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I think a 32" one is inevitable. Too many people think 27" is too small for 4k. I'm very surprised a 27" one is first opposed to 32".
100% is white I believe and 0% is black, so DebianUser's darker greys (around 30%) will be less accurate based on that calibration report.
Hopefully the 1440p ones have none of these issues.
Yeah, they're usually first. Acer's is called XB272-HDR.
They did. CFG75 is the model name I think. They also announced 1440p variants of both the CFG70 and the G-SYNC version!
Strobing and tearing "operate" on completely different levels.
Then the only explanation for that is not scientific; you have tearing but just don't notice it, which isn't unusual especially at lower frame rates where imperfect motion clarity can obscure the tearing somewhat.
The placebo is strong with competitive FPS gamers. Even though "every frame matters" most in fighting games.
Strobing won't cause stutters, and like I said it has nothing to do with tearing so the same rules apply. If you play games windowed/borderless windowed, then you won't see tearing. Perhaps that explains your experience.
Strobing usually adds some amount of input lag, but these days it is not even detectable to anyone. Otherwise yes, strobing has no impact on tearing so the same principles apply; FPS and refresh rate need to be synced in order to avoid tearing.
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