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"...the general peeks in after a lengthy furlough. He sees that operations are smooth with innovative ideas and helping hands in good numbers. He smiles and with one last look around gives a salute to Goodink and all the troops. With a snap of the wrist and a click of the heels, he turns and marches back into the unknown until his next surprise visit..."
This is major sickness troops! The General approves. Semper Fi!
Hello Scouts. It's been a very long time. I thought this was a chapter in my life I had closed, but it seems there is still a need for me. I've had several requests for parts and if you have sent me a message in the last two weeks I'll be responding to your PMs. If it has been longer than that and your still of help, PM me again and I'll get back to you. I know it seems like I took a dump on the club and well...I guess I did. For that I apologize. You people are the best...
I barely understood BB code well enough to get around, but this new thing they got going has got me all feeling stupid.
You may want to check the wiring sequence at the mobo end to make sure it got wired right at the factory. I had a Biostar board give the ghost on the first powerup once because the usb wiring was backwards.
Would you copy yours so I can see how inserted the skulls?
I disagree. I ran a modstream 600w and the 8pin cpu power cable fit behind the motherboard tray as shown in this very pic when the Arctic Scout was The Sentinel;
Maybe so with the new blood. Can you get the club php code out of your sig line so I can post it in the first post?
Hey troops, I have a PM in to the mods to see if I can get the club php link fixed on page 1. You folks have been doing an awesome job keeping the club going. I'm proud and I now E is proud as well. I'm still looking for someone to take over the thread and give us the leadership we all deserve. If any of you left over old timers want the job, PM me and I'll make the arrangements. I'm not into giving excuses, but life has dealt me heavy blow this past year leaving me burned...
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