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Count me in! Been out of the loop for a long time and just came back here today.
I think he meant the MSI Nightblade.
My brother got himself the NCase M1, but I'm interested in assembling this case and hope it is configurable.
I'm trying to figure out what water AIO will go into this case. Just want to see what my options are to assemble them together.
Did you use to stock cooler that came with your Intel CPU?
My brother got his Ncase M1 today. Guess I could build a mini-ITX PC for him, but need to get a list of components that will work since this is my 1st time assembling a mini-ITX PC.
I found one that converts XPM into other fiat currencies and some cryptocurrencies here.
This is insane. How come China comes out with such absurd prices for BTC? It's strange that gold is lower while BTC just keeps growing.
According to their website, you have to reach 3.01 XPM to get paid.
I would like to know how much my sig rig is worth if I sell it (either in parts or as a whole). Would it be easier to sell it off Craigslist, eBay, or somewhere else?
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