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If all else fails, dual boot with XP. Fallout 3 is worth it.
The sound cards can transmit their DSP features over optical usually. Also the Zx isn't really worth it, it's the same thing as the Z except with the "Audio Control Module" and some even say it harms audio quality.
I don't think it will be a huge upgrade.
Newegg has quite the limited selection, but I do recommend MX Clear switches for you. Do you need a full sized board, or would tenkeyless do? If you're open for tenkeyless, this might be the best option for you.,tenkeyless&pid=es87u_cc_bbb_alThis is the only full sized MX Clear keyboard I can think of, but it's...
Not every mechanical switches has an audible click sound. If you want quiet tactility, go with MX Brown or Clear switches. Reds and Blacks are quiet, but have no tactile feel. I figure since you're coming from rubber dome, you want some tactility.
Have you tried mechanical switches? The G110 is just rubber dome.
The only keyboard I can think of would be one of the Corsair RGB keyboards.
Seasonic Platinum 1000W maybe. Super efficient and has a San Ace silent series fan. I couldn't find a spec sheet for it, but another fan in that family is rated for 2200 RPM and 30 DBA at full speed. Also, the AP182s might be a tad quieter than the AP181s, but I don't think it will be that much different.
This. If you're gonna get a headset, try the HyperX Cloud, though I'd probably try headphones like the Audio Technica ATH-AD500X along with the Zalman ZM-Mic1 first.
What is the main keycap set you're using? Amazing photo.
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