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Torment: Tides of Numenera releases soon, it could be the next big thing in story driven games as Planescape: Torment was. Or it can be a flop. You never know these days! Divinity: Original Sin 2 looks very promising, and the first one is quite fun albeit far from a masterpiece. Tales from the Borderlands is great, and Obduction is pretty good.
It did get excessive. I really want more RPGs like Arcanum, Planescape: Torment, and Fallout 1/2/New Vegas, in which you are free to do essentially whatever you want and suffer the consequences. A Mass Effect RPG like this with multiple species/race options could be great.
Not much has changed, it's not like you were gone for a decade. Since you listed Gran Turismo, have you tried Project CARS or Assetto Corsa? SOMA and The Talos Principle are by far the best story-driven games I've played in many years. XCOM 2 is one of the best recent games too. If you've played Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Human Revolution then it is worth giving Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a try. Dishonored 2 came out last year, it pales compared to the first with regards to...
Kai Leng should've just been max level with the abilities of the N7 Slayer plus more, and a really smart AI. Phase Disruptor spam of death.
It's not that hard to make the AI 100x better than ME1-ME3. Not hard to make them use combo abilities and work as a team to a small extent (since plenty of other, older games do this). But yes it's easier to not work on AI.
Q2 my ass! I'm getting the Acer version most likely, I don't see any other acceptable upgrade from my XB270HU, beyond these and the Acer will probably release first and cost less and be the same thing.
It would need some kind of biotic resistance power to counter it (e.g., KOTOR's Force Resistance, and biotic enemies would need this too), and the amount of enemy biotics would have to remain as it is—low, because you're only a squad of 3. You hit the nail on the head though, the only people who seek the kind of balanced challenge I describe (in which enemies that should be as capable as you, actually are, and in which AI is as good as a seasoned player) are fans of...
By combo I meant biotic and tech combos, but for starters, enemy biotics and engineers don't even use some of the games' best abilities. They should cast Pull and Singularity on you and then detonate it with Throw for example, either individually or as a team. Or unleash Dark Channel and then Cluster Grenades. Do those Cerberus ninja infiltrators use Shadow Strike? And how about some enemies using Arc Grenades + Frag or Homing Grenade combos while we're at it. And all...
Also, enemies need to be able to combo the player and player's party on higher difficulties. Enough with the stupid AI in all action games. Imagine getting run down by two enemies, one with a flamethrower and one with Snap Freeze.
Funny thing is, DA:O's party AI customization was great. Every party based game needs that, but expanded and better. If they had an improved version of it in ME:A, I wouldn't complain about this much.
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