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Not necessarily a hero due to the amount of role-playing the game offers, but The Nameless One from Planescape: Torment is my all time favorite and highest regarded video game protagonist.I'm partial to RPGs so I generally favor protagonists (again not necessarily heroes) that aren't set characters and have essentially whatever personality I decide on (so, really good RPGs). After The Nameless One, some of my absolute favorites include the Spirit Eater from Neverwinter...
Yeah but I don't use my computer monitor for TV. Ideally we'd have 120 Hz TV and monitors with the highest refresh rate possible.
Pretty much the same circuit I think, doesn't use the same components all around but the H10 seems to be built like one would expect for the price.Not me but I've only heard glowing praise for it, from people I know as well. I might see one next weekend.
Even without backlight strobing, I clearly see the difference between 100 FPS, 120 FPS, and 144 FPS. I simply cannot imagine anything smoother than 144 FPS though, I look forward to trying something higher just to see if I can notice a difference (I doubt I can). 120 is smooth enough for me though, single strobe blur reduction is quite effective here and it's very smooth.
6700k or 7700k. Like you, IPC performance was of utmost importance to me since I play many older games (whether actually older or just using outdated engines like New Vegas which is one of my absolute favorite games). Zen won't beat Skylake in this regard. You might be interested in waiting for a 7700k since they might get an extra 300-400 MHz over the 6700k when overclocked, on average. Intel doesn't support PCI from what I understand although some boards still have...
League of popularity? Of course not.
Some games still have them, just not Battlefield anymore and a few other watered down AAA consolized games. If you like Battlefield check out Rising Storm, which is like a much more hardcore and authentic Battlefield 1942 (WWII setting). Moddable game with real private dedicated servers, PC exclusive.
Yup, I laugh at the notion and it's funnier that PC gamers support this nonsense. Multiplayer shooters have fallen so far. Thankfully there are still games, better ones I might add, that provide dedicated server applications with the game and allow people to run their own servers configured however they want, and then with mods on top of that and auto mod/map downloading and much more... aka real PC games.
Bingo. Nothing more needs to be said really.
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