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Where are these from?
Figured it out guys, i had Acronis's recovery partition activated, which installs at the end of the SSD. Disabled it and i could shrink it furthur.
I am trying to partition my SSD (C:) so i can install Ubuntu on it. I have a 256 SSD, so i wanted maybe 20 gigs for it. When i try and shrink the volume, i get this: Now seeing as my SSD is only 50% free, this seems like a bit of a small number Any thing i can do to increase the size?
Hi all. Not sure if i should be worried here! Loaded up HD Tune and noticed that ive got a bunch of errors on my SSD. I'm not sure how reliable HD tune is with SSDs? So i checked the SMART info with SSDLife....and promptly found i have no idea what any of it means Can someone help me out, do i need to be worried? (Everythings already backed up) Thanks.
I don't get any WiFi in my room. Is it possible to share my internet (connected by cable) over the WiFi card? But with the pc off? Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk 2
Price drop to 325.
Selling this as i have no use for it. Tablet computing just isn't my thing! It has had 2 weeks use, then sat in its box for 10 months (has 2 months left on apple warranty) Everything is in pretty much mint condition- no scratches/dents/marks on the iPad at all (it lived in a case for the 2 weeks i had it) I believe it is on iOS 5.1.1. I purposely did not update it to 6 in case someone wanted the earlier version. Obviouisly you can update it no problems. iPad is working...
Heh, i'm in the exact same situation with the exact same question!Had problems with 010G so went back to 000F, and now pretty scared to update to the 040H
Hows everyone experience with the new Firmware? Anyone using it with EFI boards?
Maybe try imaging the drive
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