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AKG K7xx in great condition from October 2015. Serial number 007938. Great for gaming and most kinds of music, a great all around headphone more on the neutral side. Also light as a feather. Included in retail packaging with the stock cable and 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter. $160 shipped, PayPal only. Stand not included.
Up for sale is an MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightning in excellent condition, with retail packaging. Beautiful card, also one of the biggest you'll ever come across (it just barely fits inside the Corsair Carbide Air 540 with a front 140x25 fan, for reference). It is from November 2015 and I'm the second owner of the card. Price is $400 shipped, PayPal only.
Yeah MSI's seem to be a safe bet, based on consensus. I would have loved to get the GAMING X but I just can't support that kind of price gouging. The GTX 980 GAMING 4G was hardly any more expensive than reference (and this was before reference was $100 more than it should be of course).
That knob is for input actually, not output. To switch from headphones to speakers you have to unplug the headphone. Also, both of the analog outputs (preamp out and line out) play simultaneously.
Happy to report no audible coil whine from any distance with the MSI ARMOR 8G OC, granted I haven't overclocked yet (just running it with +121% power limit). Just started doing some testing today, will do some more throughout the week but I think many of you won't be surprised. Here is a preview:
Yeah it's a NVIDIA thing only. I wonder if AMD has any supersampling that works for it in RadeonPro? You'll be at under 60 FPS at 3200 x 1800 for sure, but you could always try a lower res and see which you like more. You might want to check and see if your MSAA is working, since the Mass Effect games are UE3 based with deferred rendering and tend to perform awfully with MSAA.Mass Effect trilogy is a great fallback, I've used it for the same purpose as you before. I've...
i7 6700k. There are quite a few games that benefit from an i7 over an i5, some of which are known to stutter on i5's like Fallout 4.
I prefer 4x SGSSAA but overall I agree. For me, the Mass Effect trilogy is timeless. Also it's a nice bonus that ME2 uses OpenAL so we can enable 3D HRTF, something not possible in any very recent title or even ME3.
Any one of those will sound better. I think the HD 558 is the best value of the bunch, and you can slap on an AntLion ModMic or use a desktop mic if you want.
I use a Maverick Audio Tubemagic D1 for this, which I got off ebay brand new. It's a DAC (though I don't use the DAC), headphone amp, and a preamp all in one plus it has a second analog line output as well so I could use a subwoofer in addition to my bookshelf speakers if I wanted. So a device that has both headphone output and separate line outputs would do the trick.
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