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Sad considering the 360 has been out for how long now? Let us see, my xbox broke 3 years ago before I built my first rig, I had it working for 4 years prior, and I bought it a year after it was released give or take a year. Plenty of refinement time right?
Seriously, its just out of hand. This is why you don't let lawyers run free.
I don't have too much of a problem with this (despite it being around $50 total for Day Z if you want standalone) since it supports the devs. I think it is good for Bohemia to get onboard with the Day Z devs since obviously the mod was more popular than Arma itself.
Thats because torchlight was made by the makers of diablo.
Just got it a minute ago, but it recovered and it looks like according to the windows crash report that it is still the driver despite being over multiple versions. Perhaps it is just the card and its reaction to the drivers, I am not sure. I still have a few months left on the factory warranty so I will wait for responses and if it gets worse over the next few months I may look into an RMA.
Hey OCN, About every 2 months my computer (Project Tiny Thang, check profile if you need further specs) has an episode where the screen artifacts and becomes unresponsive. Starting with hardware, it is seated correctly as I use this daily and normally do not have any issues. Checked my monitor and that is running perfect, cables work correctly. I do not believe this to be a driver issue as after the first and second time this happened I updated drivers and it has...
I don't like some of the things valve has done with their games but do I respect them and love them as a company. Keep working your magic valve.
I love the workshop, one of the best implementations to date for a game on steam.
Only because steam is coming to Linux. EA is still trying to compete using origin.
Yep, so this is what they have been hiring so many mmo devs for over the past few years, let's pray it meets our expectations! And if it does, good bye life hello tamriel yet again.In response to that link a few post up, isn't that any mmo anymore that is a variation of wow? Everything will have groups doing dungeons killing monsters getting loot, it is an mmorpg what did you expect an fps? Plus you can't tell crap from a few artsy screenshots, no UI, no skills shown,...
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