmore designs. These days it's all about the KGSSHV Carbon and soon the Nanotube variants, and the DIY-T2 for a few, but the more variety the better. Plus this is the last run of the BHSE so non-builders like myself would have to...
That HE-560 should hit the sweet spot for you. Much more transparent and natural sounding than any Beyer I think, very detailed and open sounding and good extension.
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