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I was looking at the 4770k and a new motherboard but stumbled across the 4820k. So basically I'm looking at an additional $100 on a motherboard for the 4820k. My question would be what would the benefits of getting the 4820k and having quad channel memory of dual channel memory. I'm going to use the same (4)4gb 2133 sticks I have installed now with my 2500k. You think the extra $100 in cost on a motherboard would be worth it?
Yes. This is early access beta so you know how that goes. LOL. It has RPG elements. You can build your character with skills and perks. Along with finding cosmetic items in the world. You can also mod your characters look before spawning.
Posted for anyone interested in this game. If you're wondering if this game is like WarZ......It's not! If you're wondering if this game is like DayZ......It's not! It's a survival MMO and that is the only similarity. Of course there will be things that are similar but don't hold it to either. I find it much better then WarZ and I wasn't a huge fan or DayZ but did enjoy it for awhile. This game is awesome! The atmosphere alone makes it stand above the rest. The...
Thank You Sir The Man Corner. LOL Here she is nude
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Hope you guys find this useful and enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!
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My Latest Series. Hope you guys enjoy it. Thanks in advance for anyone who views. I enjoy making this kind of stuff for your entertainment.
Smallville Nightstalker 2
Episode 11 is extremely creepy yet funny. What do you think?
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