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Oh right i understand now.So i just enbaled raid, restarted, then disabled and restarted... no difference :/
My board is sata 3 only though :/
Heys guys, just did a rebuild of my machine (8.1) and my AS SSD scores seem to be at an alltime low Any suggestions? :S
That looks interesting, do you ever have any problems with it waking up when trying to print/scan wirelessly?
We had this samsung printer, but for the past 2 years it has never worked properly. Mainly, wifi scanning and printing has been shoddy at best, especially the printer failing to wake up. So looking for a replacement, and it needs to be wireless! Can anyone recommend a good one? My budget is 200£
Where are these from?
Figured it out guys, i had Acronis's recovery partition activated, which installs at the end of the SSD. Disabled it and i could shrink it furthur.
I am trying to partition my SSD (C:) so i can install Ubuntu on it. I have a 256 SSD, so i wanted maybe 20 gigs for it. When i try and shrink the volume, i get this: Now seeing as my SSD is only 50% free, this seems like a bit of a small number Any thing i can do to increase the size?
Hi all. Not sure if i should be worried here! Loaded up HD Tune and noticed that ive got a bunch of errors on my SSD. I'm not sure how reliable HD tune is with SSDs? So i checked the SMART info with SSDLife....and promptly found i have no idea what any of it means Can someone help me out, do i need to be worried? (Everythings already backed up) Thanks.
I don't get any WiFi in my room. Is it possible to share my internet (connected by cable) over the WiFi card? But with the pc off? Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
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