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I might be all over this when my G9X finally dies. Still nothing anywhere close to as perfect for StarCraft as the G9x though
Do I qualify for this? Edit: I need this because I am engaged and can't afford to upgrade my computer. My computer is just old though so if someone else deserves it more please give it to them.
I haven't played the new patch yet, but I'm worried about PvZ getting even more impossible than it already was. I never really used Adepts in PvT because they felt too dirty so that change doesn't really affect my play style at least.
Oh no!
VODs: for GSL for SSL and ProLeague for BaseTradeTV's broadcasts (they are a community stream that covers many online only events) Anything else you could possibly ask for: -- Live events, check for upcoming events and announcements and stuff!
As a protoss player, I'm kind of sad about the current changes. This is supposed to be the Protoss expansion and yet the other two races were the only ones that got cool units. I don't think that the new units for Protoss will really find a use in competitive play. At least the WCS games have been pretty good!
People still say Kevdog's Law?
Tenkeyless is more ergonomic as well.
The reason I got a tenkeyless is so that I can put it and my G9x in my backpack and play StarCraft II on university computers.
@zodac Since I'm not an old man, I like lighter switches in my keyboards. I also just got a new set of keycaps because I'm learning Korean. Yes they're ABS but the whole set (including num pad keys) was only $50. This is on a CM Storm QuickFire Stealth with Browns.
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