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Anyone try this with a 770 yet? I'm sure it would probably work (I have a Dwood bracket) but I just wanna be sure.
If the protoss went for anything less than a 3 gate expo in WoL you could just kill them with a pretty small number of marines, even if you did a 1 rax expand.
All those salty "bad design" (AKA wishing that the 1/1/1 or winning the game with 10 marines off of a 1-rax expand still worked) tears...
Wow, PartinG so good.. Also, woot, Bbyong made it through too!
Yup! Although for SC2 they have a different setup because SC2 is a 1v1 game. Still, those things look really sharp!
Hey, I miss you guys! I was watching Intel Extreme Masters Cologne and I saw this in the ESL office at the end of the tournament:
Long time no see!
I'm in Silver league and most of the people I play against are ex-plat and ex-diamond, and a lot of them have hit that league like 5 times or so.
Also, San won ASUS ROG! I have always been a big San fanboy so it's great to see him actually win something!
They actually both did it, but Avilo couldn't even get into masters... Eventually he (and sjow) both admitted that PvZ is very hard, and that PvP is super hard to read.
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