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I would, but I'm at my job.
Alright, I forgot how pedantic we are here. I meant, maybe he is focusing his effort on real games instead.
Maybe he plays real games instead.
I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Zodac was helpful, 100%.
Subbed, hopefully I will be able to resurrect my 4890 Toxic (Flashed to Atomic of course ) If I can't, I might be PMing people who I think might be able to have some real fun with it.
Dang I just missed it. Someone shoot me a PM next month. I pay for my electricity now so I can't afford to fold 24/7 anymore
I'm glad I started checking this more often when I did. Also I'm pretty sure Z probably was about 10x as helpful as me and BWG combined when we were editors. Man, I remember when I was proud to get almost 20,000 PPD. Edit: This is the kind of PPD I get now:
Yeah, that's true. I forgot they didn't put level 3 cache in those. It would have really helped, but I guess they didn't want to poach the Phenom sales. I did like my "1605T" as CPU-z called my unlocked 960T, but after several years of over 1.4v and being at 4.2ghz, it finally stopped being stable.The first impression of having a modern i7 was how BORING it is to overclock. No messing with FSB or NB frequency and voltages, no messing with anything other than core...
They actually did, it was called the Stars core. It was a die shrunk (32nm) Deneb core, it was only used in APUs in the FM1 socket, and TECHNICALLY it is still the best IPC AMD processor released so far. But when Zen comes out that won't be true anymore.
I was really excited when I finally upgraded to an i7 6700k from my Phenom II x6 and then I looked at the PPD numbers and I had a sadz. Also hello!
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