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Yeah it won't stop the frame rate from varying so much in games that normally behave this way, but it makes the transitions perfectly smooth with no stuttering. Tons of people were complaining of stutter in SOMA for example, and I get absolutely none.
The Shine 5 will be out soon I think. How about the QuickFire XTi? If it's the same board as the XT but with Cherry stabilizers and LEDs then it's great.
You might have better luck sending a PM to the CM representative here on OCN, if there still is one. Still, I'd buy the XTi before the others listed on that store.
Yeah G-SYNC is amazing but it's not magic. However I find G-SYNC 30-45 FPS to look much better than no G-SYNC 30-45 FPS. G-SYNC 45 FPS has actually fooled me into thinking it was 60, which never happened without it. Sub 30 FPS is terrible G-SYNC or no.
Nah, just about every backlit keyboard uses Cherry stabilizers due to limitations of Costar ones. I guess the only way would be for someone who actually knows to confirm this.
Don't worry, most games nowadays use SMAA or FXAA or another form of MLAA that doesn't really affect FPS. Even MSAA in most games doesn't affect frame rate much, GTA V is just an exception. Temporal AA doesn't really affect frame rate either. I use 2x supersampling in most of the older games I play, and also in the UE3 version of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and still I average 70-90 FPS.
I still use AA in every game too. Even at 2560 x 1440 games look way too aliased without AA. 5k is probably the point where I can stop using AA.With G-SYNC and a single GPU you'll probably never have stuttering in any game.
If the QuickFire XTi is just a backlit XT (that is, Costar OEM) then go for it.
CM Storm QuickFire XT if you can find one, and check out any Ducky and Leopold full size MX Brown keyboards in your price range.
I don't think those Dells are meant for gaming given the listed response time (which is always close to the minimum response time, not average).You should avoid 16:10 because you have gaming consoles. I would go with the Eizo Foris FG2421. The really deep blacks and amazing 5000:1 contrast ought to make it outstanding for entertainment purposes, and it's pretty fast for a VA panel. Later on down the line you may want to calibrate it if you want to improve the color...
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