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Not true, although it might be true of mainstream games and movies labeled "Horror." I highly recommend you play SOMA.
Interesting. I can definitely see how these tools would be incompatible with MP games; I used a Cheat Engine script/table with very similar features for Divinity: Original Sin. It's a hack technically, so like you said do not bother using it in multiplayer. Next time I play through DA:I, I'll use that tool. That won't be for a very long time though, since there are many other games I want to play first. I hope the developer makes his tool for more games.
This is true, I always make this comparison and wish to emphasize it more. Dead Space immediately felt like RE4 in outer space to me, and they have a similar mixture of action and... dare I say horror? Horror might be stretching it.
Correct. I wonder just how lossless this "lossless compression" really is, and I wonder if it shuts off if you switch it to 8-bit 120 Hz and below, that way we can do direct comparisons.
^ I'm guessing that is indeed an AUO panel, a 60 Hz version of the one that will be used in the 144 Hz monitors like the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ. I didn't realize that it covers 100% of Adobe RGB and 97.7% DCI-P3, that is nice although kind of useless for games. Wider gamut than perhaps all TVs except maybe Samsing's higher end 2017 models.
10/10 One of the nicest PCs I've ever seen.
Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition. Three screenshots composed together, hence the size. The distinct use of blue and reddish-brown is very apparent here, a motif in the game, as are blades and sharp objects which are found all throughout the game's level design.
Too bad DDR4 prices skyrocketed recently. I want TridentZ RGB RAM (at least when the software control improves, if it hasn't already) but I'm not willing to pay for the 4000 MHz kit. 3600 is the most I'll go at these prices.The added party command system in New Vegas was a big help with party AI. Too bad Fallout 4 omitted that, for some reason.
They could quad strobe at 240 Hz if they really wanted to, as an option. It is of course much less straining on your eyes, and I also found that it resulted in much better motion clarity at 60 FPS than any non-strobing LCD at the same frame rate.
Hmm, if it addresses them then at least an effort is made... I guess? Obviously I cannot speak for that. Doesn't really offset the sillyness that takes place early in the game though. And yes, I didn't want to use Deus Ex as an example since it is fundamentally completely different, my point was more along the lines of if Deus Ex games only gave you a few different, weaker augmentations, but built you up to be the master infiltrator that you are, then it'd be a similar...
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