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People still say Kevdog's Law?
Tenkeyless is more ergonomic as well.
The reason I got a tenkeyless is so that I can put it and my G9x in my backpack and play StarCraft II on university computers.
@zodac Since I'm not an old man, I like lighter switches in my keyboards. I also just got a new set of keycaps because I'm learning Korean. Yes they're ABS but the whole set (including num pad keys) was only $50. This is on a CM Storm QuickFire Stealth with Browns.
I'm not sure why they won't let me retire but I'll just keep approving postbits like I am now until that fateful day comes.
zodac posted in here so I guess I'll post too.
I finally hit Gold for the first time this season. However I am hoping to improve more now because I'm starting to try "the staircase" method to practice my macro, since my macro is really, really bad. I got to GM-level spending and base saturation speeds on the 1st day I tried step 1, but step 2 is quite a bit harder so I expect it to take more time for me to get to a high enough level to be satisfied with my macro.
I'm less concerned with spending money than I am with making sure I get something good for what I'm spending.
Hey guys, I've recently started learning Korean, but it's a pain to type with no legends on my keys, so I started looking for some keycap sets that have the Ko/En layout. However I'm quickly finding that they are pretty hard to come by. Here are the two sets that I have found so far: Pros: Not super expensive Customizable colors Cons: ABS Legends appear to just be...
Nope. From what I can tell I don't WANT to do badges, haha. It seems like a mess that I don't want to get into.
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