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Ask aquatuning as well, they are representatives for alphacool.
Thread starter seem inactive. We dont know what case he has still.
So what case do you have? Buying a kit may be cheaper, but also less flexible because you usualy don't get any angled fittings or adapters so you need to buy them anyways.
My atempt to silence the case a bit, and it worked fairly well: ยด It is basically 10mm foam insolation for engine bays, but I covered the surface with black cardboard sheets so it would look more appealing.
Why has the build been cancelled? I hope you haven't been affraid by all ant-intel boys about the VRM heat issue which is exaggerated. I have heard that the skylake-x overclock better than the mainstream skylake as well as need less vcore to get stable.
This is my system in its current state. Replaced my 980 ti with 1080 ti:
Because the ryzen has 8 cores and 16 threads. But the ultimate choice would be the 7820x but it cost more. How ever it would be intresting to see how the 7800x holds up towards the ryzen 1700 while gaming + stream. Despite it has 2 cores less and 4 threads less, the higher IPC and clock speed could compensate. I personly think the 7800x is a sweet spot though. It would also be intresting to see the new intel 6 core mainstream chips that will probably the launched after...
So you can make 4.5ghz at 1.24 with the prime95 settings posted on the first page? If so how many hours?
I always use manual voltage but I could do offset if I would learn how to do it proper .
How are games biased towards intel when they are made for 8 core AMD cpus and then ported to be using 8 threads? Stop this nonsens, Intel is king because of higher clock speed as well as more IPC. I would never get a ryzen cpu if wanting a higher end mainstream CPU, the ryzen 1700 for example is inferor the 7700k due to lower IPC and lower clock speed and OC capabilities. Just get a 1080Ti, a 7700k and a good cooler and OC it to 4.7ghz and be superior in gaming...
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