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Will 360 Predator be compatible with Z370 boards socket Intel LGA 1151 for 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors?
Guys, will existing Intel LGA-2011 bracket be compatible with x299 LGA2066 boards/CPU?
Will be upgrading my 980ti to a 1080ti.
I wanted to see if the second one was good as well. I had several people at work ask me if both of them were good, as they are debating now between asus and acer.
After 4 Asus PG279Q monitors with horrible back light bleed (all January 2016 build), i decided to try my luck with Acer XB271HU. Bought 2 from Best Buy and first one i opened if perfect. Opened second one and it is perfect. Keeping one of them. Mine is January 2016 build.
So far I've had 4 of these monitors from, all with horrible backlight bleed. Manufacturer date on all was January 2016.
Hero or Hero Alpha.
How is everyone finding new BIOS 1601 for Asus Hero? Has anyone seen any improvements in their overclocks?
you will need to install new backplate.
@andrejEKWB Can someone from EK please confirm that earlier versions of v1.1 build late December are not the "test versions"? Mine was built on December 29, 2015. I received it through EK RMA process after my v1.0 had a aleak. Someone posted earlier that his v1.1 built on December 29th was leaking and was deemed to be a "test version"....
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