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Well you asked which is "better" which in this case is going to boil down to subjective experiences. Both have practically the same functionality for an active stereo speaker set, only with different software features (Creative has SBX, ASUS doesn't).
I think the sound differences will boil down to opamps. You might want to read this thread.
I hope by the time I get home people discuss how this patch affects mods, if at all. I assume it should be fine though.Fallout 4 for sure. Last time I checked Just Cause is just a giant empty open world with vehicles and destruction and nothing else.
You should keep V-Sync on since without it, your frame rate can shoot beyond 144, during which there's no G-SYNC or V-Sync and just screen tearing. Turning V-Sync on makes V-Sync take over only at 144 FPS and limits the frame rate from going beyond.
I haven't voluntarily taken a break from Fallout 4 yet. Pretty much every minute of my spare time has been dedicated to Fallout 4 since it's release. With that being said I only have 65 hours, but almost all of my sessions have been 4 hours or even more (I saw a record setting 4 hours 45 minutes yesterday).I didn't take a break in Fallout 3 until 110 hours. I didn't take a break in Skyrim until 350 hours.
Quite the coincidence. I ordered a Vault boy bobblehead, the melee weapons one. Happy birthday, I hope you spend a lot of it playing Fallout 4!
For small settlements you can just wall them off and place turrets around. Raiders will just run into the walls continuously until something kills them.
Almost anyone can find enjoyment in Fallout 4 due to how open ended it is, and how many possible playstyles it offers. It gets my vote.
Not bar fighting but Dark Messiah: Of Might and Magic. Conceptually the best melee combat I've ever found, although it's a bit clunky compared to today's most fluid games. On that note, two others I recommend (again not bar fighting or anything) are Dishonored (same developers as Dark Messiah, perfectly fluid but more simple) and Shadow Warrior. Although not first person, Sleeping Dogs is great for this purpose. Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4 allow for...
How many speakers? I'm guessing you are referring to active speakers.
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