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Hah! Thanks but I won't be able to afford gear like that any time soon, although I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on Carbon vs BHSE and SR-009 vs SR-Omega.
I see it in NVIDIA Inspector (the profile application, not the GPU-Z like application), never looked in Control Panel for it though. GeForce Experience is crap, never install it.
That's surprising. But yes, games seem to use the other channels a bit more since movies tend to focus on the action and center it while games are more chaotic.
From what more knowledgeable people tell me, a global FPS limiter such as the one in NVIDIA drivers/RivaTuner Statistics Server will increase input lag, while an in-game one will not. Personally I don't feel an input lag difference either way, nor with V-Sync at 144 Hz.
Higher refresh rates alone do help, it's just that motion blur is still present and those street names are still not legible for the most part. But it is true that no non-strobing LCD can compete with a 120 Hz or more strobing LCD in motion clarity. Enormous difference. I always tell everyone with such a monitor (and a good enough GPU) to play games such as Shadow Warrior (2013) or Dishonored with blur reduction enabled along with triple buffered V-Sync. Mind blowing...
Thanks, that's a good review. You have to wonder though, over time one would expect the GTX 1070 to gain performance due to driver maturation, and in DX12 and Vulkan games the 1070 should be slightly better. Although I won't pretend DX12/Vulkan matter much, since for the next year at least, few games will use it, and people buying these cards tend to upgrade often.
Awesome game but I have to warn people that there isn't much of a story; it's a gameplay driven strategy game (although it's more tactical than strategic).
In my sig rig. Fluance SX6 front channel, XL7C center, AVBP2 surrounds, all in an ideal arrangement. Using my sound card's optical out to the receiver. No space for a subwoofer in my current room setup unfortunately, so I'm relying on my receiver's bass boost function which actually helps for gaming. Plus it's a small room and the speakers are all fairly close so I can live without a sub for now.Once you game on surround you can never go back. I've had 5.1 in my...
I haven't seen one but here are some rules of thumb:Relying on someone else's ICC profile isn't... reliable. While it may be a perfect calibration for the person who created it, it will differ per monitor. Best to calibrate it yourself, ColorMunki display colorimeter is good for the price.The vast majority of games ignore ICC profiles. Thus, if you calibrate your monitor, use ReShade TuningPalette for games."Normal" is the best Overdrive setting.If you can maintain 120...
lol does that game still run as badly as it did a year ago? If so then yeah, it'll be a good laugh and a glaring exception to what I said. Last time I checked nothing can run that game smoothly.
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