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Back in my day, 30 million points was impressive. Nowadays not so much.
First one back, just squeaked into the top 50!
What fun are games if you just pretend to play them? You might as well play ProgressQuest.
I'm only a couple of days away from requesting my 25 million point milestone! Gotta catch up to zodac Edit: [Jaws Them Intensifies]
Anyone else see this WU before? That's 60k more PPD than normal.
Congrats on the 200 million! I just passed 20 million a few days ago. And I feel like a young whippersnapper since I only started in 2009.
Then you might want to complain to for using your trademark without your permission!
@BWG why is your second team going to pass us in 2 years?
I guess you could say it's... Business [with Greg] as usual.
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