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Pretty much this. It doesn't have the amount of content or replay value that GTA has, but the campaign is much better. I was enjoying it until my saves got corrupted at about 30 hours in, I couldn't be bothered to start from the beginning. I love the hand to hand combat system, it's very smooth and functional though I'd never call it too complex. You have me befuddled with the 1366 x 768 monitor though.
I can see the AvP connection for sure, Halo not so much. NS2 has mostly indoor complex maps unlike Halo, and gravity is rather normal. Mechs are really good and really expensive in that game. It has jetpacks as well, and a lot of other equipment. The main reason I recommend it is because it's not a mindless run and gun game like most other shooters (Titanfall), it's very strategic and coordinated. Plus all of the content and free DLC really raises the bar. The game...
Natural Selection 2? It's futuristic, has mechs, up to 16 vs 16, has a ton of content, it's always being updated with more free content, and it's one of the most strategic PvP shooters you can get. It's the first of only three PvP shooters I can honestly recommend to people. Here's some gameplay, you should also check out Commander gameplay on youtube. [[SPOILER]]
Looks like a good component selection.
Maybe the Audio Technica ATH-A1000X or even the A900X. They aren't noise cancelling, but they're closed and will isolate you very well. Noise cancelling technology can alter/harm the sound, and usually there are much less costly headphones like these that provide better sound quality.
It's a really small scale, repetitive, casual console shooter. If you want a smaller scale PvP shooter, check out Insurgency.
I can never recommend Titanfall to anyone. While if you want arcade racing, NFS Rivals should be a viable option.
None of the above.
Lian-Li PC-A75 without a doubt.
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