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Thanks, I did run Prime95 for the first tests, and compared with folding, and there wasn't a really big change in temps.Thanks! First post has the original loop diagram - Post 1 - but the build drifted a bit from that in the first part of the loop has all the blocks and the 2nd part of the loop has all the rads.
Certainly in a large system like this flow doesn't seem to make a difference. It would be good to compare with a smaller build that had less cooling surface area.New topic: I forgot to mention that I loaded the GPUs and CPUs for the 4.8 test by folding, I wanted to put the most overall heat in the loop and folding is pretty tough on the system. For the previous tests I used Prime95 and Heaven on GPU1 for heat load.
Ok, I spend most of Sat working on OCing and testing the effectiveness of different pump speeds and fan speeds. In the end I settled on a 4.8Ghz overclock at 1.4 vcore using offset mode. I could get higher but only above 1.4 vcore and I didn't want to run at that level for a 24/7 OC. Here's some pictures. Also, this pretty much wraps up my build log, thanks to everyone for the comments and suggestions along the way. If you have any follow-up questions feel free to post...
Thanks man!The pink stains the tubing (oh and carpet). That is the fill tube and it was not full when I took the picture.
Not sure what part you mean, can you be a bit more specific? Maybe quote the pic and tell me what quarter of the pic you mean. Thanks.
Very quiet, really can't hear it unless listening for it! And yes, I will spend this coming weekend to pushing the OC, I like how the pumps are quiet at 40%, but am willing to push the pumps to 100% to max efficiency, likely don't need to up fan speed.
Here's the temps after 17 hours of folding on CPU and GPUs.
Been playing with both the CPU average that Aida64 puts out, and then the highest 3 cores.
And back on topic, here's a picture with the GPU's added and folding having been running for about an hour. Temps have stabilized a bit, I expect them to inch up another couple degrees over night. You can see that even folding everything right now I am getting great temps. I am at 4.2Ghz with vcore of 1.36. Plenty of room for moving things up.
Finally caught up on this thread, your build is looking great! Can't wait to see how it performs. PS. Po says hi.
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