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I for one despise chrome and would use Internet Explorer if they had a good ad-blocker. For now it is firefox all the way although am getting tired of the frequent crashes.
Good news I usually get annoyed when I can't get the USB cable in the port. Now you can clearly see which is the right way to insert it, kind of like RAM sticks.
The multiplayer is fine, need more players though and sometimes disconnection occur.
yeah that's smart. So they can be like nokia and proprietary apps for a mobile OS by a company (microsoft) which ignores its customers everyday by failing to release basic features.
Default at 50'C, after 10mins of CS:GO it goes to 90'C MADNESS!! ,makes my room feels like a sauna. Is that normal?
I don't like how youtube doesn't buffer like it use to. It wants you to play the video before it buffers, this is annoying. Also the quality/resolution changes automatically. Another annoying feature, because you can't rewind the video. Even when the video has played, replaying seems to buffer again. Why is video not stored in temp
Whoever wrote that article is stupid, if Microsoft wanted to keep those features they could for the download games. Keep disc based games separate from mandatory internet requirement. Simple solution
Hehe Micro$oft got scared their precious Xbox will perish if they continued with that ludicrous plan. Good thing they got their head right, still considering how inconsiderate they were I'm guessing they lost a few customers because of it. What about always on kinect and xbox live gold?
LMAO that's it total bull. On the other hand maybe it was planned suicide, kill every wii u by overclocking.
If microsoft start charging monthly then I would have to move linux or something. No way am going to subscribe to an operation system. Total hogwash! Windows phones updates should be for free as well, No big OS updates please, do it like android and keep updating bit by bit. Also don't pull a idiotic move again like you did with the wp7.5 devices by blocking windows phone 8 updates. Maybe the OS backwards compatible and apps backwards compatible.
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