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As a protoss player, I'm kind of sad about the current changes. This is supposed to be the Protoss expansion and yet the other two races were the only ones that got cool units. I don't think that the new units for Protoss will really find a use in competitive play. At least the WCS games have been pretty good!
People still say Kevdog's Law?
Tenkeyless is more ergonomic as well.
The reason I got a tenkeyless is so that I can put it and my G9x in my backpack and play StarCraft II on university computers.
@zodac Since I'm not an old man, I like lighter switches in my keyboards. I also just got a new set of keycaps because I'm learning Korean. Yes they're ABS but the whole set (including num pad keys) was only $50. This is on a CM Storm QuickFire Stealth with Browns.
I'm not sure why they won't let me retire but I'll just keep approving postbits like I am now until that fateful day comes.
zodac posted in here so I guess I'll post too.
I finally hit Gold for the first time this season. However I am hoping to improve more now because I'm starting to try "the staircase" method to practice my macro, since my macro is really, really bad. I got to GM-level spending and base saturation speeds on the 1st day I tried step 1, but step 2 is quite a bit harder so I expect it to take more time for me to get to a high enough level to be satisfied with my macro.
I'm less concerned with spending money than I am with making sure I get something good for what I'm spending.
Hey guys, I've recently started learning Korean, but it's a pain to type with no legends on my keys, so I started looking for some keycap sets that have the Ko/En layout. However I'm quickly finding that they are pretty hard to come by. Here are the two sets that I have found so far: Pros: Not super expensive Customizable colors Cons: ABS Legends appear to just be...
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